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  1. Bob Sweat says:


    Love you Michael. Having said that, let me tell you what really ticks me off…………………………………………:smile:

  2. Xenia says:

    condemn the Orthodox to hell (and me with them)<<<

    I always figured you got a few of these. Thanks for putting up with me despite the flak I'm sure you get for it.

  3. Michael says:


    i enjoy your company and so does the vast majority of the readers.

    There are some folks I’m glad don’t like me… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lutheran says:

    I echo Xenia’s comments, but with regard to Lutherans. Nobody likes us.


  5. Nonnie says:

    Amen! Xenia you have blessed me so many times. I really appreciate what you bring here.

    Michael, I have grown in the Lord through reading this blog and the links, etc. I have met friends here, been encouraged here, rejoiced here, prayed here, grieved here, and sometimes been angry here.
    My family has been prayed for, loved and blessed by the “family” here. Scriptures have been offered, advice given, prayers lifted, we have laughed together one day and cried together another day, and most days we can give praise together.
    Through it all, this place has been a place of grace and growth for me.
    Thank you for persevering and continuing in what God has clearly called you to.

  6. Michael says:

    I think we’ve learned a lot from Xenia and our Lutherans…makes for a much richer place.

  7. Nonnie says:

    Yea, well the Lutherans are OK. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Michael says:


    LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Bob Sweat says:

    Speaking of Lutherans, where is MLD?

  10. Michael says:


    I think he got bored…

  11. centorian says:

    I had a similar conversation with a friend recently. Where is the fruit of a life that has beenโ€ฆ. dare I say itโ€ฆ.regenerated. When we consign all those who are not in our camp to hell it says more about us not having the Fatherโ€™s heart (2Pe 3:9) than it does about those whom we condemn.

    1Jo 3:14 We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren. He who does not love [his] brother abides in death.

    Another friend of mine tells me that when we get to heaven, we’re probably going to be very surprised by who is there and who is not.

  12. Michael says:

    I’m going to be surprised that I’m there… ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. BrianD says:

    Michael, the Nigerian prince who sent me news of my long-neglected fortune wants me to ask you if he can resend the email announcing your fortune that you must have deleted this morning ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Bob Sweat says:


    I’m sure there will be Calvinists in heaven. After all, they need someone to water the tulips. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Bob Sweat says:


    I received that same email. I’m looking for someone to borrow the money that I need to give him so he will send me my money. You have $10,000 I could borrow? ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. james tiberius kirk says:

    “The longer I walk with Jesus the less I worry about being picking the right people to hang out with.

    The closer I get to the kingdom, the more friends from different theological places I meet heading in the same direction.”

    Pure gold, my dirty Calvin-loving friend, PURE GOLD!

    I feel the same way..

    maybe what helps me is trying to be funny, hang out with godly yet funny people, not taking myself so seriously, yet taking Jesus and His Word more seriously every day…

  17. pineapple head says:

    Starve the haters…

    I confess it takes extra diligence on my part to comment on certain blogs when they start whipping every into a frenzy when the reality is their “commentary’ and “insight” are just much ado about nothing. They thrive on stirring the pot, then consuming all those who would point out the lack of grace in what they write.

    That’s what makes this blog special…real discourse without the fear of being tarred and feathered.

  18. Please Note says:


    Great stuff, really.

    I’m always fascinated by Christians that want to insulate themselves from anyone who thinks differently than them theologically.

    It was mentioned here recently (and incorrectly), that Martin Luther ‘went off to start protestantism’, when, in fact, he dearly loved the Catholic Church he was a part of. He was only trying to lovingly ‘reform’ it.

    The Catholic church actually owes a great debt to Luther, and many Catholic theologians agree, that Luther forced them to define their beliefs. Thus began all the Creeds & statements of faith.

    I find it quite similar here. When I encounter an idea or person I disagree with, I use that as a learning experience to further define why I believe what I believe, or I change my mind.

