There Is No Going Back: Wendell Berry

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6 Responses

  1. Em says:

    No going back? True and so sad! ! !

  2. JimmieT says:

    “Going back?” Don’t want to! It’s too much fun watching Scripture and the promises of Jesus being fulfilled left and right.

  3. bob1 says:

    Seems like a beautiful sentiment. Of course, often with poetry there’s no one “right” interpretation!

  4. JoelG says:

    Beautiful thank you.

  5. pstrmike says:

    thanks for posting this Michael. Berry always gives me much to reflect on as he writes in such a way that causes me to slow down and give thought to what he is saying. I feel like he is describing my life here and the collection of all my past experiences. I think his staying in one place, watching the seasons come and go year after year brings the type of awareness that he expressed here.

  6. Muff Potter says:

    Berry really is an American Sage.

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