The End Is Near! Now What?

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  1. nathan priddis says:

    Apocalypse upon us? Well,it depends what you mean by apocalypse. What does the word mean to you?

  2. Babylon's Dread says:

    My apocalyptic warning came from a friend who wanted me to
    1) Store water
    2) Store food
    3) Have hard currency; cash, silver or gold, for when the dollar is worthless
    4) Have weapons to protect my stash
    5) Have a refugee plan of evacuation

  3. Steve Wright says:

    I loudly amen this post. In fact, just last Sunday I stated as much. The return of the Lord is to motivate us to holy living.

    24:00 – 25:45 mark for anyone interested….from Psalm One

  4. ( |o )====::: says:

    More gold from you…
    “It boils down to being loving, hospitable, prayerful, holy people who are at peace…growing in grace and knowledge of God.

    It also seems to say that we are to concern ourselves with our own sanctification, not so much that of others.”

    I believe The Presence of the Lord is what should motivate us to holy living, because His inescapable reality is abiding & empowering. It’s about the love of Abba God and family, not being busted while caught grafting or shacking up, or touching what shouldn’t be touched. Motivation out of fear only produces “eyeservice” as the KJV quaintly puts it, doing a good job and being in compliance only while “the boss is lookin'”. That is the worst and most shallow of motivations, and for what end, to keep behavior in check while the camera’s on only to be a jerk between scenes?

    EVERYTHING else of these immense distractions and warnings springs from some whackadoodle latter rain wingnut loudly trying to discern “signs and wonders” of end times and a “just you wait ’til your father gets home” attitude instead of training up a child (of God) to be so in love with God that the outcome reflects the heart of Abba.

  5. Paige says:

    Amen. A year ago we found and read a library copy of a book called Hurtling Towards Oblivion. Don’t remember the author. It was logical and not hysterical…. and made a lot of sense from an ecological, population and resources view point. Essentially, life on earth was pretty much consistently the same until the Industrial Revolution….In the last 120 years very much has changed in terms of consumption of resources and human detachment from agriculture and earth sustaining lifestyles….. It was an interesting read…. and I think of it often….. Lord knows….

    Am I ready? I hope so…. I think so….. my Hope is in the Lord, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

  6. Eric says:

    In 1998 I visited a church that had a meeting after the service in which we talked about what might happen when the Y2K bug hit. Because of the possibility that electricity might go down, trade would be inhibited, etc. I was surprised at this because in other circles few people expected Y2K to be a disaster.

    It was suggested we should have adequate stocks of food & water etc. What struck me at that meeting is that no one was talking about (until I suggested it I think) how we could help OTHER people, which I thought would be the obvious Christian thing to do!

  7. Fred S says:

    My NAR-influenced friends pretty much gloss over most of Peter’s advice here– but their ears sure perk up at 2 Peter 3:12 (“waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God”). “See that? We can actually speed up the Second Coming. Isn’t that exciting?” they say. And how do we accelerate the Second Coming? Yup: non-stop harp & bowl prayer, spiritual warfare to the max, reclaim those Seven Mountains, yadda yadda yadda…..

  8. David H says:

    If we’re pre-trib, rapture, why do we need to stockpile anything?

  9. David H.
    Great point – all the pre trib guys are all thinking “what should we do?” and talk of stockpiling etc.
    Us Amil guys, who think we actually go through it all just cruise along doing out daily “serve our neighbor”

    I know the pre trib guys will com on and say “I don’t do that!” but hey, those books aren’t just sitting getting dusty on the bookstore shelf

  10. Summer says:

    Very good encouragement, Michael. I want to see others through the eyes of Jesus so I can continue to love all earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

  11. JTK says:

    Holy and godly in our personal lives HASTENS (or speeds up) the day of The Lord.

    I love that. And it’s the least loved by the end times crowd.

    There’s SOMETHING we can each do today about THAT; there’s nothing (or next to nothing) we can do about some coming bestial kingdom.

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