Unpresentable Parts

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  1. gomergirl says:

    We have been struggling to find a part of the body where we fit in. (Dude and me)
    We have been thinking about going back to a church were we still have friends and are welcomed graciously. But this issue keeps rearing its head. There are people who have been broken in this body, some who have left, and some who have stayed (why is beyond me) and others in the midst of it.
    It seems to be the best choice we have, but it is not great. I am at a loss as to what to do.
    I miss fellowship. I miss the bond that some only seem to be able to have when you are in church together or on facepants. I want to ahve brothers and sisters around me so I don’t feel so alone. But I am so afraid of being told that I am not worthy to serve again. And that I am not important enough to be held on to.

    But thanks. and to Steve. For words of encouragement and hope. You here are my family, for in good and bad.

  2. Pastor Al says:

    Most of organized religion is actually very much the opposite of Jesus and akin to Anti-Christ.

    It’s a bad dynamic.

    You put a “Pastor” up on a stage to be worshipped. That “Pastor” becomes your intermediary between you and God.

    Your “salvation” becomes a function of obeying that Pastor and giving and serving in that professionals “Ministry” from which he gets paid handsomely in many cases and gets all sorts of perks.

    It’s a big scam, largely. When push comes to shove, it’s all bull**t as most of the “Pastors” don’t nearly follow any of the bible they profess when the chips are down.

    You guys can continue to perpetuate your lies and mythologies. It is what it is.

    People will do what they want. The “Pastors” will make any excuse they need to minimize or dismiss the valid criticism and they’ll keep going with their flow and status quo. That’s human nature. I don’t much care anymore. I get it. I laugh at their finger-waving now knowing how corrupt and how much they don’t really believe the bull**T they sell b/c I’ve seen the true beliefs as demonstrated in actions and dynamics and Systems.

    I’ll help as many as I can the rest of my life on this rock to de-mythisize and emasculate the fake-power the “church” has on some poor folks who need it to validate their “salvation” and need it to feel like they aren’t going to hell forever to be tortured by the “church’s” loving God.

    What a terrible construct you guys are a part of. Scaring people to death and putting heavy burdens on them while most of you tolerate and perpetuate so much lying and corruption and duplicity knowing full well that when push comes to shove you all claim “Grace!” and “Mystery!”

    Liars, most of you.

  3. Michael says:


    My hope is that some folks like you read the passage I copied and hear the voice of God speaking about them.

    The other metaphor used by the Scriptures about the church is that of family…and it’s hard to be treated as a stepchild.

    Blessings on you today.

  4. Uriahisaliveandwell says:

    Blessings to you as well, Michael.

    One who is saved, and now set free from the organized corporate church. Wandering in the wilderness, but ever so walking with Him and in Him. A child of exile, twice times over: Old Testament and New, heart circumcised, spirit filled, and finding others who also have dusted the soot off from the feet to walk in what He, alone has set before me to do as the doors open or closes according to His sovereign will. Testing and trying of my faith—never again, will it be compromised by those who seek to build their own kingdom while being arrogant to think for a minute, that I must be less so they can be so much more than what their vain imaginations lead them to say and to do.

    Pastor Al

    Still in your corner and rooting for you—–:-)

  5. Em says:

    i thank God for the pastors… i wish/pray more of them could break away from the “successful” leader model as taught by their seminary (they had to learn it somewhere) to enjoy God, HIS economy and the pastoring of His people administering sound doctrine with a servant’s heart…

  6. dustmyblues says:

    Great article, Michael. I haven’t been part of a church body for years due to the abuse we suffered. It might be sad, but I do find that coming back to this blog has helped me at least give God some access to my heart. I appreciate the things people say here, the different opinions and the spiritual ideas I find here. Your banner says this is an online community of faith. This is the only community of anything I interact with, due to health issues. I am grateful you are here and for what you do.

  7. Michael says:


    Thank you…I’m thinking that access point might be the most important thing we provide and I need to nourish it more than I do.

  8. richard says:

    wade burleson said almost the same thing on his blog yesterday.


  9. Michael says:

    That’s a great article…thank you!

  10. Andrew says:

    Good post Michael. Because of these things you have written more than once I have completed changed by ideas on church membership. I used to be strongly against any kind of membership when I was in CC. Now I am seeing how importance it is. Church is not supposed to be a spectator sport as it is for 99% of the folks who go to mega churches but rather its a family and a body where all members are valued. It seems you really can’t have this without membership.

  11. Sisterchristian says:

    Appreciating the word of encouragement today … Just the thought that Jesus still cares for those members like me who feel out of joint from the body…
    Displaced … And yet while hurting … Still searching ..trying to find the rightful place. Hopeful that there is still assembling together of the saints to be found where all members are valued and cared for … Where pastors truly care for the souls of the saints while making it their aim to help equip them for the work of the ministry … And the body operates more like a family than a who’s who high society club…
    No doubt it exists… Simply seems to be the exception than the rule

  12. Surfer51 says:

    I was deeply moved by what you typed in this post!

    Genuine love of Christ came across to me here in my cave.

    Thank you.

    I know that other “cavers” most likely felt what i did when reading what you had typed.

    That was indeed inspired by the Holy Spirit.

  13. Papias says:

    Thanks for this post Michael.

    If we in the Church spent more time and effort on each other in the church, evangelism would come naturally. People would be drawn to Jesus by seeing the love we have for each other.

    Sometimes we seem so concerned about “outreach” than we forget “inreach – caring for the unpresentable parts.

  14. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I find it odd, that everyone (perhaps I missed somone) here is talking about what they did not get out of church and how they were not taken care of.

    I would take the message of this article to be, if you are not in church, get your butt in church – yes, the butt is a part of the body.

    Was anyone here stirred to think, I need to be in church to help take care of the people who need caring for – screw it if no one takes care of me.

    I will say it – I think most who claim to be Christians but don’t go are lazy, don’t want to get up early on Sunday morning and don’t want to write out that check … and certainly don’t want to be a body part or a bodily function any longer.

    Get out there and just do it!!

  15. Erunner says:

    Sisterchristian, How good to see you here. Praying you and yours are doing well!! 🙂

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