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7 Responses

  1. Pineapple Head says:

    The 2nd article (The Evangelical Church is Breaking Apart) is sadly so accurate.

  2. Michael says:


    It’s the best piece I’ve read yet…and puts the blame on a lack of catechism and discipleship.

  3. Nonnie says:

    With what we have lived through the past 2 1/2 years, I feel strongly about the horrible state of the politics, manipulations, and lies today coming out of Washington. However, I don’t want to hear anything about it in church. Preach the word, preach Christ and the hope we have in Him. Keep dirty politics out of the church. The thing is, I’d probably be called a Christian Nationalist by some of the folks here, simply because I am a Christian and am conservative in my political views, but nothing could be further from the truth. I believe a lot of liberal/progressive Christians have a warped view of most conservative Christians, if they are likening them to “Christian Nationalism.”

  4. Captain Kevin says:

    “ I don’t want to hear anything about it in church. Preach the word, preach Christ and the hope we have in Him. Keep dirty politics out of the church.”

    Amen, Nonnie!

  5. Captain Kevin says:

    “… more churchgoers are adamant about worshipping alongside their political peers.”

    I’ve been worshipping with the same congregation for about 2 years now, and I don’t have the foggiest idea what most of our members’ political views are. I hope it stays that way.

  6. Nonnie says:

    Capt. K, I am so glad to hear about your church and the lack of political views being espoused there. I have very dear, beloved friends and family and we disagree on several “political issues and personalities” but we agree completely on our need for Christ and Who He is, what He has done in our lives, in the world. Our hearts and friendship are found in Him. I’ve been put off by a few on this site who are quite snarky about any Christian who is conservative in our views and speak of us with contempt and derision. My hope is not in political America. My hope is in the risen Saviour and that one day He will make all things new. Until then, we are called to love God and love our neighbour. I hope and will vote for political changes, but my hope in NOT IN politics, but IN Christ and His will be done. I believe that most conservative Christians feel that way.

  7. Nathan Priddis says:

    I feel that 2022 mid-terms is a potential repeat of Germany 1928.
    I am convinced that ..yes it can happen here.

    My best case scenario. The Evangelical Church is toast. The damage is multi generational, and it will be succeeded by something new.

    Worst case. Evangelicals gain at least some of their goals regarding social power. This will be fatal to the Church.

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