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  1. Nancy Holmes says:

    I greatly appreciate the link to the essay by Kelly Hamren–A Christian Scholar on CRT, Marxism and biblical ethics. I think that too often Christians have a knee-jerk reaction to the consideration of these topics which stems from uninformed impressions. Hamren carefully “threads the needle” in her explanations and reveals nuances for thoughtful consideration. In doing so, she risks sticking her head above the ramparts and I respect her desire to provide some clarity on issues which are otherwise tending toward polarization in interpretation.

    And now I will stick MY head above the ramparts concerning that fawning post by Matt Redmond–Nature and Grace in Malik, Dostoevsky and Thomas a Kempis. I realize that the extremes illustrated are promoting a gold standard of attitude and behavior wherein Grace is described and there is much of merit to be contemplated. However the unfortunate use of the feminine gender (in the quote from Thomas a Kempis) for the basically self-eradicating qualities to be emulated seems to reinforce some unbiblical gender mythologies re: the qualities of an ideal Christian woman. In the quotes from Malik, grace is given a gender neutral pronoun. A Kempis uses “it” to describe Nature or what we would normally call “the World.”

    Come on–really? “Seeks to be in subjection, longs to be conquered, has no wish to use her own liberty, loves to be held under discipline.” Sounds like a bodice-ripper novel. Or at the very least, a dreadful enabling of immature behavior by others thru the sweet winsome yielding of “Grace.” Grace is made of sterner stuff and has more of a godly spine than these quotes would lead us to believe.

    Oh, if it were only so simple!! But people are complicated and dedication to an inflexible pattern of passivity is not appropriate for all situations. I personally know conservative godly women who have determinedly followed the attempts to totally deny themselves and faithfully serve others and ended up with negligent abusive husbands and disrespectful children and footprints on their backs. I don’t believe that glorifies God…

    Redmond exhorts us to go back and read the a Kempis quote more times and I did. I contend that Grace needs to discern the time to yield and the time to stand firm and resist. And so do we all…regardless of gender prefix.

  2. Em says:

    Thinking on Nancy’s post.. .
    While i do believe that, with the husband as the head of the house that is where ” the buck stops” – to coin a phrase – if there is no advise and consent between a husband and wife, no respect, no appreciation for the God given brain of the wife you’ve got a handicapped house. Some men do seem to thrive on seeing their wives as weak and dumb. Insecure men? I think so – either that or just plain ugly natured bullies….
    IMV (generational?) A woman loves to feel she has teamed up with a competent, honest and loving man. Shouldn’t that work both ways? Shouldn’t we all do what God designed us for? Doesn’t mean a single person is nonfunctional, btw 😇

  3. Muff Potter says:

    Aimee Byrd has more courage and intestinal fortitude in her little finger than all those cyber-bullies have in their whole miserable carcasses.

  4. Nancy Holmes says:


  5. bob1 says:

    Good grief.

    If she doesn’t want to stay and fight (and who’d blame her if she didn’t), the Reformed world is deep and wide. There are plenty of groups that (for example) believe in women’s ordination, though it sounds like Byrd doesn’t necessarily. My bigger point is, there are
    lots of options. Sounds like CBMW is a bunch of white power grabbers who love to argue at the drop of a pin.

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