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  1. not again says:

    The vid was classic… spot on!

    So sad that the world is more honest about the manipulative, hypocritical $hit many charlatan “evangelists” do than we who believe…

    Look at the GFA financial fiasco and CC is silent as usual!

  2. Paige says:

    Thank you.

    I haven’t entirely read them all (yet)(not sure I’ll have time today)…. LOVE the homeless man story. Love Chris Elrod’s perspective about the man, Dutch.

    I am weary of most all things ‘church’ these days. So tired of the in breeding, fighting, bickering, hair splitting, name calling, one up man ship, peacock strutting arrogance.
    It all just makes me fold my hands, and close my eyes and ask God to somehow bring glory to Himself and help us all get back to The Root.

    John Mac. Just looking at the swanky platform, musicians, suited ushers, well dressed gasping attendees, etc, etc… makes me weep. Such an incredible disconnect from the One from Galilee who said “foxes have holes, birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no where to lay His head”…..

  3. Em says:

    in defense of MacArthur’s orchestra… his church is smack dab in the middle of the entertainment industry of Burbank/Hollywood and the area crawls with studio musicians – i think it is a bit wonderful that some of them gather to make a joyful noise on Sundays

  4. Bob says:

    “Ya know, the anointing is strong and God’s saying what He wants to say. And then I come back to speak again at another service and I just think man, I did a terrible job, I just, ya know, it wasn’t as good and I wish they had heard the 4 o’clock message because I feel like the anointing was stronger, I feel like God spoke, I feel like I made it more clear; the principles I was trying to impart.”

    I think a “run Forest run…” is appropriate here.

    When men and women start to talk about their anointing the end is near, or at least an “anti-… is the real calling.

  5. Ryan Ashton says:

    Regarding John MacArthur… Jesus said if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

    You can’t condemn 500 million charismatics to hell (Strange Fire conference) and wonder aloud why God hasn’t struck down the “false prophets” and then not wonder if the same treatment is going to be leveled at you someday.

    It made me angry he was so smug and his congregants were so smug. They still think they can condemn whole swaths of people and yet are surprised when their pastor is treated the same way.


  6. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    That Piper quote Byrd quotes is galactically idiotic coming from a pastor. Josiah and company consulted the prophetess Huldah about the authenticity and legitimacy of the book of the law. That was directive leadership regarding something that influenced the fate of a nation.

    As Barry Webb pointed out in his commentary on Judges there’s not even an implication that it was considered inappropriate for Barak to heed the instructions of the prophet/judge Deborah.

  7. Dan from Georgia says:

    – Alot of defrocking going on. How’z come we never hear of someone being “frocked”. Ordained?

    – Greg Laurie always sees Armageddon around the corner!

    – Will have to read the links when I get home from work!!!

  8. Paige says:

    Ryan, to my ears, John Mac is always smug. I literally cannot stand to listen to him.

    As to being smack dab in the midst of the entertainment industry, all the more reason to be profoundly different. Agreed, it is wonderful when any gifted and skilled person uses their talents for worshiping God, be it music, art or consoling babies in the nursery. 🙂

    I must say that I do appreciate the Presbyterians for ‘de-frocking’ Tullian to protect the integrity of the Message and Church. …yet standing with him to guide to right-standing. (
    I truly hope he finds his way to humble reality and can mend his marriage. )
    Sounds good in print. Definitely better than the system that puts Mike Kestler back in position now that the dust has settled. Good thing God isn’t fooled by such practices.

    No wonder “annointing” can also be translated at ‘covering’. ….. perhaps that sort of ‘anointing’ is just that – (covering a mess)…. He who covers sin shall not prosper…. or so we read. I was flabbergasted to hear Mike on To Every Man and Answer a couple weeks ago.
    Where is our shame and fear of God?

    Ha “Greg Laurie always sees Armageddon around the corner”. ….. I prefer Jonathan Cahn or Mike Adams of Now there are some last times teachings.

    Good day all…..

  9. Tim - Doulos says:

    Paige –
    “John Mac. Just looking at the swanky platform, musicians, suited ushers, well dressed gasping attendees, etc, etc… makes me weep. Such an incredible disconnect from the One from Galilee who said “foxes have holes, birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no where to lay His head”…..”

    I’m no fan of JMac, but from what I’ve seen at some more “casual” megachurches, the amount of money on display at GCC is paltry compared to some of the lights, designer clothes, personal iPads for musicians, and more. It costs a lot of money for some folks to look properly casual.

