The Sovereignty of God

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  1. Psalm62 says:

    “In prayer, then, (and the Christian is at his sanest and wisest when he prays) you know that it is God who saves men, you know that what makes men turn to God is Godā€™s own gracious work of drawing them to Himself; and the content of your prayers is determined by this knowledge”

    i’ve had to ponder, when praying, am i ‘bending God’s ear’ or am i lining up my heart with His? for me, for a long time, i’ve relied on the Lord’s prayer to lead my thinking – as soon as i pray “our “Father” i immediately realize it’s not about me (‘our’) – and it’s about His Kingdom, His sovereignty – it’s all His gracious work – amen

    the comments have been lost from this thread? ah me

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