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  1. Duane Arnold says:


    Looking at the news, I’d keep your pasta recipe at the ready…

  2. Michael says:


    I think I’m mixing it with bourbon next time…

  3. Michael. What are your thought about the Drug Treament Act pasding last night? Do you think more will enter treatment?

  4. Michael says:


    I’m not sure what to think.
    It’s modeled on a system that was successful in Portugal.
    However, I’ve lost a bunch of people to meth addiction…it doesn’t easily yield to treatment.

  5. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Where was that passed? Drug treatment Act

  6. DavidM says:

    #1 Amen!

  7. Michael says:


  8. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Was that part of the decriminalization of hard drugs? Same bill?

  9. Em says:

    8 & 9 = amen, amen, amen
    Submitting to authority makes for an orderly society, but when they insist that we, who are Christians, break God’s clear directives? UhUh. Even if you put me in your prison , God give me strength because my answer must be NO!
    Praying this nation doesn’t come to that divide… 🙏
    God keep

  10. Em says:

    Oh, and amen to # 2 ….

  11. Michael says:

    Yes. Treatment instead of jail.

  12. Linn says:

    #4-I’ve had people yell at me recently about my politics because I’m not enough of this or that-not red enough, not blue enough. It saddens me that we have lost the ability to think for ourselves.

  13. Em says:

    Linn, just tell them that you are purple. 🙆. Lots of us are

  14. Linn says:

    Thanks, Em. Purple is a very nice color!

  15. Elena says:

    #3. Unfortunately that happens sometimes between people also, not just Cats & Father 😁… I’m laughing, but it’s not funny…

  16. Dan from Georgia says:

    Amen to #8

  17. filbertz says:

    we could have a Drug Treatment Act for our addiction to politics–a fine for possession, go into treatment, get off with community service…

    a win for everyone…

  18. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    So how does the Drug Treatment Act work? Wouldn’t that encourage adjacent authorities to encourage their drug users to cross the border to Oregon for less penalty and treatment if they want it?

    I know I do that here with the homeless. I don’t want homeless in my area any more than anyone else. I do what I can but I cannot provide any long term solution for the individual.
    I give them some money and I point to the other side of the lake telling them they can get 75% more money across the lake in CA. I offer to pay the $2 ferry fare (that includes a round trip – so I am not dumping them).
    If they go that is a win / win – for my community and for them – not so much for CA.

    If I am wrong, do you worry about the same happening in OR?

  19. Michael says:


    I have no idea.
    Right now we have a hellish situation with drug related crime.
    The jail is always full and people who get arrested for serious crimes are back on the street in an hour.
    The homeless camps along the greenway are ruining something that is part of the reason we all live here.
    Now that the fires destroyed a big part of the affordable housing here, we have an even bigger problem.
    Treatment for meth addiction is hit and miss…I’ve lost people I loved to death and life long addiction…

  20. Michael says:

    As far as people coming over the border…it’s all little towns with the same problem on the California side.
    The only wall I ever wanted to build… 🙂

  21. Ivan Solero says:

    Regarding #7
    Its a non-starter that those who voted as a democrat claiming to be a believer in Jesus Christ knowingly know that democrats advocate abortion. It is evil and its black & white. There is no discussion regarding a better outcome.

  22. Michael says:


    Being pro life is more than being pro fetus…there are Democrats who are both.

  23. Speaking of evil..
    I grew up identifying myself as Pro-Life. I had to since I was a Christian. This was confusing though, since I could not reconcile my compulsory position with Scripture. Yes, there are the verses trotted out on cue…I am fearfully and wonderfuly made, etc. But nothing regarding abortion.

    This changed after a conversation with an individual at the Executive level with the Nation Right to Life Committee. I inquired regarding state level initiatives. I wad told the status was a huge no. Any initiative campaign would not only draw off resources, but also create headwinds for candidate X. Getting X elected was the goal.

    I realised the nature of the NRL wsd this:
    *Energize PL voters who reliably go to the polls.
    *These voters then support Rep. candidates as a side effect.
    *The resulting product guarantees a post election seat at the table for NRL associates, in a pay to play system.
    *Product=Seated status.

    I hung up the phone opposed to Pro-Life campaigns because I view them as frauds targeted at fellow Christians. This is a vehemently held position unrelated to any medical procedure. My opposition is strictly focused on those promoting said campaigns.

  24. Im floored by reports that GFA transfered 810M into India in the last 5 years. How much of this, if any, got recycled into the US? (Per-Throckmorton)

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