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  1. Captain Kevin says:

    Wow! This guy is a piece of work! Most disabilities and diseases are not mentioned in the Bible. Does that mean they’re all the work of demons?

  2. Em says:

    1 – 10… AMEN ! ! ! 😇

  3. Captain Kevin says:

    Praying for Ukraine. Praying for our friend Joel Sterling Brown, who pastors in Ukraine. Also praying for Belarus, that they don’t get caught in the middle.

  4. Michael says:


    I’m concerned about Joel as well…

  5. Dan from Georgia says:

    Hi Michael,

    I was thinking of asking you if you followed the NFL with the Vikings a no-show in the playoffs…and yes it was spectacular!

    In regards to your number 5, I can’t help but to think of those who tell those who suffer mental illnesses of various degrees, that if they just prayed harder, read their bible more…yada yada you get the drift. There are some days I really wish I could’ve taken a swing at those who made those self-righteous pronouncemens in my presence.

    Lastly, in regards to thoughts 1-4, I still cannot help but to think about other online blogs/news outlets who look the other way so long as they cowtow to Trump, election lies, misinformation, etc. Now we have a “news” story outlining all those athletes who collapsed and some died on the floor because of their vaccine…funny: no autopsy evidence given and many of these cases are from Pre-vaccine days.

  6. Em says:

    Married his “church” secretary?
    #1 he’s not fit to shepherd God’s people
    #2 he’s got a Joe Biden smile ( see my teeth! I’m a phony.)

  7. Michael says:


    I would punch this guys lights out and repent later…
    We are in sad shape in so many ways…

  8. Michael says:

    “#2 he’s got a Joe Biden smile ( see my teeth! I’m a phony.)”

    He’s a rabid Trumper, so I’m not sure how that works out…

  9. Kevin H says:

    I just saw an article about this snake about a half hour before reading it again here. My reaction was very much the same.

    I’ve been seeing him in my social media for quite a few years now, even pre-Trump. First time I clicked on one of the videos, the guy was just absolutely frothing mad about some kind of gun control, basically condemning to hell anyone who was for it. His spirit right then and there demonstrated that he was anything but a “pastor” of Jesus’ church as he claimed.

    I am always extremely circumspect to declare someone a non-Christian who professes the faith and demonstrates some understanding or adherence to the core tenets of the faith. But this man, even as he declares Jesus Christ over and over, consistently demonstrates behavior that not only doesn’t reflect Christ, but actually gives imagery of the demonic. He may be the exception to my rule.

    It is beyond shame that people can sit in his congregation and clap and cheer him on. It is also humiliating that so many Christians share and promote sayings and messages from this man as if he is somehow representing Christ.

  10. Michael says:


    I almost never will declare that someone is outside the faith…but I think I would be sinning if I said otherwise in this case.

    I will say the same about the “congregation”…

  11. bob1 says:

    #2 he’s got a Joe Biden smile ( see my teeth! I’m a phony.)

    This makes zero sense.

    I’m afraid, once again, irrational Biden hatred has reared its butt-ugly head.


  12. bob1 says:

    It woiuld really uplift the discourse around here if everyone — myself included — stopped with personal attacks.

    From this site’s Code of Conduct:

    4. While you can graciously take apart someone’s perspective, you may not tear apart an individual. We debate ideas and doctrines, not the character or integrity of those who express them. We do not allow ad hominem attacks here

  13. Michael says:


    It’s become almost impossible to manage the site so I don’t spend much time trying.
    I have other matters pressing me personally.
    It’s probably time to do something when the site owner no longer wants to read his own site…so I’ll think about this and set up new rules.

  14. Nathan Priddis says:

    1. @1:00. Finally! Finally a preacher who puts the skinny jeans to their intended use. And…properly paired with dress shoes, not designer sneekers..I might add.

    Why all these young church planters not understanding, skinny jeans where invented so you can walk the walk, on stage, not talk the talk, in a stationary stance.

  15. DavidH says:

    Attacks on disabled people, and people with mental health issues get on my last good nerve.

    I went through a mental health crisis (PTSD) about 6 years ago. I was fortunate to find a psychologist who guided me through. The church I attended told me to “pray about it”, “read the Bible everyday”, and “go to church more.” If I had heeded that bonehead advice, I’d probably be dead now.

  16. Dan from Georgia says:

    Thank you bob1~!

