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  1. Duane Arnold says:

    I think it was Aslan who said “we don’t know the things that might’ve been, we only know the things that are.” Being content with the things that are is a gift.

    Happy Birthday, Michael… Ad Multos Annos

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you, Duane.
    I’ll need that quote for next week… 🙂

  3. Duane Arnold says:


    I understand…

  4. Dread says:

    Birthday Greetings Michael

    I’ll always appreciate you for courage – love of truth – endurance in pressure – fidelity to those you love – and, well… wrath like the Lamb – from which we hide but thankfully it flashes sparingly.

    I honor you and thank God for you.

  5. Michael says:


    Many thanks…your words have weight I am unfit to carry, but I will receive them gladly…

  6. LInn says:

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Miguel!
    I appreciate PP. You say, and continue to say, all that I have wanted to for a long time. Thank you for your courage and love for Jesus and His cause.
    I’ll turn 65 in September. What I am realizing more and more everyday is that though life turned out a bit different than I thought it would (I think it’s that way for all of us), I wouldn’t trade a day of what God has given and me. I have much joy that I know I never would have found on my own.

  7. BrianD says:

    Happy birthday Michael. I truly appreciate your ministry and your friendship. You are one of the few people in whom I have seen the presence of God himself; not that you are God, but if He exists I have seen Him act through you, in relation not just to me but to others.

  8. Michael says:


    Thank you and amen…

  9. Michael says:


    Thank you my friend…part of this will always belong to you…

  10. Nonnie says:

    God bless you on your birthday, Michael. You are loved and appreciated by so many.

  11. Michael says:

    Thank you, Nonnie…so glad you’re still part of what we do…the good parts, anyway… 🙂

  12. Elena says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Also from Cecelia!

    You been such a blessing in our lives!
    Stay strong and keep running the race!

  13. Anne Kohut says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Michael! Turned 69 last month & relate so much to what you wrote! I only follow two blogs these days. As long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading! Always find something that encourages or gives me a good ponder. Thank you for all the many ways my life has been enriched over the years by your thoughts!

  14. Michael says:


    Always good to see you , my friend.
    Thank you for the kind words and all the years…

  15. Michael says:

    Thank you, Elena…always brings me joy to see you…thank Cecelia as well…

  16. Paige says:

    Happy, Healthy and Joyous Birthday to you my long time friend..
    Of course, you’ll have to sing the Beatles song, “When I’m 64″….

    I am learning those same lessons, and it’s an endless journey..(I’m 71). but as you said, God is good and God is faithful..and we are where we are because we have sought Him and His path…. even tho it looks nothing like we ever dreamed. We each have our own version of Pilgrim’s Progress.

    Love, hugs and blessings to you, my friend.

  17. Michael says:

    Thank you, Paige…and it is a version of Pilgrims Progress…
    Love, hugs and blessings to you as well my friend…always glad to hear from you.

  18. Dan from Georgia says:

    Happy Birthday Michael!

  19. Michael says:

    Thank you, Dan!

  20. Eric says:

    Happy belated birthday Michael!

    Reminded me of something I read from Andrew Murray-

    In time of trouble, say, First, He brought me here. It is by His will I am in this strait place; in that I will rest. Next, He will keep me here in his love, and give me grace in this trial to behave as his child. Then say, He will make the trial a blessing, teaching me lessons he intends me to learn, and working in me the grace he means to bestow. And last, say, In his good time he can bring me out again. How and when, he knows. Therefore, say, I am here (1) by God’s appointment, (2) in His keeping, (3) under His training, (4) for His time. -Andrew Murray

    The great thing in prayer is to feel that we are putting our supplications into the bosom of omnipotent love.
    –Andrew Murray

    God bless you!

  21. Michael says:


    Thanks for the kind words…blessings to you as well…

  22. JD says:

    Happy birthday and many more!

  23. Captain Kevin says:

    Michael: “ I’d update you on my progress toward greater humility, but that would prove I hadn’t made any…”

    Reminds of this take on the old song: “If you’re humble and you know it, no you’re not!”

  24. Captain Kevin says:

    And Happy Belated Burthday, Michael!!

  25. xenia says:

    Happy birthday Michael! 😃

  26. Michael says:

    Thanks, JD!

  27. Michael says:

    Thanks, CK!

  28. Michael says:

    Thanks, Xenia!

  29. bob1 says:

    Happy birthday, Michael. Thankful for you.

  30. pstrmike says:

    Paige and Anne on the same thread! Good to read you both!

  31. Michael says:

    Thanks, bob1!

  32. Owen says:

    Michael, my apologies for this belated Birthday wish, I just don’t get to be here nearly as often as I would like.

    I keep reading here because I feel a deep appreciation for your voice crying in the wilderness. I know I’ve said this to you before, but the truth is always spoken here, and I thank you for your faithfulness in that endeavor.

    May He continue to give you the strength you need for each day.

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