    It cracks me up that folks would e-mail you because they don’t like the theology of a poster here. Don’t they realize that if you started banning people because someone disliked what they believed, that someone eventually would probably want them banned as well?

    And to hold you responsible for what someone else believes is preposterous. It’s an open public forum by design. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    And if they have a valid theological disagreement, why not post it instead of e-mailing you?

    Thanks for all you do & put up with Michael.

    There is one thing, though….it’s nothing really….but I just thought I’d mention it…..8)

  19. Michael says:

    I’ll tell you the biggest factor in a lot of these blogs.

    There is a great fear that unless you’re stirring and slinging that nobody will pay any attention to you.

    If you constantly have to yell to get peoples attention, you probably have nothing to say worth hearing.

  20. Michael says:

    Oh…and the constant need to create new enemies so you have someone to fight…

  21. Dansk says:

    Excellent post. It always baffles me that Christians can label other Christians as heretics and even demonic.

  22. pineapple head says:

    oops…i meant to say:

    “it takes extra diligence on my part NOT to comment…”

  23. pineapple head says:

    How in the world can anyone who slings mud and hurls sarcasm feel like they are pleasing to God?

  24. Michael says:

    Because they have convinced themselves that they are targeting the enemies of God.

    Once you get an audience, you think you have to speak…

    Been there, done that, repented, keep repenting.

  25. Please Note says:


    Good points. It’s kind of like all of the 24 hour news cycle on TV. When there isn’t really any breaking news, they still open their shows with all of the hoopla of a breaking news story.

    Even if it’s the same story they opened with for the last 3 nights.

    All of this over-sensationalization of every story, whether warranted or not, has led me to stop listening.

    That and the constant haranguing to try and get me to go to their website…”for more on thsi story, to ———–.com’

    I guess it’s the viral version of Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Please Note says:


    I think it’s a warped understanding of what ‘righteous indignation’ means.

  27. pineapple head says:

    Some of these guys post their perspective, and then do anything to defend it…even if a commentor makes a good point. They can’t EVER be wrong. Oh no…that would be a sin

  28. Michael says:


    That’s a very good point.
    The news channels now are porn for the holy…every night you get an emotional,adrenaline rush from the commentators rants…and if there’s no rant, you change the channel till you find one.

  29. Please Note says:


    Exactly. That’s what is refreshing about this place. Michael will come on & say he screwed up.

    I like that. It’s like, ‘hey, I screw up, too…I can hang here’ 8)

    It’s a real microcosm of the ‘I’ve got my act together’ mentality that turns visitors off at some churches, and gives some the impression they have to clean up their act BEFORE they can go to church.


    Yes, so very true.

    We stay so busy, and so revved-up, it’s a wonder we can hear the Lord at all. I know I don’t make near as much quite time as I should.

  30. dusty says:

    praying for the ladies today.

  31. Please Note says:


    you callin’ me a lady ?

  32. dusty says:

    hi please note. lol no silly…

    this week is all about the ladies…I have only prayed for them this week and no one else….

    ..sorry guys, but they have been getting his VERY hard

  33. dusty says:

    getting HIT very hard.

  34. filbertz says:

    It’s really nice of those guys in the cartoon to be massaging each other’s necks. We’re all so tense and stressed we probably ought to stop and do that mutual exercise often. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m often encouraged when I read the gospels and see who Jesus hung out with.

  35. Josh Hamrick says:

    I accidentally happened upon Tim Lahaye speaking at a book store last night. It was bizarre. These folks are really into the whole conspiracy theory, tin-foil hat thing. What Michael said earlier about bloggers is exactly what I was thinking about the crowd at this book store. They have to keep stirring the crap so they can keep writing books.

    Sad way to live, really. Peace is such a nice thing.

  36. Another Voice says:

    I believe there is clearly one grand conspiracy that has been active since Eden and will culminate as described in Revelation, as well as several OT Scriptures.

    Throughout this conspiracy, God has consistently showed that he has always remained in charge, and is working all things according to His plan, and not the grand conspirator’s plan.