    Tired of the personal attacks, no matter who it is.

  17. Michael says:


    The question then arises about how many have died because of these attitudes…

  18. DavidM says:

    Michael, yes, that was the best NFL playoff weekend ever. Incredible, exciting action. The last game was epic.

  19. Dan from Georgia says:

    DavidH … funny how people that say that kind of garbage haven’t noticed that their advice has not done one bit of good.

    You’d think that if it was that simple (go to church more, read bible more…more, more, more…etc), then ANY and ALL who suffer would be made well and there’d be no more suffering…

    But yet, here we are..

  20. bob1 says:


    I hope you know what I said wasn’t directed at you personally.

    The fact is, each individual who posts here is responsible for the tone and content of what they express. We shouldn’t have to be treated like we’re
    middle schoolers — but too often that’s how it goes here. Not. Your . Fault.
    In any way, shape or form.

    In fact, you never even crossed my mind.

    If anything, to me you’re the hero here, putting up with all this bushwa for so long!

  21. Michael says:

    bob 1,

    I know and appreciate that.
    This is just a world I never anticipated…and I’m very uncomfortable in it and with my own thoughts about the state of both the church and culture.

  22. DavidH says:

    Dan, It’s tragic that some Christians think that the complexity of the human brain and mind can be solved by some simple steps.

    I found with a good therapist, I did all the hard work. He just guided me in my effort to get well. The problem with a lot of “Christian counselling” is that they don’t help one work out their mental health, they just give out trite answers.

  23. Dan from Georgia says:

    Yes, DavidH….glad you found a good therapist. I have a good therapist and a good psychiatrist, and I am on several meds to keep me normal. And I have learned, despite the warnings from some of my believing friends, that a Christian counselor is not necessarily a good counselor.

  24. DavidH says:

    Dan, Therapy was a great benefit for me. As, I look back, I don’t think Mike ever gave me an answer about anything. Which seemed strange. But, what he was doing was allowing me to find my own answers. And, those are the answers that have stayed with me.

  25. Michael says:


    The weekend was a badly needed diversion here…and it diverted well…

  26. Em says:

    bob1@ 11:10
    Irrational? No, I’ve been watching this politician for many years…. If he isn’t gaming the system, then my name is Nancy Pelosi

    Will I ever learn how to just lurk? ….. Sigh

  27. Michael says:


    You have strong opinions and you’re entitled to them.

    On political matters we all have them.
    The less inflammatory we can be the better…

  28. Duane Arnold says:


    Since Locke started posting videos in 2013, they have received 4,436,619 views… It is enough to make one wonder about the reach of this depraved folk religion.

  29. Michael says:


    He has a national following…and many imitators…

  30. Pineapple Head says:

    I watched all 4 games as well as my disabled son was stuck home recovering from COVID. It was a great respite to watch 4 games that entertained wire to wire. As for that Locke dude, what a sad, dangerous person.

  31. Duane Arnold says:

    Sometimes, there’s a perfect fit…

    “If anyone teaches a different doctrine and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching that accords with godliness, he is puffed up with conceit and understands nothing. He has an unhealthy craving for controversy and for quarrels about words, which produce envy, dissension, slander, evil suspicions, and constant friction among people who are depraved in mind and deprived of the truth, imagining that godliness is a means of gain.”

  32. Shawn says:

    I could not stomach more than one minute of this nonsense. I was already starting to cry when he first said but I absolutely started to lose it when the audience started clapping and cheering. I seriously think I might throw up. It is no wonder that my children want nothing to do with the faith with idiots like this prancing around spouting garbage out of his mouth.

    On a personal note, my youngest has autism. At times it has been quite challenging to navigate those waters. However, she is absolutely brilliant. She has a fabulous mind. She has a kind and generous heart. She deplores injustice. In many ways she has the temperament of a Biblical prophet. She is a lot of things, but she is not demon possessed. I suspect that the demon possession is the other way around.

    May God save the church from itself!

  33. Em says:

    Michael, if I was “inflammotory, I apologize to you and to bob1. 🙏
    Didn’t mean to be ….. God keep

  34. Michael says:


    God bless you.
    My godson is autistic and “challenge” is the polite word for how hard it’s been.

    He also has a soft heart and champions every underdog…

  35. Michael says:


    Nailed it…

  36. Michael says:


    I’m not a fan of the last two presidents…but constantly making comments about them is counter productive and sure to draw ire.

