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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    All I know is that I don’t know much but am looking unto Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith.

    Unto Him

  2. Babylon's Dread says:

    Woodward was not impress me much when he talk. He sounds like a pundit not a prophet and a dated one at that. The claims of incompetence are surely true. Let us stand back from the abyss and hope in the one who brought forth life out of death.

    The voices of those who have unconverted from their ‘faith’ assures me that the techniques we used to mass produce our faith were faulty. We got a bunch of crowd joiners with no deep core of revelation of the Son. (That’s not related to anything you wrote just what I keep seeing)

    America is being exposed and if it unravels it will likely prove the Gospel much more than its flourishing has. Whenever people try to pass off the idea of a covenant with God I tremble more than if we claimed to be just another nation among the nations that needs God.

  3. Michael says:


    The voices that not only reject Christianity,but have contempt for it are growing in number and volume.
    Even owning all our sins and scandals, I have little answer for them except Christ crucified…

  4. Em says:

    If one focuses on President Trump as The danger – so many seem to do that – one will miss the Tsunami of twisted thinking that has been building for a good 25 years… I think even longer
    I find #6 a little less reliable viewpoint because academia today is full of phonies whose bona fides are rooted less in analytical disciplines which might cause psychological angst than in holding up a finger to see which the wind is blowing….
    Is it the end of time? The days of delusion, calling goid evil and evil good? No reason to say it isn’t, except only God, Himself, knows.
    I do, however, believe that this ship we’re on is being run by fools… leading us into some modern form of feudalism….
    That said, praying to be surprised, to see a good 2019…. and beyond…. It could happen. ? ? ⛵? ? ? ? ?
    Wishing Dr. Dread, Michael and all a happy and God blest New Year

  5. Michael says:

    When an unstable narcissist has the ability to endanger millions on a whim, we should all focus…

  6. Jean says:


    What church are you referring to?

  7. Michael says:


    We will correct the record to show that your church is blameless.
    I was speaking in a very general sense of the institution.

  8. Jean says:

    I’m probably in a more generous camp. Churches here in my town are doing some excellent work for their members and the wider community. Our churches support the homeless, Habitat for Humanity, after school programs, and gifts for the poor at Christmas. Many are preaching the Gospel all the time, and if necessary using words.

  9. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I share Jean’s experiences with the churches in our community. Very active, very generous. We may come from different theological points but when it comes time to roll up our sleeves we work together – this includes the cults.

    I don’t know where the rumors begin that churches in the 21st century don’t pull their weight, but if anyone would pay attention in their own community they would know it’s a lie.

  10. Dan from Georgia says:

    Your thought #3…hinted at in the movie adaptation of Gone With The Wind…during a gathering at the Wilke’s plantation, Ashley Wilkes states that after most wars are over, no one really knows what they were about in the first place.

    Not sure that is entirely true, but an interesting statement.

    Still puzzled how the Vikings went 13-3 last season with Case Keenum (all about mediocrity this season) and Sam Bradford (out of the league), and this season were all about milquetoast and underachievement.

    Your thought #9…my observation is that some people think prophecy is directly tied to who occupies the White House. Or should I say, which party occupies the White House.

  11. Jerod says:

    #6 AOC, as she is dubbed, is a case in point. I mean, holy cats, such arrogance in ignorance!

    #9 and yet your Monday posts continue to look more and more like a prophecy update.

    #3 reminds me of Rwanda…

    #1 I think it’s easy to pin it all on Trump. It’s all the media covers. But if you look at the rest of the world you may realize that we at least have someone with a breath of Judeo-Christian heritage left. Every where else his type of antics are applauded or taken for granted. At least he cared a smidgeon enough to try to keep those women quiet… it ain’t much but it’s something.

    I think MLD’s ecumenism just one-upped Michael’s… ?

  12. Jerod says:

    Many churches would wonder what you are defining as “weight”.

  13. Jim says:

    “I have real fear that an incompetent, erratic, narcissist” owns this website!

  14. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Jerod, do you think there is difficulty understanding “weight” because it is an archaic term or that they have no category for this concept? I guess that could be fodder for a good discussion.

    I think the “weight” churches carry is to produce spirit filled followers of Jesus who carry out the work as Jesus’ body and hands in God’s left hand kingdom, the civic community, to serve those who have needs. Citizens of a community who work together in the name of Christ.
    In my town I can’t say for sure, but I will bet there are 50 civic (not church run) benevolent groups staffed and funded almost entirely by Christians carrying out their Christian vocations. The community started up 2 new food banks this past year, one at each end of town – community owned but a place that Christian folks can carry out mission.

    I will bet this is the exact same in every community if anyone took the time to investigate – but then that wouldn’t play to the picture some would like to paint of the 21st century American Church.

