Beauty From Ashes: Mike E.

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19 Responses

  1. Em says:

    Beauty for ashes? YES
    ive seen it, but the hard part is God’s timing – the wait, maintaining The Faith
    Thank you for these good words, Michael

  2. Owen says:

    Good thoughts, Mike E.

    And thanks for adding the last paragraph as well…..

    La vie est dur, mais Dieu est bon.

  3. Em says:

    Is there a message for us in the story of the exodus, the wait, the march around Jericho? Do what, Lord? Blow horns? 😲

  4. Em says:

    Didn’t intend to leave Mike out of my thank you – amen Mike

  5. Nancy Holmes says:

    I believe that by faith, we called-out ones, can participate in the wondrous healing of the pain, animosity and distrust that surrounds us in our nation. We do not have to wait for 40 years to extend kindness to others now or to hope for the good to come in the future. Our faith needs to be in the awesome loving-kindness of God, not in our efforts alone which ebb and flow according to our moods and the external events of the present.

    Thank you, Mike E. for helping us rightfully focus our attention on our Lord and Savior who indeed has come to us with healing in His wings.

  6. Mike E. says:

    Em..”Beauty for ashes? YES
    ive seen it, but the hard part is God’s timing – the wait, maintaining The Faith” How very true is that statement. Waiting for deliverance I think is where the suffering comes in. Being afflicted by the emotional trauma, as I said, is sometimes, nearly hellish, or what I imagine hell may be like. “Pick up your cross and follow Me.” The glorious thing about carrying our cross is we enter into the “fellowship of His sufferings.” And I think that is something very special.

  7. Mike E. says:

    Owen..thank you and especially for sending me to Google translate. 😉

  8. Em says:

    Mike, did Owen say that life is hard, but God is good?

    Funny story maybe
    One time i had reason to call eastern Canada regarding some software.. She answered in French, so i very slowly responded in English. She then switched to English mimicking my very slooow speech. . Fortunately we both saw the humor….

  9. Owen says:

    Mike – no problem! That’s from an old song by Billy Sprague.
    (Plus, we Canadians like to throw in a little french now and then….)

  10. Mike E. says:

    Nancy–I do agree that we as believers have a big role to play in bringing Christ’s healing power and love to the division in our nation. But will we? That’s the big “we’ll see.” Judging from the very serious division that is presently occurring within the American church right now given her (in my opinion) inordinate fascination with politics, I suspect we may be in for more of the same, or, God forbid, even worse division.

  11. Mike E. says:

    Owen..See, I knew my pastor stole it from somewhere! Haha. Yes, well, I must tell you I needed an ESC (Emotional Support Canadian) this election season and Kate Bowler has been that for me. So hats off to you neighbors to the North!

  12. Nancy Holmes says:

    Mike E.

    I guess I was pointing out our options as Christians, to be part of the healing, rather than part of the wounding. I agree that the Church is the first in line for the need to heal before we can reach out to others with any believable promises of God’s healing and salvation. But at least SOME of us can reach out as opportunity presents, whether or not our efforts are rejected. There’s that dog-gone free will again…

  13. Em says:

    I agree with Mike and Nancy, but…..

    My conundrum is… How do we stand without compromising what we know of God? Our Lord engaged in polite dialog, but His uncompromising stand? We know where that led. Man may have inflicted his evil, but God’s plan was victory for all who’d respond in acceptance….. much to ponder. again .🙏 thanks

  14. Em says:

    Every time i see an Owen post, it reminds me of the grandson of my dearest friends. As a toddler he excitedly told them, “I can write my name. Wanna see?” O 1

  15. Owen says:

    Mike, I’ve been an ESC to several of our American friends this year, actually… 😉 My wife is American, and we’ve been shocked and saddened by so much going on in the US. We feel pretty spoiled up here right now….
    I keep trying to find time to read Kate, but my online times tend to be short.

    Em – I’ll take that as a compliment, it’s like the “Dad Jokes” my family groans at when I make them. Maybe I should change my screen name… 😉

  16. Em says:

    No, Owen, keep the correct spelling. LOL

  17. Linnea says:

    Thanks Mike E…a good word for all 🙂

  18. Mike E. says:

    Nancy H…”I guess I was pointing out our options as Christians, to be part of the healing, rather than part of the wounding” Ah yes, may that be our prayer…that we might be healers and not wounders..Amen and amen.

  19. Mike E. says:

    Linnea…❤️ Thank you!

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