    There are times when we are compelled to address these matters when they pertain to the church…but most of the time I keep these matters to myself.

  37. Steven says:

    This guy needs his butt kicked…badly. Sheesh

  38. Officerhoppy says:

    Anyone who believes this guy, or supports him, gets no sympathy from me. They get what they deserve. As someone once said, “ There’s a sucker is born every minute”

  39. Officerhoppy says:

    The Trinity is not mentioned in the Bible either..although it’s seen throughout scripture

  40. Officerhoppy says:

    Personal attacks—yes.
    Warning the church of charlatans? Short answer, no. Long answer…Hell no

    If we don’t [olice our own, then who will?

  41. Officerhoppy says:


  42. Officerhoppy says:

    As a cop, the sticker on the side of my patrol car rewards, “Protect and Serve”.

    I think that is my function as a pastor/Shepherd too

  43. Donner says:

    Your number 5.

    “I look forward to the day they find out.”

    Yes, Lord, righteous and true. Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?

  44. JD says:

    I or my parents must have sinned.

  45. Em says:

    Michael, didn’t mean to goad bob1 AND I do apologize
    That said I know that it is time to take my family’s advice, “lurk w/o commenting.
    You’ll stay in my prayers….

  46. Michael says:


    You’re welcome to comment…just leave the politicians out of it. 🙂

  47. bob1 says:

    Hop 2:47 Sure.

  48. Em says:

    Sorry, .Michael… Greg’s grin was what triggered me….
    But I do think the time has come for this old lady to practice lurking…..
    God keep

  49. josh hamrick says:

    Greg’s trajectory has been so weird. He and his first wife went to the independent bible college across the street from my old house. The college was mostly good folks and I stayed connected while I lived there for 16 years. Every class has a couple of hot shot preacher boys that would be known in the community, and Greg was one during his time there. He had this wild , probably false, testimony about how he used to be a rapper that would really get the fundies worked up. He and Melissa were sweet kids. Misguided, sure, but young and good hearted. After he graduated and went into ministry, there was a change in his demeanor…for the good. He was really struggling with the confines of fundamentalism, and wanting to reach across divisions. The school disowned him, basically, but his ministry took off. Then the affair, divorce, remarriage happened and the darkness took him over. Since that, its been one awful, hateful cause to the next. Heartbreaking really.

  50. Reuben says:


    Another victim of “word, prayer, fellowship” as the cure for everything. The church is not a board of psychologists, and damn it for thinking it should be.

  51. brian says:

    If folks want to know why I am so anti evangelical, or his type of evangelical is because of this. Somethings I have heard, to my face said about people with profound physical and developmental disabilities. First, they are faking it, second, they better not cost me one penny in taxes not a cent. That almost became physical when I tried to explain, but people get really really angry when it comes to money. I mean really angry. Many of the students I worked with would physically stimulate themselves think the other name. So right there they were on a direct path to hell, almost as fast as the express train for the Catholics, charismatics, Lutherans, EO, Anglicans, most other evangelicals, atheists, people who are gay, most women, almost all children etc. They really had a think concerning reprobate babies, that went on for hours of proof text why God especially want to take them out. Think Gen 6 and exodus and the slaughter of the first born if Egypt.

    It broke my heart, from the witch children of Africa where a preacher would condemn some six-year-old kid is demon possessed. The family, after paying the preacher big bucks, hammered a few nails in the back of the kids head to chase the demons out, then came the acid. Or they sat on them during an “exorcism” and suffocated the poor child. These are some of the milder examples. Then there was the Romans 1 conspiracy that every person no matter how cognitively/physically disabled knows about God and what God wants them to believe, and I mean they better get every single doctrine perfect or its perdition for them.

    So, there was this lady, this is one of literally thousands of stories I knew the person with a disability in what I laughingly call my 42-year career, was a child. Her mother had substance abuse issues and left the kid in the fan for three days. When the mother came back, the child had been found by others but had so badly beat her head against the walls of the van she suffered permanent brain damage. Well, I asked for prayer once, bad mistake, and was told that most likely demons were involved. Not the fact that major parts of this person’s brain were measurably damaged. But they would quote Romans one and then say Jesus healed the demoniac or Neberkenezer after thinking he was a lawnmower for seven years became of sound mind. So, the “logic” was people who follow Christ do not continue to sin and if one does, they are not of Christ. 1 John 3:6 This goes for the man I worked with at the convalescent hospital that was a believer for decades but when he was ravaged by dementia, he became violet, cussed thus was not a Christian because Jesus keeps all who are His from falling away. What it did to the family still haunts me. Another reason I am weak.
    I could go on but then there is this:

    I don’t even know what to say about this. I could tell you what I heard from some believers, but I won’t.

