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  1. bob1 says:

    Some good humor:

    “QAnon Rocked by Explosive New Revelations”

    –Santa Claus does not exist.

    –Neither does the tooth fairy.

    –When you kiss someone, you’re not automatically married.

    –The real Mickey Mouse you met at Disneyland was an actor in a suit.

    –Elemenopee is not one word

    –Chocolate milk does not come from brown cows.

    –The moon is not following you.

  2. Michael says:

    Hank Aaron died today.

    On April 8, 1974 he broke Babe Ruth’s all time home run record.
    I remember it like it happened yesterday.
    We only had two TV channels on the mountain and to change channels I had to go out in the yard and turn the massive antenna to just the right place…and you would have to run in and out of the house to check if you’d found that place.
    I did this perfectly before the game started.
    I had to see it not only because it was sports history, but because there were rumors that something awful might happen.
    Hank Aaron was a black man on the precipice of breaking a white mans record…a record the legendary Babe Ruth had established over thirty years before.
    Aaron had been receiving death threats for over a year.
    It didn’t take long that night…with a flick of his wrists he sent a pitch over the left field wall breaking the record.
    I celebrated…not just the moment, but the man.
    When MLK was assassinated I was but ten years old and the racial issues were felt, but not understood.
    I was 16 when Aaron broke the record and was understanding all too well.
    Aaron was a quiet, consummate professional who just did his work with excellence day in and day out.
    Excellence demonstrated will always bring out the evil in some who are only familiar with the concept by hearsay.
    To think the attitudes that Aaron defeated with a swing of a bat have disappeared somehow is foolish.
    We all must keep swinging and pursuing the kind of world that would celebrate excellence no matter who demonstrates it.
    Memory eternal.

  3. Dan from Georgia says:

    Hank Aaron is a legend. His top-notch play was consistent for most of his 23 years in MLB. He led the league in almost every major hitting category at one time or another. Nice write-up Michael. It was really good to read from someone who has a vivid memory of that day. All I know of it is that now well-known highlight reel of him hitting the ball (graceful swing and all) and him rounding third with that gentleman rushing the field to shake his hand.

  4. Duane Arnold says:


    Well said…

  5. Dan from Georgia says:

    That kind of life is inspiring. All-around positive and stand-up despite the harassment and hate that swirled around him. We should be so inspired to be stand-up people.

  6. Em says:

    Yes, Michael, well said….
    IMO we will always have haters among us looking for victims, with the devil whispering on their ear… “You shall not surely die… But that guy over there should. ….”
    Come soon, Lord Jesus, come soon ! ! !
    AND bad actors do come in all skin shades…

  7. Michael says:

    Thanks, Duane, Em, Dan…
    I can’t remember yesterday, but I remember that day so well.
    Little Richard was on the Mike Douglas show and I made it home in time to see the Galloping Gourmet.
    Then the ball game.
    One of my best TV days ever…

  8. bob1 says:

    I didn’t follow baseball for 30 years or so, so sad to say I missed out on following Hank Aaron and his accomplishments.

    I know movies aren’t reality…but I did learn a great deal from watching “42.” From what I read, it was pretty accurate.

  9. Kevin H says:

    Hammerin’ Hank was before my time. Most of my sports heroes are those who I’ve gotten to watch live. Aaron, however, is someone who I’ve always had great respect for, seeing what he accomplished and how he carried himself both during and after his playing career.

  10. Michael says:


    Now, I feel old.
    I know…because I am…
    Aaron was interesting…not many people would say he was their favorite player…he was overshadowed by Willie Mays…but he almost always the best player on the field.
    We’ve lost a bunch of greats from that era over the last year…

  11. Pineapple Head says:

    I watched Aaron’s blast off of Al Downing as a 14 year old. Great moment for sure. Sad for all the stress he had to go through.

  12. The New Victor says:

    My 5tg graders class (still remote) pivoted to talk about HA today and racism and segregation. It sounded good and made me almost regret that I’m not into sports. I was trying not to spy.

  13. Dan from Georgia says:

    I was good to hear the local talk radio giant here in Atlanta (WSB Radio) devote much of their programming to Hank Aaron instead of politics. The shows had callers relay their thoughts about Hammerin’ Hank.

  14. Jean says:

    The Catholic News Service has an article that critiques President Biden’s recent Executive Order to interpret sex discrimination in federal law to include sexual orientation and gender identity. After the excerpts below (both of which I agree with), there is a link to the entire article.

    “Redefining ‘sex’ to mean ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ isn’t equality, and it isn’t progress,” he said. “The reason for that is that biology is not bigotry.”


    “The text of the order is ‘based on a lie,’ Hasson said, ‘that “gender identity” enables a male person to “be” a woman.’

    “She contrasted this with Biden’s comments in his inaugural address, in which he emphasized the need for truth and quoted St. Augustine to underline the need for unity in truth.”

  15. Em says:

    @9:22……. Good words and true, Jean
    Thank you for sharing this

  16. JimmieT says:

    In New York capital punishment is illegal unless you’re an unborn child 👶 Draw your own conclusions

  17. Babylon's Dread says:

    Joe Biden swing for the fences and shows us why we are without any hope of finding unity

    “Biden’s woke rampage in the federal government won’t last, because it cannot last if our constitution means anything. So let the lawsuits commence as Biden alienates and inflames his moderate supporters and snubs practices that most Americans take as common sense.”

    Unity Dread

  18. Em says:

    Somehow…. I picture Biden signing a raft of unwise Presidential edicts, resigning and leaving us with another President Harris……. 🙆
    She acts like that is what’s ahead or so it seems to me…Dunno…..

