Peter-John Courson Passes Away

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  1. D. Alan Hawkins says:

    I am very sorry to read this news. Death always refocuses the matter. “And the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.”

  2. Xenia says:

    He was a dear man.

    Memory eternal.

  3. Captain Kevin says:

    I remember hearing Jon’s stories about him from his childhood. Later, got to know him here as Costco Cal. We’ve corresponded over the years. We met in person at Applegate 2 summers ago. He was so kind and gracious, and we rejoiced together as his daughter was baptized by his “Pops” that day. I feel like I’ve lost a dear friend.

  4. London says:


  5. Jerod says:

    Reading through some of his old posts, it sounds like he and I might be on somewhat of a same page now. I sincerely hope I was not a jerk to him ever. Seemed like such a good guy. God bless his family and comfort them with peace in their mourning.

  6. Em says:

    Condolences to all who knew him… don’t forget the blessings he gave you and don’t forget there’s a reunion coming down the road a bit
    God keep

  7. Duane Arnold says:

    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.
    And let perpetual light shine upon him.
    May he rest in peace.
    May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed,
    through the mercy of God, rest in peace. +

  8. A Believer says:

    So much loss for the Coursons through the years. So thankful it’s not the end of the story for them.

    Prayers and condolences for the family.

    I liked Pete. A humble man.

  9. BrianD says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends and loved ones of Peter John, a.k.a “Costco Cal”. I saw Jesus in him more than a lot of preachers.

  10. Dave Rolph says:

    People with integrity (especially pastors) are rare treasures. Pete was real. A good man. The last written conversation I had with him ended with him saying “lmao!” Perfect!

  11. Captain Kevin says:

    Dave, that’s hilarious! Love it!!

  12. Linnea says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this and am keeping his family in my prayers

  13. Linnea says:

    Piney–what a touching tribute.

  14. London says:

    Pine Head-
    Beautifully done! Thank you!

  15. Jeff Hensley says:

    I owe Peter John so much. I miss him dearly. But I am so glad he is healed.

  16. Tim Smith says:

    Heart Rendering. What a message from the Lord.

    What a life Peter-Jon gave and shared with all. A touch of Heaven from a man who let us see through his heart and eyes.

    A message of sweet surrender to an Almighty Powerful Loving God. How death in it’s last hour can send a message that lasts a life time.

    I will never forget this man in this chair who I have never met, that touched my heart to its soul. Giving deeper reality to the meaning of life through death that those who hear will be given Life.

    Another message of Christ what He has done in the ultimate sacrifice of death, that through His death we are given Life.

    Thank you Peter-Jon, I never knew you, but I know who has and lives in and through you. And because of that His message, and His Life will never pass away..

    Bless those who sacrifice a life that others through you may live..


  17. Sue Clift says:

    Today (2/10) I found out our dear brother went home to be with Jesus. What a testimony of Peter John’s faith in Jesus Christ. He never gave up knowing Jesus was with him and would see him through. Tears of joy and sadness today. Joy that he no longer will have health issues and sadness for his family and those who knew him.

  18. Michael King says:

    On a Sunday morning, during my weakest hour, I rededicated my life to Christ. Peter-John baptized me , after encouraging me through his prayer” You will be amazed as well as others. You will be lifted up and overwhelmed by what the Lord will do through you”. I praise God that Peter-John spoke to the Lord on my behalf and encouraged me. It was vitally important. I am so thankful for the courage and faith I received that day.

  19. David Ndung'u says:

    Today 14 Feb. 2018 I found out of the going home of brother Peter-John Courson, a son to a man I highly appreciate as a mentor and a teacher.

    I never knew you, but I am a follower of the preaching of your dad Jon Courson. The Spirit have continuously used your dad to teach me the scriptures. I celebrate your life. Fare thee well until we meet at the wedding supper of the Lamb!! (Rev. 19:9).

  20. Daniel kemboi says:

    May God uphold the family,praying for the family,church and the body of Christ at-large I am so sorry for the loss ….Rest in peace Pete

  21. Really sorry for the loss.Rest in peace

  22. Nicholas Mutie says:

    rest in peace peter.

  23. samuel Maina says:

    One once had the Dad share how Peter- Jon stood firm in christ through suffering. It was such an encouragement.
    May our God grant the family of curson peace and comfort. As a family you have shared the love of Christ. May the warmth of our loving Father’s cover the family. Remembering you in my prayers.

  24. Herman Hayes says:

    May God smile upon Peter John with complete satisfaction. Bless O Lord the entire family and friends with strength and confidence in the promises of God’s Word. Amen.

  25. Amen and amen.

    Thank lord for Your Grace. Thank you Peter for the testimony of your life and love of Christ. Thank you Ben for sharing your love and pain of losing Peter . Thank you the Courson family.

    Herbert Fogha

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