  52. Pineapple Head says:

    So, who’s more likely to be demonically afflicted? A person with autism or a person who angrily hate-rants at people and becomes embroiled in an affair and divorce? Which is more of the devil?

    A little side story: years ago I was an associate pastor at a church which was pastored by a guy who really thought much of his preaching. The congregation did plenty to pump up his ego when it came to his oratory. One morning a woman was in church with her teenage son who was autistic. During the sermon, the young man let out a couple yelps. Nothing big or distracting. But the pastor was totally miffed that his message was being tainted. A few days later the pastor ran into the woman at the grocery store and actually suggested to her that the yelps were demonic. I know this because he told me about the interchange, thinking I would concur with his thoughts. Of course, I was mortified and told him how off base his thinking was. You can guess how our relationship with from that point.

  53. Pineapple Head says:

    How people value the disabled tells a lot. As Jesus said, how we treat “the least of these” matters to God.

  54. filistine says:

    I can’t watch a vidiot like that. I’d probably take a road trip on spring break and not be able to post bail.

  55. Officerhoppy says:

    I’ll bail you out

  56. Jeff says:

    “Too much of the church is engaged in hostilities against the disabled, those with mental health issues, and others on the fringe…”

    That’s one heck of a sweeping statement with zero specifics, examples, or evidence, save the lone clown in the video clip you provided. I expected you to be better than resorting to exaggerated an unnecessary hyperbole to make a point.

  57. Josh Hamrick says:

    I’ll testify to the veracity of the statement, so that is at least two clowns who agree.

  58. Michael says:


    My expectation is that my readers know something of the recent history of evangelicalism.

    A cursory look at evangelical attitudes toward psychiatry, psychology, and mental health issues from the late sixties to today shows the hostility I wrote of.

    For example…look sat the people that Chuck Smith platformed…the Bobghans, Dave Hunt, and numerous others that denied the efficacy of drugs and therapy.

    Go listen to Jon Courson on the subject…or John MacArthur…or any of the books written on the subject.

    I speak from decades of experience both as a pastor and clearing house for abuses in the church…and I stand by what I wrote…in big, floppy,shoes…

  59. Josh Hamrick says:

    That makes three clowns. Many more and we’ll need a bigger Volkswagen.

  60. bob1 says:

    Happy to join the clown car.

    It’s always been really sad to me that much of this wing of the church is so anti psychology .

    It’s been decades now but I still remember, with sadness, when I went to a CC, there was a wife of one of the leaders who suffered from deep psychological issues. Did she receive any helpful advice other than to read her Bible and pray? From my experience there, I can say with almost complete certainty, the answer was “no.”

    It’s like the ones who need comfort are the ones most denied it, in these circles.

  61. Nathan Priddis says:

    The word is hostile. As in hostility.
    I am very aware I have a complicated relationship with my fellow believers.

    The trend is getting worse, not better. Power is increasingly the idol we worship. Disability is the antithesis or power.

  62. chili pepper says:

    My dear older brother is a paranoid schizophrenic. I was told by one person at church that of course he was unsaved even though I know him to be a true Christian but still very disturbed. I guess that being sick. poor, crazy, disable is a sign that you are not one of the elect.

  63. Em says:

    Chili pepper, No, no, no

  64. Pineapple Head says:

    In the 90’s, Martin Bobgan was brought in to speak at my Seminary when I was a student. I had never heard of him before, but it didn’t take long for me to realize what he was spouting was not setting well with me. My Greek prof was sitting right behind me, and I could hear him under his breath saying things like, “What in the world,” “No way,” and “I don’t think so.” But the president of the school loved Bobgan, and thought we should all hear his pitch.

  65. bob1 says:

    Thank the Lord for seminary Greek profs!

  66. Pineapple Head says:

    That Greek prof was a good guy. The school was firmly set in their theological perspectives, but he was a learner who was willing to allow scripture to move his doctrinal boundaries.