    That said, we’re a poor church by comparison. We look casual because we can’t afford anything better! 🙂

  10. Tim - Doulos says:

    And by the way, I agree with your #8. I can still read him from time to time, but I have to change the radio station every time “Grace to You” comes on the air. I simply cannot get past the constant disdain in his voice.

  11. Paige says:

    Tim-Doulos, Agreed and you are blessed to be “poor”….. read that somewhere.

  12. EricL says:

    Michael is gracious to thank me for my contribution to Links; I was rather late and it was just a paltry few. As usual, he did the heavy lifting.

    Go enjoy the wilds, Michael.You deserve a nice break from it all.

  13. j2theperson says:

    So, how long before Tullian starts his own independent church?

  14. JoelG says:

    I’m not sure who the author is but the “Gift of being forgiven” is a must read

  15. says:

    And why is John Oliver allowed to “touch the Lord’s anointed” and so blatantly ignore the Moses model?
    Seriously, is our only standard of accepting criticism (in the church) is that those being criticized must sanction it?
    I watch that and think it’s loopy (examples John shows), but I’ve also lived in the South where many people fall for it (not that the South is the only place).
    I knew some who heard of antics in CCs and wonder why I and other fell for it.

  16. The Dude says:

    This video about the Prosperity profits is befitting for them. These men and women go on the boob tube and misrepresent Christ and His message. The stone cold hearts these people have……spiritual delusion ..power.. greed…

  17. Rick Ritchie says:

    The interruption of the John MacArthur service was interesting. Years back, I was planning a course on American Christianity and planned a Puritan worship service experience for the class. One of the things I included was a Quaker interrupting the service testifying to the error. This was apparently a common occurrence. We handled the interruption much like MacArthur did. A couple students grabbed the “Quaker” by the arms and escorted him out.

    I think the arguments for Cessationism are weak. I am more inclined to think that if there is a problem, it is in the identification of the gifts. Prophecy is more likely to be a general “forth-telling” of the word of God. I think many pastors have that gift. I would also think that the verses about the spirits of the prophets being subject to the prophets and things being done decently and in order might suggest better ways of acting if someone did have a prophecy of this kind burning within him. To interrupt a service might not seem to be a big deal. But what if many did this in every service?

    It might be better if a laymen from within the congregation took an opportunity to do this some time he was permitted to speak. That might follow Jesus’ precedent in the synagogue.

  18. Papias says:

    The first half of that John Oliver is brilliant. The second half is meh…

    The IRS only audited one church in 2014 and only 2 in 2013? They probably should do a few more and tighten up the language of what a church is, but since someone is giving to these shysters, I doubt that any politician would want to run that on their platform…

  19. Muff Potter says:

    If nothing else, Greg Laurie is a good businessman. A good businessman will always recognize a good cash cow when he sees one. In Mr. Laurie’s case it’s now end times fervor. Judging from the comment stream, he’s got plenty of fan boys who will lay out their hard earned pesos for his wares. Life is good.

  20. Muff Potter says:

    Conflicts in Complimentarianism?

    The Bible has a long history of supporting or not supporting just about anything its readers fancy or don’t fancy.

  21. Josh the Baptist says:

    I always find it odd that people side with the IRS when it comes to churches.

    Have you guys ever tried dealing with the IRS?

  22. Josh the Baptist says:

    I’ve dealt with both churches and the IRS. I trust the worst church over the IRS any day.

  23. Candace says:

    I am very well acquainted with one of Grace’s fine studio musicians, who is in this video, who is a serial adulterer.

  24. Josh the Baptist says:

    I usually make my musicians fill out a “favorite sins” list before letting them join us.

  25. Em says:

    #23 – any church of any size has participants who bring their gifts just to exercise them… probably not too many who have the gift of janitor, tho 🙂

  26. Michael says:

    I will also note that in my opinion expecting the Diaspora to dance to GFAs tune is simply perpetuating abuse.
    I would have told them to go straight to hell myself. Gayle Erwin should be ashamed but I’m pretty sure he’s not.

  27. Em says:

    if we feel discouraged (we should) with the “organized churches” in the U.S, today, the link to Assyrian Christians at the hands of ISIS makes me feel that my perspective may be lopsided – dunno
    this link was picked from the above mentioned link:

    did anyone else hear something about some group (Christian) that is endeavoring to take care of the families of those Christians that ISIS is beheading?

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