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  1. John 20:29 says:

    For the record
    A very sobering lesson. on the greatest victory of human history … what a privilege we have to have this understanding and the unspeakable gift it offers

    Any Christian who believes that the Church, itself, has a need for the temple of Jewish history has a very confused theology indeed…
    That said, some of those who interpret prophesy to predict that anti Christ will climb up there and declare himself to be the Jews’ expected savior are anxious to see it built in their lifetimes – could happen, but not a day to anticipate enjoying, to say the very least… *not all who believe the temple will be rebuilt are ignorant in their scholarship, so some will be surprised … eventually ?

    The saddest thing in all this scenario are the devout Jews thru the centuries who cannot make a sacrifice for their sins… God just taps His foot and waits

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