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  1. the guy in the corner says:

    The man’s accent and jovial demeanor is the gift that makes room for him. Ya just have to believe him, but a whole denomination based on one type of fishing? I dunno. I do agree though that the American church knows little to nothing of holiness. It’s something I wrestle with. Or against as God sees it.

    lol Anecdotage. Good one! Hey- that’s a real word.

    He’s exactly right about the importance of repentance and the lack of it nowadays. My super-spiritual-street-witnessing-CC-missionary brother does not preach repentance. Just believe. God will sort it out later. That’s why he has such a high rate of response. Maybe he didn’t need to turn around or agree with God about his sin when he came to Christ, but I can’t imagine following Christ without repentance. Is there surrender without it? I did it once for all time when I became a believer and I do it as a matter of continual self reflection and in response to the nudging of the Holy Spirit. And yet…

    YIKES! Chuck Smith spoke at the 1989 Keswick Convention. What do I do with that?

    Home, home in the church
    where the dear ol’ saints never search
    And never is heard of a holiness word
    about ‘awe and reverence’ all day.

    As long as there is freedom of ignorance there will be tolerance of the intolerable. This begs a question- should church discipline be public? If someone is under church discipline should the congregation be informed?

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