  15. Michael says:


    I wrote a preseason article on the Vikes for Phil’s website…I had them at 8-8.
    I missed by half a game.
    Can’t play football without an offensive line.

    I wish I’d remembered that line from GWTW…

  16. Linnea says:

    I don’t think we’re worse off with this President than we have been with past ones. They’re all narcissists and the media chooses to ignore competence or incompetence based on their own world views. That said, I am concerned about division and how much vitriol is being stirred up, not just in the US, but world-wide. When a vape store employee comes undone at the sight of a T-shirt and a transgender person loses it because she’s called sir rather than m’am, we are in dangerous waters. People have lost the ability to reason and to forgive and are self-consumed. That’s our real bogey-man. And, the gospel appears to get lost in all of it. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a slight of hand to distract us from what God is really doing. More now than ever, it’s important to fix our eyes on the Lord.

  17. Michael says:

    I think I might be the only one here who has read the book I noted, the accuracy of which seems to have been affirmed by recent events.

    If the book is accurate we are in real danger.
    This President is ill informed on international matters and chooses to remain so…and in places like North and South Korea that puts millions of lives in danger, including ours.
    If the book is inaccurate, the author should be criminally liable.

    The division and the vitriol need to be examined…what are we all so angry about?

  18. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Who is the we? I am not angry, in fact I am a bit sorry to see 2018 end – I thought it was an outstanding year!

  19. Duane Arnold says:


    I read it… you are right to be concerned, at least in my opinion.

  20. Xenia says:

    I read it too. Trump epitomizes the phrase “The arrogance of ignorance.”

    I always encourage Trump’s Christian supporters to get a Twitter account so they can read his Tweets for themselves without the Fox/Limbaugh/”Christian” radio filtration systems.

  21. A Believer says:

    It seems to me, from years of observation, that whatever political party is is not in power at the time, sees doomsday approaching at the hands of the current administration.

    My fall back position is to look at Jesus’ example before Pilate in recognizing the Father’s hand in true control when circumstances seem to be against me.

    In His case, the Father’s will involved suffering at the hands of those in charge. It could very well end up that way for us as well.

  22. Michael says:


    My concern isn’t over particular political issues as much as what seems to be the fact that this man is neither intelligent nor informed,but is quite sure he’s both.
    He’s impulsive and reckless…and that scares me.

    I’m old and sick and my race is nearly run…but the young ones I leave behind will have to deal with this…and they may be dealing with things that have never happened in our history before.

    God is utterly sovereign,but I am still responsible to do what I can.

  23. Michael says:

    “But if you look at the rest of the world you may realize that we at least have someone with a breath of Judeo-Christian heritage left. ”

    Either virtually everyone is lying about the man or he has not a shred of interest in anything remotely Judeo-Christian except as a voting block.
    Using his attempt to pay off women as proof of his religion may be the strangest thing I’ve ever read here…

  24. Xenia says:

    “But if you look at the rest of the world you may realize that we at least have someone with a breath of Judeo-Christian heritage left. ”<<<

    I don't know who originally wrote this on the thread, I don't have the heart to go back and read it all.

    But whoever believes this to be true, you and I do not share the same value system and possibly not even the same religion.

  25. Duane Arnold says:

    Any more, when I read “Judeo-Christian heritage”, I find myself feeling that is is code for something else.

  26. A Believer says:

    In Paul’s day Nero ruled the known world.

    I suspect rulers don’t get much worse than that. Yet I see nothing in the Pauline epistles where Paul even addresses his character as the problem. I think he saw himself engaged in an ancient battle against the unseen powers of darkness that he knew he played a role in. He knew the outcome of that battle and knew he would die in the battle.

    For him, “doing what he could do” was to preach Christ and the power of the gospel to the lost. That is what he was called to do.

    And yes, according to 2 Corinthians 7:5, that battle was not without “fears”.

    May we like Paul, take courage in the fact that God is on our side and the ultimate victory is ours.

  27. Jean says:

    There are so many areas where the current Administration is harming or threatening the future of this country and progress it has made in many areas which have taken decades to achieve, that one man probably cannot track it all, unless he made it his full time profession (and in this case, I do mean full time!).

    Some of the issues that cause me great concern are the Administration’s attempts to roll back environmental protection. Just this week, the EPA has notified you, the voters, that it intends to reverse limits on the emissions of mercury and other toxic chemicals from coal plants.

    I do not have words, acceptable to this site, to describe how short sighted, stupid and evil this is. How could anyone look the other way?

    The only other thing I’d mention is that in 2019, Trump will have lost three of his first term Generals who served in key policy (and babysitting) positions within the Administration: Mattis, Kelly and McMaster. I view these departures as increasing the risk that Trump will be even more reckless than he has been previously because of reduced supervision.

