Linkathon 5/26, part 1

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  1. Believe says:

    That’s heresy BrianD…I’m reporting you to the ODMs post haste 🙂

    …may the force be with you. 8)

  2. victorious says:

    Caner is listed as an adjunct prof with the Geisler associated Veritas Seminary. I am no James White fan and am confident in my own formulations of the Sovereignty of God apart from Calvinism.

    However, I heard Caner being interviewed on Pastor’s Perspective about reaching the young Muslims of America; Caner was able and allowed to shoot down Calvinism in the same fashion that terrorists take aim at Israel from the Golan Heights.

    If you have to mow down fellow Christians and embellish your story to reach the lost; how much do you really know of the Risen Christ?

  3. brian says:

    Brian I really appreciate these links. First the Dr. Caner thing I dont get, he is working the business, like Hinn or Bentley I am not equating these folks but it is what is required and the ends always justifies the means. It always does. Pastor Driscoll is also correct, one should always deal with people whom disagree using police and lawyers. You should sue first and always, that to is justified, and the one that touched me. When I got the boot I mentioned to the person on the phone that me and the other person were dear friends. He said, you should not be friends with “directors” leaders because they change their hats to many times. That was the best advice I could have ever gotten. I have no Christian friends in leadership or even in organized church. I am in functional relationships with them, nothing more. It is lonely but effective which is all that matters.

    What an incredibly silly religion we have when you think on it.

  4. brian says:

    I should say I am being ironic I hope folks caught that

  5. DA Armstrong says:

    The Adrian Warnock interview is great. I think he rightly says that it is worth the risk to be friends with staff than not. I look at Jesus and recognize that he thought it was worth the risk to spend time with 12 men. Ultimately he was betrayed. It may hurt to have friends betray you, it may cause problems. If you allow yourself to be hurt, you are in good company.

  6. james tiberius kirk says:

    “If God wanted me to be a Charismatic, I would be one. He is not waiting for me to become one so that he can finally do his work.”
    -C Michael Patton

    How is this not the most ridiculous notion?

    Do you know any teachers of God’s Word who don’t have to diligently seek to show themselves approved by God in order to be more effective teachers?

    Is the gift of helps different?
    Do you think you will get better at helping people without anything you “DO”?

    Is the gift of evangelism different? If I don’t get off my keister and tell my neighbor or a stranger about Jesus and what His grace has done in my life, how am I using the gifts He has given me and wants me to use (and grow in)?

    Is the giving of alms this way?
    You betcha there are a lot of orphans and missionaries just waiting for us so God can use us to do His work!

  7. dewd4Jesus says:

    I find the whole swearing issue an d in fact all such legalistic outward behavioral judgements to be ridiculous. I simply find in their poster/flyer exactly what much of this generation needs to hear. They’re screwed without God, stated in a way that expresses the direness of the situation in language/terms they understand. It is direct in dealing with the false ad campaign in their city that while stated non-offensively is an offense because it is a lie. I see no lie or falsehood in anything they printed or he said. Rather I see compassion enough to actually try to respond to the enemy’s deception with the blunt truth. Where I do run into a problem with it, is the emphasis and his perceived notion that this is sort of the only language they understand and should permeate throughout the message continually. But let’s face it. In it’s common usage today in the world I can think of no better word to express a man’s state without the life changing and giving work of Jesus Christ. Screwed doesn’t even cut it even though the connotation is the same. But we forget that it is first and foremost an internal change that has taken place. Not an outward standard of behavior out of legalism based in the Law of God. But a standard of righteousness through grace in Christ. Love. That’s the standard. And sometimes love is tough. To pull someone up out of the mud, you’re gonna have to get a little dirty yourself. What are we afraid of. Do you not have a new heart and spirit and are indwelt by the very Spirit of the living God? Do we not think Christ can protect us? When I’m talking about life with my “hardcore” DJ next door neighbor, he knows I don’t judge him for his outward behavior but want to know and am concerned about his heart. So as the Spirit leads he is willing listen. And sometimes my rebukes of his outward behavior aren’t real nice. But they’re always followed by grace, understanding and teaching. Sometimes we need a swift kick in the hind side to open our eyes. By no means am I saying that this is the model we all should be following for ministry with every situation. Rather, that when we make outward behavior the standard rather than inward change that causes a desire to behave that way. But you have to get them there first. And the truth about their condition without Christ is pretty harsh. And if they are unwilling to listen because your message shows you to be a hypocrite or is unobtainable to them, why open your mouth at all? The point is to introduce them to the s

  8. dewd4Jesus says:

    …saving grace available in Jesus Christ. If they won’t listen. You’ve wasted energy.

    Just this disciples opinion out of watching the Lord work through me and others to see lives changed from vile mouthed sinners to God praising lovers of Jesus Christ.

  9. BrianD says:

    Listening to Paul Tripp at

  10. dewd4Jesus says:

    Paul Tripp- “I think the Christian Life is just one big endless conversation.” or close to that.

    Yes. between us and God and then through us to others and them to us. Being knit together as One Body in Christ through grace. His to us, then from us to others discovering the wonder of our God.

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