The PhxP Year in Review

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  1. Xenia says:

    Trey and his brother…

    May it be blest.

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you, Xenia.
    It’s been quite the journey already and we’re hopeful this is the cure.

  3. EricL says:

    Praying for Trey and Jonny, that the Lyme Disease will finally be effectively treated.

  4. Michael says:

    Thank you, EricL…there’s a book in this for next year.

  5. EricL says:

    Oh, and publishing your books was the highlight of the year for Reader Hill.

    You were the “good author” for the company, while I was the “flaky author” who failed to finish multiple books that were scheduled for 2015 release. Eric, the publisher, is mad at Eric, the author.

    I have a lot of writing to do for 2016 to get back on track. Oh well, back to work… 🙂

  6. Paul A. Lytton says:

    If anyone thinks they had a bad year, watch this:

    Be a giver and have a Happy New Life.

  7. Paige says:

    Wow Michael, I am glad to hear that both Trey and Johnny are going to Germany for the treatment for Lyme. Very good news, indeed….. You will miss him terribly…. please keep us updated.

    Prayers for you and the health related lifestyle changes and treatments for you…..

    I appreciate your comments about Saeed and Naghmeh…… I continue to pray for God’s will for them both….

    Blessed New Year to you, Trey and Miss Kitty. I deeply appreciate your life, ministry and blog.

  8. Michael says:

    Paige ,
    I will be mindless… so I have to stay very busy.
    Much love to you…one of my pillars and a gift from God.

  9. Em says:

    “My prayer for us all is that we will see “the goodness of God in the land of the living”
    …amen to Michael’s (&David’s) prayer

    thankful for the good report and may 2016 be a better year and a God blessed one for all who visit the PhxP

    Lord, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, indeed!

  10. Linnea says:

    Prayers for your boys and for you in 2016…

  11. Michael says:

    Thank you, Linnea!

  12. Erunner says:

    I had no idea how bad Lyme Disease is and I pray Johnny and Trey come back home free from this disease. I also pray for your health Michael. May God grant all of you His grace and peace during the coming weeks and months.

  13. Michael says:

    Thank you and God’s best to you and yours, Erunner.

  14. If you are watching the Rose Parade, the Lutheran Church’s float in #91 – I think the last float.

  15. J.U. says:

    Happy New Year to all the Phoenix Preacher crowd. I don’t contribute much to the conversation, but I enjoy just listening. Best to you all and especially good health to our host Michael.

  16. Michael says:

    Happy New Year to you as well, J.U…..glad to have you aboard.

  17. Cookie says:

    Michael your comments about Alaskan Bush People are harsh. The link you previously provided was to a sensationalist website akin to the National Enquirer. People magazine recently profiled this family and I’m sure thier story was well vetted. The family did misrepresent thier residence status for purposes of receiving Alaska oil money but I read a story that over 25% of Alaskans do the same thing and typically serve no jail time. Why have you fixated on this family?

  18. Michael says:

    They’re not harsh enough.
    The people are complete and total frauds.

    I’m fixated because the media continues to sell a false facade about these itinerant con artists…which is exactly what many religious businesses are doing.

    If you’re interested there is a group on Facebook comprised of people that actually live where the Browns claim to…where you can also see their arrest records, other residences, and where they actually stay when filming this nonsense.

    I’ve been compared to Enquirer about a thousand times…

  19. Alan says:

    Michael, Would you be so kind as to tell me (or link to it) when you wrote the post that you referenced (comparing corporate American Evangelicalism to the Alaskan TV show)? I’d like to read the original post.

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