  28. A Believer says:

    … basically what Dread said at the start of this thread. But more succinctly of course! ?

  29. Michael says:


    You have spoken spiritual truths and I draw some measure of comfort from them.
    I do believe that we have more of a responsibility in the kingdom than just preaching to the lost…

  30. Xenia says:

    “Calm down and trust God” is what I am now hearing from my Trump-supporting friends these days. S

    Where was “Calm down and trust God” when they were insisting if I didn’t vote for Trump, HRC would win and the earth would fall out of orbit? When I was berated for writing in the name of a decent Republican candidate? Now that the gov’t is in chaos, it’s “calm down and trust God.” <— Well that's what I said/did when I refused to vote for Trump and wrote in a name and everyone called me a baby -killer.*

    [*Slight exaggeration for rhetorical effect.]

  31. Nathan Priddis says:

    Judeo Christian = Judiazer = Leaven of the Pharesses = Circumcion Group = Super Apostles =

  32. Nathan Priddis says:

    = a need to check spelling.

  33. a Believer says:

    I do believe that we have more of a responsibility in the kingdom than just preaching to the lost…

    I agree that there is more than just preaching involved in seeking the kingdom.

    It could be a fruitful discussion to see what those additional primary responsibilities look like.

  34. Michael says:


    The list is long…and mine starts with seeking justice and righteousness in the world…being a prophetic voice speaking the heart of God to believers and unbelievers alike.

  35. Patrick Kyle says:

    Michael, Jean, et al, Trump came out breathing threats against North Korea and Iran. People were sure we were on the verge of Nuclear war. NK came to the negotiating table and has quit threatening and launching missiles. Iran became mired in their own internal mess. Now he is pulling the plug on un winnable wars of occupation (Syria and Afghanistan) and he is ‘endangering peace and stability.’ I personally know vets from Afghanistan and am overjoyed that that s**t show is coming to an end for us. Those people do not want our forms of government or our culture, and not having a clear vision of what the US was trying to accomplish (other than stopping the Taliban/ Al Queda) we virtually guaranteed a quagmire and an unfortunate end to those Afghans who helped us when we eventually left. This abject failure of foreign policy was baked into the cake long before Trump started to campaign. Now I listen to the architects of these evil policies decry Trump bringing to an end these policies of Empire, and see them for the corrupt liars they are. Say what you will about him. Morally he seems to be the equal of any number of past Presidents, but his inability to remain quiet makes it appear he is worse. If all we get from him is relief from 18 years of war, a much more Constitutionally minded judiciary, and some trade agreements that are a tad more fair to the US (yes it’s true, read the fine print) we will be much better off.

  36. Michael says:


    If you read the book it’s our relationship with S.Korea that’s in danger including a missile early warning system that could mean the difference between life and death for millions.

    As the recently departed John Kelly noted, we should judge his (Kelly’s) tenure by the things that didn’t happen because there were rational people in the room.
    Most of those adults have left.

    I’m glad we’re ending these wars…as long as we end them in such a manner that supports those we enlisted as allies…

  37. Patrick Kyle says:

    South Korea is going nowhere. They depend on us as their major trading partner and for their defense. Any attempt at peace in my lifetime has been accompanied by a chorus of doomsayers and apocalyptic rhetoric by those who benefit from the status quo or who are afraid. (Almost Always of the opposite political party as those who are pursuing peace) As to ending the wars and protecting those who helped us…. well these things were not thought out very well in the beginning, and other than giving asylum to individuals and families, there is not much we can do. That’s the problem with ‘undeclared’ wars. I’m of the opinion that if war is really warranted, it should be like WWII where we level the entire country, destroy or utterly subjugate the enemy, then build the country up from the foundations. (Note the success in Europe and Japan) If a situation does not warrant such action, I question the wisdom of sending any troops at all to engage in combat. No one using the ‘limited warfare’ doctrine has ever demonstrated a way to accomplish the objectives and successfully withdraw, leaving the place better (or the same) than when we came.
    #6 I struggle with this because every institution or authority in our culture has abused or lied to those to whom they have authority or jurisdiction over. We are in the situations and dilemmas we are now in because of their guidance and leadership.

  38. BrianD says:

    Michael, you may (or may not) want to catch a matinee soon to watch Vice. There’s some eye-opening info there regarding Dick Cheney. Christian Bale did one helluva job becoming Cheney.

  39. Em says:

    Cheney lost any respect i might have had when i learned that my youngest daughter’s husband should have been court martialed for hauling off and slugging his commanding officer, but since his mom was a friend of the Cheneys he got off with an honorable discharge… ?
    They are no longer married, btw, he had a habit of arguing with his fists and worse…

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