  67. Officerhoppy says:

    Bobgan’s book was horrendous. Did a lot of damage to some good people. Unfortunately, I at ACF, his philosophy of dealing with mental issues was embraced.

  68. UnCCed says:

    About mental illness not being “in the Bible” or “there’s no such thaaang!”
    After returning from Iraq, I knew I wasn’t the same and worse, didn’t understand who I was.
    A few years later I wondered into a Church’s coffee shop, afraid they wouldn’t want to talk to me or accept me (theologically that would be a prophesy, but I digress).
    I was shocked when they told me about this guy who was also a Combat Vet, did a lot of bad stuff, yet (they read) how God said he was a man after my own heart.
    Now, I didn’t understand that, but Billy Graham or any other technique couldn’t have grabbed me that quickly and deeply.
    I devoured his life and found out, according to my opinion only (I’m not trained in psychology):
    – David out sinned me and everyone I ever met.
    – David was crazier than ” ”
    I made my decision and constantly (when I “lack faith” and go dark in my mind) remember if a “man of war” (and not just against the bad guys), who the Bible recorded had several episodes, if he can turn back to the Lord AND be accepted, ANYONE can.
    Also, David never really stopped stumbling, and good gawd, look at his kids!!!
    It always cracks me up the “all we need is the Bible” people either remain ignorant of David’s like and Psalms or perform hermeneutic acrobatics when reading it “literally.”
    I dare say David would piss-off a lot of “orthodox” teachers today by his words and actions should he stop by, but it sure would be funny to watch mr. skinny jeans lecture a guy who “kills ten thousands of thousands.”

  69. Joel Brown says:

    Captain Kevin and Michael – Thanks for thinking of me.

    We are doing ok. We are watching Russia right now as he looks to pounce on Ukraine. We are safe. It is hard for you all in the States to know what news reports to trust and what is just stirring up panic.

    From where we sit. War looks imminent. It could change. AND we pray against it. But Putin has proven already he will invade Ukraine. We are safe as far west as we are (relatively), but are trying to figure out how to minister to the onslaught of refugees that will be coming if and when things go to pot.

    In 2014 there were churches in our area that ministered greatly when Russia 1st invaded; but they have all split, folded, or been greatly reduced due to the pandemic. We have been praying a lot as a church how to best serve and meet needs.

    You can definitely be praying with us. Pay for Putin to chill. Pray for wisdom and resources if he doesn’t. We are trying to prepare for lack services: power and gas. Internet issues. Access to cash. Things will probably get hard as far as daily life goes.

    We are all in this state of hypervigilance. Trying to live normally, unable to sleep and waiting with bated breath. But we have no plans to leave. We are called to be the light and the living Gospel not just when it is easy. Our witness is will be proven by what we do now.

  70. Nathan Priddis says:

    Called it. This first Ukraine opinion I’ve seen trotted out
    A very pro-Russsian attack on the Biden Administration. But, this post is honest in it’s motives for siding against the US. Culture war.
    Honest, but deeply hypocritical.

    …”Russia did not and does not want to be part of the decadent liberal system. Culturally, Russia is Slavic, not Anglo-American; autocratic, not democratic; Orthodox, not post-Christian. As I explained in my piece on Afghanistan, the Bible and Christian political philosophy emphasizes that the order of nations is divinely appointed. See Romans 13:…”..

  71. Michael says:


    Thanks for updating us and we’ll be watching and praying with you…

  72. Reuben says:

    My sister specifically went to school for, and is 15 years into the career of teaching autistic children specifically. Her masters degree in this did not come easy or cheap. She does it because she has a profound love and empathy for minds that work different. My mind works different because I am Bipolar, and I wish there were more people who understood my disorder than there are. Autism does not get “prayed away” like being Gay or Bipolar. If I were authorized to do so, I would tell the whole of Christaindom that it is utter heresy to claim such nonsense. I’m hesitant to put my full thoughts into this thread, because I too suffer from PTSD, and even EMDR did not resolve it.

