The Amazing Shrinking Calvary Chapel Association

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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    It’s a sign

    17 Then I saw an angel standing in the sun, and with a loud voice he called to all the birds that fly directly overhead, “Come, gather for the great supper of God, 18 to eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all men, both free and slave, both small and great.” 19 And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth with their armies gathered to make war against him who was sitting on the horse and against his army. Re 19:17–19.

    Man’s Kingdom Carvings Dread

  2. covered says:

    Looks like they can save money on size of the venue in Florida for their first conference

  3. Captain Kevin says:

    It’s like a magic show. POOF!!!

  4. EricL says:

    Agatha Christie wrote a novel about this… And Then There Were None.

    CCA becomes CCNo-way

  5. Kevin H says:

    So I will say this before we get the inevitable comment of, “This doesn’t effect my church, or our people. We will just keep going along fellowshipping and worshipping the Lord as always. We shouldn’t be concerned with such things.”

    The truth is, for some churches, for some people, it may not have as much of an effect. For others it has a much greater effect. And ultimately, as the CCA reduces itself down to the hard core of those who want control of Calvary Chapel it may end up affecting everyone as the looming demand by CCA to its churches to choose sides and dis-fellowship with those who choose the wrong side seemingly grows ever more likely.

    But even before if and when that demand takes place, there should be concern for those currently being affected, even if you think yourself personally or your church to be in the clear for now.

    We should be concerned for the pastors and the people in the pews who know of something going on, but frustratingly cannot get enough details from anybody to assuage their angst. Those who think there may be some important things going on but can’t get satisfying answers. Those who are concerned that the embroiling church politics may end up having an effect on how they fellowship with other CC’s or other pastors or even within their own church. Those who were previously given the impression that everything is fine and dandy within CC and there is great unity, only to be dismayed to be hearing real murmurs that contradict the official message they had always been given. Those who are concerned that the council that supposedly has some kind of oversight/influence/guidance/etc. over them seems to be going through some significant turnover and turmoil but refuse to say anything about it.

    We should be concerned with the CC missionaries who may be on edge right now about their potential future funding if they are forced to choose sides and could lose some of their current funding. Many who are probably just barely making ends meet right now.

    Even to the extent where church politics are spilling over into some current CC’s, even if 99% of the congregants are unaware of it happening, we should be concerned. The congregants being knowingly or unknowingly influenced by church politics from what they hear in sermons and/or what actions the churches are taking often times is not a good thing.

    So, yeah, maybe you don’t have much concern from a personal standpoint. But if you really do care about others, about the CC church body as whole, about the church as a whole, then yeah, you should have some concern.

  6. Josh the Baptist says:

    It would seem that theses guy highly overestimated the amount of sway they have.

  7. Steve says:

    Hey, this brings me back to when I was a kid. It was a fun game called “king of the mountain”. We used to play it on a raft in the middle of the lake and see who was the last one standing by throwing everybody else overboard.

    I just hope the remaining CCA members will potentially grow up, repent and really just ponder on the beatitudes. I wonder if they really understand what the kingdom of God is? I would be completely embarrassed to still be on this list.

  8. EricL says:

    Kevin @5, well said. The Association of Vineyard Churches also went through years of turmoil after the death of their founder and it cost them hundreds of congregations until things settled down. Vineyard is now much stronger in the Midwest, especially in Ohio, than it is in California where it began.

    I hope the Calvary Chapels make it through this in better shape, but I think this will take a few more years to resolve.

  9. Victor says:

    I checked the locators on both sites. CC San Jose doesn’t show up on CCGN, but it does on CCA; whereas, the East San Jose CC (which is so small it looks like a recent plant) shows up on both pages.

  10. Kevin H says:


    A little while back the CCA encouraged all their affiliated churches to ask to be removed from CCGN’s network (CCGN originally included all the same churches as CCA). Seemingly a small percentage have followed through with this and thus you will see them listed only under the CCA and not the CCGN.

  11. Just A Sheep says:

    Don’t miss that CC San Jose was once pastored by Don McClure and now pastored by his son.
    It seems that Mr. McClure is the main driver of this split, it makes sense that San Jose is CCA and not CGN

  12. pstrmike says:

    @ 8 EricL,
    Someone told me that things will get better for CC after they have a few more funerals. That’s a sad assessment, and I am not convinced that waiting for a better day is the best use of my time.

  13. Linnea says:

    I’m just sad…

  14. CCACGGN says:

    Back at the big CCA meeting in December at Rosales’ church – it was clearly stated by Don McClure that Skip wanted nothing to do with the whole scenario and would remain nuetral but “not on the council”

  15. says:

    I’m just waiting for one or both sides to issue a Fatwah, as was and will continue to be the case within the Caesar Model of church governance.
    The saddest thing for me in all this, is the utter distraction it has served for all “the sheep.”
    Whether or not they’ve chosen a “side” or even known about it, very few have probably understand the real significance.
    It’s not which “side” is “right” (drown in that pun).
    The point is this environment which they continue to propagate, which in this RARE case, they can’t even try to blame the current boogeyman (the “homos”, Dems, etc).
    Just wait, once this has blown-over, both sides will once again re-engage the world and every other ministry in its petulant polemic tactics (tantrums).

  16. covered says:

    The saddest thing for me in all this, is the utter distraction it has served for all “the sheep.”


    I’m not so sure that many “sheep” know or care at this point what’s going on. It seems as though all the drama that usually comes with the CC nonsense is dying down. This whole mess appears to be more of a pissing contest with some of the grumpy, old wannabes than anything else. I have noticed that the comments on these stories are very few in comparison to the old days.

  17. WN says:

    It looks like both Wayne Taylor and Skip Heitzig are still region leaders under CCA, even if they’re not part of the council?

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