    I have no problem teaching on this grand conspiracy, as revealed in the Bible.

    The key to me is to confine myself to the Bible. This conspiracy, as shown in the Bible, has moved slower than a glacier, and so these guys who see every news item of the week as a “significant prophetic moment” really are – in my opinion – trying to sell books, get an audience/ratings, and not simply edifiy the Church.

    And I do find it significant that there is so little prophecy included in the New Testament. Maybe God wants His people focused on something else, like sharing the gospel to the lost, edifying the saved, and in all things glorifying the Lord.

  37. Lutheran says:



    So you’re saying that the whole thing is an industry?

  38. pineapple head says:

    I think a lot of these folks are well-intentioned, but that they forgot that along with seeking the truth we are to walk in grace. Also, there is a penchant of making not-essentials essentials. Seems like the bottom line is that its more important to be right than ever worry about the relationship.

    The thing that is so disconcerting to me is to see how thier followers feel like they have license to be jerky as well. Lord, keep from ever becoming part of some blogger’s posse!

    One well-known blogger’s son continues the tradition of immaturity and sarcasm. And his pops just gives him the proverbial “thumbs up.” It’s like a family value to be jerk for Jesus.

  39. Linnea says:

    Having stepped out of the Christian bubble and entering the secular world of work, I am reminded each day of how we need to band together, to find commonality, to uphold one another in prayer, to encourage one another daily…wait, doesn’t that sound like what the early church did?

    Here’s to breaking bread with my brethren and lifting you in prayer each and every day. I love you guys.

  40. brian says:

    This just amazes me,

    now I have a confession first, I have asked for money two times in my twenty nine years of being a Christian for personal needs, one was for getting money for a place to have a memorial for my father. Now from the reaction, that was five times to many. I accept that, we are on our one in this case, like most other cases as well.

  41. Em says:

    been praying with you, dear Dusty

  42. dusty says:

    thanks Em, I knew you would be. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. London says:

    steven baldwin is an idiot

  44. brian says:

    I have always liked Alex Baldwin he is a good actor and rather stable person. Now Steven had an “American” experience of the Damascus experience. Life is not like that, Alex seems to understand this, Steven I hope will learn before the evangelical corporate monster rips his heart out. It is a hungry beast and mercy is not in its creed. I think Steven is sincere and I actually hope he finds a way out of his economic struggles. Granted this is a personal failing on my part but I hate to see people struggle or be hurt, I even pray for Paris Hilton at times, now pathetic is that.

    My main point was the “restoration” aspect of the website, that just does not happen so I do wish they would stop peddling it.

  45. brian says:

    It is the 20th Year of the Hubble space telescope,
    One of the most important photos ever taken by mankind.

  46. BrianD says:

    Steven Baldwin would have been perfect for that Larry King episode last night that I didn’t even get to see.

    Put him, Jennifer Knapp, Bob Botsford, Ted Haggard and King in a house with such “celebrities” as Paula Abdul, Kim Kardashian, the Rock, Kate Gosselin, Christopher Knight, Verne Troyer, Flavor Flav, Carson from Queer Eye, Hulk Hogan, Tommy Lee and Vincent Pastore (that dude from the Sopranos that seems to show up everywhere on TV) and, voila: a killer reality TV show and an apt picture of America in 2010.

  47. Another Voice says:

    I have always liked Alex Baldwin he is a good actor and rather stable person.
    You must have missed the tape where he just went off on his young daughter during the divorce from her mom.

    Agree with the good actor part though…

  48. brian says:

    “You must have missed the tape where he just went off on his young daughter during the divorce from her mom.

    Agree with the good actor part thoughโ€ฆ”

    No I heard it, it was a father scorned, I dont agree with it but trust me I relate, but compared to the rhetoric of Steven, I would say he is very stable. He was hurt, again I dont justify it but I do understand it. As to the end time clap trap of his brother, nope dont understand that, those folks are just plain crazy. I guess that is none of my presuppositions.

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