    If I had a message regarding all these things that I could deliver to the church, it would be this. As I said before, the church is not a board of psychologists, and damn it for thinking it is. Mental illnesses are real, psychological disorders are real, no clue why god allows it, but I am living proof. I was a pastor for 12 years with Bipolar and PTSD, so we are out there. Pastors are humans. Some of them need to realize they are just humans, and some of them need to realize that the pedestal they are put on needs to be knocked the hell out every day. Pastors are not equipped to deal with psychological disorders and illnesses. They should immediately, and I mean the hell immediately refer people to professionals equipped to deal with these things. “Word, prayer, fellowship” is something I did for most of my life, and as I explained before here, it does not resolve it. It. Just. Does. Not. If you are an electrician, be an electrician and not claim to be a plumber. It’s that simple. Same is true with the church, the pastors, the elders, the deacons, the pew pigeons. You can be an armchair quarterback, but unless you can actually be the quarterback in an actual NFL game, shut the hell up.

  73. Michael says:


    Well said…

  74. Reuben says:

    Daily I think of Trey

    Michael, I’m am 100% in that corner

  75. Michael says:


    and we’re in yours.
    He’s having a tough time right now…so we’re all having a tough time.
    This too will pass…

  76. Reuben says:

    I don’t cry for people having a problem with the neighbor who does not like their dog, or the people who have some personality conflict with their boss, but I bleed and cry for people who can not get answers from the church that the church is not equipped to give. It’s the story of my life. I have nothing else to defend when it comes to how the church treats people. As you all know, I have no love for the church. The people who suffer stuck in there who are given the same answer to every problem are in my not so humble opinion abused, and the mentality needs to change entirely. Daisies and roses are for people with no actual problems. If humanity is broken like we seem to all say it is, an entirely new approach needs to be found, and I do not believe the church has the slightest grasp, let alone a solution.

    Listen folks, Autism is not prayed away. Do it, make a righteous effort and proclaim you tried to pray Autism away, and proclaim you did so to get your gold star on the Sunday school chart or whatever, be the Manchurian candidate and claim what you did for Jesus, but don’t ever claim my 47 years of Bipolar disorder was resolved because Sally said a prayer along side the dinner plate. It ain’t resolved. Save the gold star chart for the judgement seat. I don’t care.

  77. Em says:

    My ex daughter in law is Bipolar…. She also is a professing Christian…. She finally, at her father’s insistence, divorced my son and remarried… Her second husband bailed in less than a year….
    My son is carrying on okay, but his ex wife’s father is on my hit list..

  78. Reuben says:

    I have been married for 27 years to the only woman who has ever understood me. I don’t care what your beef is. An insistence to refuse to understand is what does not make it work. My wife has been with me since I was not able to buy beer. She knew my mind before we got married, and she knows it even better today. If your suggestion is that Bipolar was the problem with your ex daughter in law, you need to check yourself. Hard. I don’t care what her father did. It’s irrelevant. Hit him if you want, Christian. This mentality that mental illness is some scourge, you can cling to that, and be one that claims to pray it away, and get your gold star, but it affords you nothing. You have no actual excuse. Go hit the dad, Christian.

  79. Em says:

    Sorry Reuben, your comments just reminded me of what a dear girl my ex daughter i n law was…..
    She told my son that she shouldn’t have listened to her father, but some things cannot be rewound……

  80. Reuben says:

    So got hit the father, Christian

    Y’all are really cool with hits when God is on your side

  81. Em says:

    REUBEN ! ! !
    Just cuz I feel like it doesn’t mean I can do it! ! !
    Something about,”vengeance is mine, I will repay, sayerth the Lord.”
    “It is appointed unto man once to die and after this – judgement. ”
    the Christian woman with whom we shared a driveway said to me when I sold, ” Well this means we won’t have to be nice to each other any longer.” SAY WHAT? ? ?
    forget the Christian who mistakes discernment for judgement…..
    P.S. I caught her rummaging through the items that I’d put on my porch for the Salvation Army. 😉

  82. josh hamrick says:

    Reuben is right.

    For the record, diagnosed bipolar in 1997. I don’t think it was an accurate diagnosis. I have certainly struggled with severe depression for most of my life.

    And yes, I’ve been in ministry for the last 27 years.

  83. JD says:

    My daughter has Dissociative Identity Disorder. I think that the only person besides Jesus who understands it is someone that has it also. Frustrating for us but prayer and love do help.

  84. Steve says:

    Josh, did you know Greg personally growing up? His mannerisms seem somewhat familiar with what I have observed with Steven Furtick. Is there a common denominator with them? Regarding his personal life with an affair, divorce and remarriage, is this public knowledge that he has admitted to? Has he ever commented on it publicly or has his ex commented? How much influence does this guy really have?

