The PCA Child Abuse Statement: Watered Down and Polite Draft

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28 Responses

  1. Nonnie says:

    So there is nothing about reporting to the authorities alleged child abuse??? In other words, what CJ and his gang allegedly did, with keeping it ” in house” and handling in a “godly way” (in their opinion)…. that is still going to fly.

  2. Michael says:


    This makes me want to throw up.
    The real concern silently expressed here is for Reformed glitterati, not kids.

  3. Crowned1 says:

    Touch not God’s anointed – 1
    God’s will – 0

    Then I heard another voice from heaven say, “Come out of her, My People, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

  4. Ricky Bobby says:

    Yup, nearly neutered it. It still does make the issue an emphasis and does make some sort of attempt at a public proclamation against this particular evil in the church ranks and does reinforce Godly teaching about children. It’s about a C in my opinion, too bad, could have been an A, but better than CC’s F.

  5. Michael says:

    It’s an “F”
    It avoids any rebuke of powerful friends and it doesn’t even mention mandatory reporting.
    It is a mockery of the issue and those who wrote the original draft.

  6. Jim says:

    Honest question-would anyone outside of the PCA know who Lig Duncan is if not for The Gospel Coalition and Together for the Gospel? It seems to me that he owes a lot to CJ and friend$.

  7. Ricky Bobby says:

    Jim, that is rather cynical.

    Unfortunately, it’s also rather True. 🙂

  8. Michael says:


    I’m not sure what Duncan had to do with the revisions, but someone doesn’t want to upset anybody famous…

  9. Jim says:

    I’m not close enough to the PCA to know how much sway Lig has, but I would think that the relativity small denom doesn’t mind the attention his “alliances” bring to the table.

    To me, this speaks volumes about what the denom values. Maybe I’m still too close to the issue and am judging uncharitably…

  10. Jim says:

    “relativity”? Ya’ll know what I mean….

  11. Michael says:


    His influence is at the top of the food chain.
    Others have told me less than flattering opinions of him.
    This does speak to their values and I’m very disappointed.

  12. Andrew says:

    I would like to hear from Boz Tchividjian on this. I believe he is a PCA guy.

  13. Jim says:

    For the record, the omission of the section aimed at Lig/CJ is not the most horrendous piece of editing done here. This current draft is meaningless in regards to protecting children.

  14. Michael says:


    Exactly…just heard that they are trying to get the reporting part back in it.

  15. Crowned1 says:

    Michael @ 14 “just heard that they are trying to get the reporting part back in it.”

    If they can’t…just walk out of there with your tithe purse and let the place die. Then they can keep their mandatory non-reporting laws in their empty house.

  16. London says:

    This is probably the “post lawyer review” edition.

  17. Lutheran says:

    Well, having been on church committees and so forth…there’s an old saying, “You don’t want to know how sausages and legislation are made.” You can add “church resolutions” to that.

    No, this doesn’t mean you should “walk out of there with your tithe purse.” Sheesh. Good grief. That’s the American way I guess, if you don’t like how something’s going, just take your ball and go home.

    In most church bodies, delegates vote on resolutions, etc. Looks like at least some on here have never been part of that. It’s messy and frustrating at times…but it’s sure as hell better than how it’s done (or more accurately, not done) in “my way or the highway” churches.

  18. Crowned1 says:

    Lutheran @ 17

    The best way to vote is with your wallet. It’s not an American ideal, its a logical one.

    All the government had to do with the Mormons was threaten to revoke their 401(c)(3) and all the sudden black people were allowed in the church and the lower terrestrials of heaven.

    It is proven time and time again that money moves mountains in many businesses, including churches. I have witnessed it first hand.

    Walking away has nothing to do with the “quitter” analogy you used. But it does have everything to do with “I am going to protect my children, as best I can, and when you change I will consider returning.”

  19. Lutheran says:

    ‘It’s not an American ideal, its a logical one.’

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Keep telling yourself that.

    An official resolution certainly doesn’t preclude the pastor at your local PCA church of doing more to protect children.

    After all, the action is at the local church level.

    These are things that can be talked about and worked through. If not, then move on.

    BTW, why the hell should we be so critical of PCA? They’re miles ahead of many fundagelical churches. Many of them wouldn’t be able to handle such a pronouncement. “Don’t tell me what to do — or I might hold my breath, take my ball and go home.”

    It’s still a step in the right direction, no matter how it comes out in the end.

  20. Crowned1 says:

    Lutheran @ 19 “Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Keep telling yourself that.”

    Don’t have to repeat it to myself…it is simple math really.

    “An official resolution certainly doesn’t preclude the pastor at your local PCA church of doing more to protect children.”

    Probably not. But then, that church may want to part ways ASAP with the “movement” that doesn’t feel children’s protections are important. Once that is accomplished, talks about what the newly founded independent church plans to do could take place.

    “After all, the action is at the local church level.”


    “These are things that can be talked about and worked through.”

    Debatable. Historically on this issue, there has been a reluctance in the ‘powers that be’ for change. It is a very taboo topic and a “career ender”…much easier to sweep it under the rug.

    “BTW, why the hell should we be so critical of PCA?”

    I have no cards in this game. I am pro-protecting children no matter who is fighting in the other corner. Fundy, Orthodox, Catholic, makes no difference to me.

  21. This is a load of crap! As someone who works with children as a profession, I am a mandatory reporter, and can lose my job as well as my credentials if I fail to do so. How much more the church with God’s precious ones?!!!

  22. brian says:

    I am also a mandated reporter and have had to report things that were obviously not abuse such as a bruise or something and it has always been handled correctly, they ask a few questions understand the situation and the incident is closed. I am not a prophet but I knew for a fact they were going to gut it, that was as sure as gravity.

  23. brian says:

    “RESOLVED that we remind ourselves and our churches that Larger Catechism 129 and 130

    make clear the responsibilities of “superiors” (e.g. church leaders) to love, care for, and protect

    “inferiors” (e.g. children); and be it further”

    barf, does anyone else see anything wrong with this, inferiors my back side. People need to grow up.

  24. Crowned1 says:

    The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse! He is one of my all time favorite comedians!

    He’s the Harold Camping of the catholic church 🙂

  25. They do have a responsibility to remind churches of their responsibility by law. The fact that they left that out? It seems like a covert way of showing their respect for the law…sadly.

    I wonder if they realize that if another SGM scandal happens within their own circle, and the leadership gives the old stand by: I didn’t know. How they may not in the eyes of law be responsible for their neglect, but the eyes of God will know. I hope they can live with that.

  26. Is there any effort to develop training for lay and ordained people working with children to prevent abuse? Any process developed for responding to and reporting abuse allegations? In other words, anything concrete to actually stop this stuff from happening beyond quoting catechism and scripture?

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