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  1. I’m close to hating my job. If I didn’t have little kids, I could have gotten jobs at two good companies in the last four years, but they would have required 50% travel.

    I haven’t lost my job due to the shut downs, and I’m still paid well. Additionally, I WFH mornings, and go onsite from 1-7PM. It works since I can supervise my kids’ remote learning as I watch them until lunch break until their mom takes them.

    Though my desire lies elsewhere, I’m thankful to God that I’m employed, and that this works. I’m also cognizant that I’ve adjusted my attitude to to be thankful of where I am in order to provide for my family.

  2. Em says:

    Food for thinkin ‘ on? .. Mebbe?
    The late Adrian Rogers this AM…. 4 of Satan’s lies that ruin the world: God is NOT good – God is NOT truthful – God is NOT righteous – God is NOT gracious … Satan’s lies are subtle – he is a masterful liar – Satan addresses big issues with partial truths that fool the unredeemed, i.e. truth? He replaces absolute truth with relativism, subjectivism, rationalism and pragmatism … sometimes even the Redeemed buy into it, sadly
    Not new news , i know, but good reminders sometimes…

  3. Em says:

    Joining the pray-ers here for God giving TNV and others, including Michael and the Captain, mental and physical strength as needed these days

  4. The DNA test came back on my supposed Sheprador. She’s actually half Doberman (those devil dogs from The Omen!), 1/4 German Shepherd, and 1/8 split at great grandparents American Staffordshire Terrier and Llasa Apso. Yet she looks mostly like a black lab with long legs and a long snout, no Dobie marks. Weird, but still will be a good guard dog which I need given the property crimes here.

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