  85. josh hamrick says:

    I did not know him. He just came to the small bible college in my town. This one : I have had a couple of conversations with him, long, long ago.

    Melissa did speak on the break up. She said he was abusive, and posted some profain texts he had written to her. She claimed he was in a relationship with her best friend, who was the church secretary. Ironically, considering the above link, he posted a tearful video denying wrongdoing and claiming that the whole thing was just his wife’s mental illness. Soon after, he in fact married the woman he was accused of having an affair with.
    Furtick WAS a close friend to me for many years. There was no connection between the two, as Amabassador kids couldn’t associate with non Fundamentalist baptists. Greg may have already been out of town before Furtick showed up, but it would have been close.
    I can see the similarity in mannerisms. I think all those mega guys just copy the same mold.

  86. Steve says:

    Thanks Josh. I appreciate the info and link.

  87. Em says:

    Any woman who gets involved with a man who is married to someone else should be completely ostracized and VICE VERSA

  88. josh hamrick says:

    No question.

    And she was also married with children at the time.

  89. Steve says:

    I’m glad Jesus didn’t ostracize the woman at the well. Not defending anybody here. Just being thankful.

  90. Nonnie says:

    Re: Josh’s comment at 4:14……Yes, the excuse that it is the “wife’s mental illness”…(” she is batshit crazy”)….I’ve heard that in the circles I come from , when the pastor/ministry leader commits adultery, gets himself a younger model, and convinces the church it’s not his fault, then keeps his ministry $$ rolling.

  91. Michael says:

    Nonnie…I’ve heard it so many times…those exact words…

  92. Michael says:


    Your comment makes no sense in any way.

  93. Steve says:

    Michael, I thought you would question this. However, It makes a lot of sense to me and I’m confident it would to others as well. Is there something wrong with being thankful that Jesus didn’t ostracize a woman for having 5 husbands? I can agree with Em @4.44, yet also rejoice we have a savior who acts at times a bit contrary to ourselves.

  94. Michael says:


    If you think Jesus would approve of someone committing adultery and destroying a family you have bigger problems than me…and willful adulterers should be under church discipline until they repent.

  95. Steve says:

    Michael, where ,when and how did I ever say such a thing? Jesus doesn’t approve of any sin, thought word or deed. Surely, if there is no repentance it’s a frightening scenario for anyone. We serve a Holy God and He will not be mocked but he is also a gracious God and for this I am very thankful. His kindness leads us to repentance.

  96. pstrmike says:

    As Nonnie said and Michael affirmed. So typical….

    The ex-wife who is “mentally ill,” described by someone who not only is unqualified to give a diagnosis, but teaches that mental illness doesn’t exist. The only acceptable public cuss-word is “batshit crazy” and then only when describing an ex-wife.

    Then the new wife is “so godly, so wholesome, a gift from heaven,” at least for the first few years.

    Such nonsense, and the faithful fall for it………….. again and again in different arenas.

  97. Officerhoppy says:

    Ambassador college is unaccredited. Cant’ find much info on Baptist Theological School of New England. It may be an online institution but no info that I can find on accreditation.

    It all sounds fishy to me.

  98. Josh Hamrick says:

    Ambassador is not accredited, but is a real school that trains students for work in IFB churches. While I disagree with their theology, I can vouch that they have a real faculty, real course work, etc. If you weren’t absolutely certain that you wanted to be a minister in an IFB church, there would be absolutely no reason to go there. Well, I went to their conferences and stuff, just because it was close and convenient and I was interested. Very good folks, very narrow focus.
    BTSNE is probably a diploma mill.

  99. Kevin H says:


    I’m not going to believe you and I’m going to instead believe the conspiracy theory that Ambassador is not real. You think you’re an expert or something just because you claim to have been to their conferences or something. Well, the experts can’t be trusted as they are all in on the conspiracy. You guys are probably just using Ambassador as some kind of fake cover for all your sinister plans to take over the world. I did my homework and I’m going to instead believe that comment I read on the internet that said, “It all sounds fishy”.

  100. Josh Hamrick says:

    Wow, that parody was a little too on the mark 🙂

  101. Taras Shevchenko says:

    Not “The Ukraine.”

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