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  1. once upon a time says:

    Paul Smith sets the record straight on Brian and CCCM.

  2. Babylon's Dread says:

    Listening to Greg Laurie interview Chuck Smith… He wouldn’t do anything differently, he has no regrets that he can think of and he has no doubts whatsoever about the future as he is aging and facing death as of an interview published one year ago.

    The man was so likable.

    I was listening to see what would be said about the importance of Lonnie Frisbee in the growth, success and influence of the ministry… he limited the whole matter to telling how he met Lonnie and mentioning that they were growing fast during that time. No real mention of credit. It was a little disappointing.

    But again, he was a fine dear man who knows what to say in the moment.

    He would not address the matter of succession…”The Lord will take care of all of that.”

    His favorite food is lamb
    His favorite flower is roses
    His favorite color depends on context….. blue for eyes and red for lips (his best answer)
    Least most admired person is Billy Graham
    His grands make him happy
    He never thinks about being sad
    He wants to be remembered as one who loved the Word of God

    He could not and would not entertain negativity… I think that is seminal.

    I write of him in the present tense for the same reason that Jesus did of Abraham. He is alive

  3. Jean says:

    “The phrase ‘authority of scripture’ can only, at its best, be shorthand for the authority of God in Jesus, mediated through scripture.”
    – N.T. Wright

  4. Em says:

    BD also is a likable, “fine dear man who knows what to say in the moment.”

    but why would Chuck Smith want to go on record with the statement that Billy Graham was the man he least admired? … there must be less admirable people than Billy…

  5. victorious says:

    JTK- Brian Houston clarifies his statement.

  6. Scott says:

    Greg Laurie, “Chuck, what’s your biggest regret in life…” Chuck Smith, “Greg, I can’t think of any right now…”

    Wow, really?

  7. Jtk says:

    Thanks, Victorious!

  8. passin through says:

    I also don’t get why CS “least admired” Billy Graham.

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