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  1. London says:

    Things seem to be escalating a bit in Kiev.
    Please keep them in prayer.

  2. Will be praying, London.

    Prayer request here.
    I was able to talk on twitter this morning with Barnabas Piper, John Piper’s son and I was able to share the #freesaeed event and ask them to consider it.
    Pray that they might share this with those who follow them.

  3. London says:

    Thanks Derek,
    There’s over a million people in Independence Square and some that are seeking refuge in St. Michael’s church. Can’t quite understand everything that’s going on cause I’m having to Google translate various friend’s FB pages.
    Hoping to skype soon with my Ukrainian “little brother” and see if I can get a better handle on what’s happening.
    His church did send out a statement that they are standing with the protestors and that people should not remain silent (if google translated it correctly).

  4. London says:

    Skyping now- he says that what they are doing is praying, and going to the protest sites to minister to people who have been beaten or who have needs of food, coats, etc

  5. Sounds like good things to be praying for. Thank you for sharing!

  6. London says:

    It’s pretty bad over there right now.

  7. Sarah says:

    Praying, London.

  8. I am thanking God for his people tonight

  9. Steve Wright says:

    Amen Dread. Amen.

  10. Me too, Dread!
    Pray for this whole effort everyone, that the Glory of God would shine through, prison bars would part and people would be changed.

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