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  1. bob1 says:

    Sorry to hear of Rev. Hayford. I believe he was a real blessing to the wider church, too. I love anything from Steve Brown.

  2. Linn says:

    So, I grew up in San Francisco. Drag queens were a thing there even 60 years ago, although you had to go to a certain part of the city to see them walking around in public. I’m not into drag at all, but I’m also not into people who can see only that and not all the other problems occurring in our society. I could picket the local library that hosts a drag queen story hour, but I could also join the literacy effort and tutor immigrants at said library.

    Christians are also terribly inconsistent. Drag queen story hour is SO evil, but let us not condemn football and all of its beer commercials (which lead to alcoholism, family abandonment, etc-at least that’s what I learned in my first church). Churchy people get all out of shape about one thing, and forget the weightier things of the law, like walking with God in justice, mercy, and humility.

    Just my thoughts (and I turned out reasonably normal despite growing up in San Francisco. I still love the place!).

  3. Michael says:

    The drag queen issue is easy to solve. Confine it to adult establishments with an age requirement.

  4. Em Wegemer says:

    Michael @3:49
    So sad and true… sigh. 😚

  5. Em Wegemer says:

    Jack Hay ford – he baptized my youngest daughter in the Jordan River!
    Missed? Yes! ! !🙏

  6. The New Victor says:

    The single woman piece was interesting, but we’re also 50 years past the sexual revolution and 2nd Wave Feminism. What’s changed in which side? On a related note, I felt similarly out of place in CC being a half time 40-something dad of two little kids.

  7. richard sandbrook says:

    jack hayford was a good guy.
    saw and heard him preach a few times.
    the real deal, not looking for a spotlight for himself.

  8. Captain Kevin says:

    I received Christ in a Foursquare church umpteen years ago. I appreciated Hayford’s teaching even before I knew he was Foursquare. Although I didn’t always agree with or understand everything he taught, he was a gentle, sincere, loving man whom I looked up to. Rest in peace, Pastor Jack.

  9. Michael says:

    Somewhere here I have a stack of Hayford’s Bible studies and a Spirit Filled Life Study Bible…haven’t referenced them in a couple of decades, but they were head and shoulders above anything from Calvary Chapel and I wore them out…

  10. Captain Kevin says:

    ”…they were head and shoulders above anything from Calvary Chapel…”

    More like full body on stilts above.

  11. Captain Kevin says:

    That list of highly paid leaders just about made me barf!

  12. Em Wegemer says:

    Ck, on judgement day, how many will hear, “depart from me. I never knew you?:”

  13. bob1 says:

    We’re not told the final fate of anyone. But God desires that all you be reconciled to him. Should not that be our desire as well?

  14. bob1 says:

    Not all you, but all …

  15. jtk says:

    63% of our small to medium sized church are single.

    I’m aware of the facts of why single women leave churches in the article and have zero solutions, I think.

    Sex is the number one reason, but that is an unchangeable standard.

    We try to make single women after 30 feel welcome, but it seems the world has a lot more influence on the ungodly pressures in their lives than what we say or do…

  16. Em Wegemer says:

    bob1, He also says that He takes no pleasure in the deaths of the wicked, but, sadly they are among Ius.
    Do they know that they’ve sold out to the devil? Dunnno

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