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  1. London says:

    Oh hooray.
    Tried typing on open blogging and just couldn’t do it.
    If you guys could pray for my mom again. She’s in ER at the moment and will probably be admitted for post-op wound infection.
    the surgery itself went pretty well we thought but found out Thursday she had a mild heart attack during it which no one told us.
    Also the test results back from the surgery were not 100% good.
    It’s a stressful time round here.

    Also, please pray for a young friend who is actively involved in our projects. She just found out she has a brain tumor and has to go for surgery out of town. The tumor is between her spinal column and brain stem.
    She has s 6 year old girl. They could use some prayer too.

  2. Em says:

    “the medical staff were at a loss to explain the discrepancies” everything looks normal today with no sign of damage to any organs
    whatever the cause, we have just seen a mighty miracle – to coin a Pentecostal phrase. So many pray-ers (and i know there were some here) lifted my son up to the Throne of the Father, Himself (thru the proper channel, our High Priest seated in Heaven at the right hand of the Father) Thank You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit – Oh thank You so very much for prayers heard now.
    Time to claim a big blessing and offer up praises to The God Who is there. And remember Jesus IS Lord and the King of all Kings and give Him His due. This mother thanks you all from the bottom of her very tired heart

    Lord, now i pray that You turn Your mercies and healing upon London’s mom and the friend with the tumor tonight – thank You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  3. London says:

    Em, thank you for always responding when I post on this thread.

  4. j2theperson says:

    I sometimes wish we had “like” buttons here. That way I could indicate that I’ve seen what is posted and am praying even if I don’t have anything encouraging to say.

  5. Michael says:


    I really wish we had that capability for the same reason…I know a lot of folks don’t say anything, but they do offer up intercession.

  6. Em says:

    praying for Michael and Miss Kitty – praying for all of us to rest in our position in Christ as we try to walk this line between being a responsible adult in this fallen world and a cared for child of the God of the universe

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