  19. Michael says:

    Unity politically isn’t possible.
    I’m well pleased with Biden’s immigration start as it dismantles some of the works of Miller, The Prince of Evil.
    His gender stuff is awful, but I believe it carries its own reward.
    Most of the other issues are outside my vocation…

  20. Jean says:

    Once again, Christians fail the basic test of putting truth ahead of secular tribalism and partisanship.

    We read rhetoric without substance and rumor without evidence. Things which we could look for on any pagan social network. Should there not be a difference here?

    I wish the readers here would read Michael’s posts and comments to learn how balls and strikes are called? If you want to be listened to, stick with the truth, don’t gossip, sooth say or exaggerate. Those traits only diminish your own credibility. They make you look bad!

    What Christians should be fighting for is truth. Anything less is a a betrayal of our Lord.

    “For this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world—to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.”

  21. Jean says:

    Just out of curiosity, where were the constitutional law experts (amongst his followers) when Trump was raiding the defense budget to build his wall, which congress did refused to fund?

  22. Jean says:

    On the topic of Unity:

    1) How about the house and senate members who objected to the election results and/or promoted “stop the steal” and other unfounded BS apologize and tell their constituents that Biden won fair and square?

    2) How about the GOP denounce and withhold committee assignments and any leadership roles whatsoever to any house or senate member who promotes or espouses QAnon views?

    3) How about the GOP and any of you anti-Biden folks admit that Trump abused the Executive Order unlike any other POTUS in the history of our country? What did you expect would happen when a Democrat followed Trump at some point? Give me a fricking break!!!


  23. JimmieT says:

    Kamala Harris – “Abortion is health care” “NOT”. Most abortion is CONVENIENCE. CONVENIENT MURDER!

  24. JimmieT says:

    Anyone else get the feeling that Biden is trying to go for the world record of destroying a country in the shortest amount of time??

  25. Anon says:

    Haters gotta hate.

  26. Michael says:

    Jimmie T,

    This isn’t the place for that.
    The abortion issue is much more complex than that.
    If this country survived Trump, it can handle Biden.
    We are going to be moving away from this kind of stuff…

  27. Dan from Georgia says:

    Thank you Michael.

  28. Michael says:


    I can’t endure what I know is coming…four years of hollering about abortion, gender, race and migrants.
    Three out of those four can be more affected by a strong church walking in the Spirit than by any laws.
    That’s what I will focus on…

  29. Jean says:

    Thank you for your intervention.

  30. Dan from Georgia says:

    That’s right Micheal. I don’t want to come hear and hear bumper-stick sloganeering. Everybody thinks the guy they didn’t vote for is the worst ever. TIred of this trope.

  31. Dan from Georgia says:

    If the church would start being the church, we wouldn’t have to suck up to crooked politicians (on both sides) to save ‘Murica.

  32. JimmieT says:

    “Step right up folks- get your tickets here. One thin dime- one tenth of a dollar. See the greatest show on earth. You won’t be disappointed”

  33. Michael says:

    If you want to articulate something intelligent or edifying, you’re welcome to do so.
    If you want to carp about partisan politics, take it elsewhere.

  34. Jean says:

    Thoughts on the Packer’s vs. Buccaneers playoff game. Heck of a first half, no?

  35. Anon says:


    Very, very unhappy. Especially the last Tampa TD.

    I may or may not be from the Badger State. 🙂

  36. Jean says:

    Anon. I was reminded by a fried from Fond Du Lac this afternoon that I’m a Badger now. I told him, I will be one, beginning tomorrow. 🙂

  37. Anon says:

    Cool! Welcome…if you want to contact me, Michael has my gmail address.

  38. Jean says:

    Thanks Anon. I wonder what the Pelican play is?

  39. Dan from Georgia says:

    At Taco Mac in Kennesaw, GA watching the last 9 minutes of the game

  40. Jean says:


    Chili Mac here for dinner.

  41. Dan from Georgia says:


    That Bucs field goal may have put the game out of reach barring a Two Point conversion

  42. Dan from Georgia says:

    Stating the obvious of course

  43. Dan from Georgia says:

    Weird seeing even the TV announcers social distancing

  44. Jean says:

    Working way out of my vocation, I am nevertheless compelled to question the decision to kick a field goal with 2:05 to go, down by 8?

  45. Dan from Georgia says:

    I was thinking that also Jean

  46. bob1 says:

    Me, too.

    I feel bad for Rodgers ’cause he’s getting long in the tooth. Would’ve been great to see him @ this year’s SB.

  47. bob1 says:

    Oh, well.

    On to 60 Minutes.


  48. Michael says:

    Anon…I don’t have a gmail address for you…

  49. Anon says:

    Check your email. Thanks.

  50. Jean says:


    While you are on to 60 Minutes, I will be checking in with Bling Empire on Netflix. I want to bone up on modern Asian American culture.

  51. Dan from Georgia says:

    I’m stuck with the Chiefs-Bills game due to very slow service at the restaurant. Grrrr.

  52. Dan from Georgia says:

    No matter though…whoever wins this game, in my view, won’t overcome the goat.


  53. Everstudy says:

    Hey all,

    Ed Obfenda, pastor at Calvary Old Path (formally Calvary Cypress) died yesterday morning from covid. He was a friend of mine since I was in high school and he was one of the worship leaders in our youth group. Prayers for his family and the church would be appreciated.

  54. Dan from Georgia says:

    Everstudy – praying

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