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  1. Em says:

    “Wolverine: The fire did not experience the strong winds that were seen in the valley corridor yesterday. Fire behavior remained docile and continued to smolder. Hotshot crews are working on an indirect line west of the Entiat drainage along the southwest flank of the fire. Crews will continue to improve the Community Protection Line, a vegetated fuel break that is being thinned and brushed, leaving mature trees in place with spacing between them. This line will assist in the firefighting efforts as well as meeting long term objectives as a possible option in future fire containment.” and it rained again
    from the daily update this morning … we have been stunningly blessed in this valley – praise and thanks to the God of such mercies

  2. Michael says:


    Very thankful that you were spared…that looked really bad for awhile.

  3. Michael says:

    Remember Linnea’s husband as he mends from chemo therapy.
    Remember our long time co-worker Brian D as he recovers from spinal surgery after a fall.
    Remember me if you will…I’ve pretty much hit the wall…and it hit back.

  4. Em says:

    it was very sobering to have firetrucks parked in front of your place… just in case their backburns got away from them… strange way to live

    i am continuing to join the pray-ers here for Linnea’s family, BrianD and for Michael (every time i lift my son up to the Throne of God, i lift Michael, also… trusting God’s mercy and wisdom for these honest men)

  5. Linnea says:

    Thank you, Michael and Em for prayers for my husband. He has elected to discontinue chemotherapy halfway through (3 treatments resulted in 2, week-long hospitalizations). Praying also for protection from fire (of all kinds) and for BrianD’s healing.

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