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  1. gomergirl says:

    “You are not the God we would have chosen had we done the choosing, but we are your people and you have chosen us in freedom.”

    Funny how we always are looking for the easy way out and that we want what makes us feel good. Thus the focus on “me” and “self” in our society. Why would i choose to follow the God who requires my complete and utter devotion. Nothing half hearted will do. I love this, And I hate it too.


  2. Nonnie says:

    Amen…..So much to ponder in that prayer.
    “Always planting us and uprooting us and tearing all things down and making all things new.” This really hits home today.

  3. sarahkwolfe says:


    I’m going to be thinking on this prayer throughout the day as well. The planting and uprooting is what struck me this morning as well.

    Praying for each as they come to mind this morning…jobs, health, wholeness. Peace.

  4. When it seems as if everything is out of control and upside down with no end in sight we can feel as if we have been temporarily abandoned by God. And yet we know that as the heavens are above the earth so are God’s ways above our ways…

  5. Jtk says:

    Broken tooth, now I need a crown. Sitting in the chair, a nervous big guy. I would REALLY appreciate prayer.

  6. Michael says:


    Praying for peace and pain free dentistry…

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