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  1. Erunner says:

    Haven’t been first for a spell. 🙂

  2. em says:

    Erunner you’re always first 🙂 at least, you’re the first one i think of when i remember my first exposure to Michael’s web-site – you and Dusty – now i’m remembering some really precious souls that have revealed their hearts here in the past… the Church is scattered all over these days, but wonderful, if the folks who come by here are any example

    “just sayin”

    BTW the small ‘e’ in my handle was a typo, not false humility but i think i’ll keep it – makes typing faster

  3. em says:

    FWIW – Alex and MLD remind me of the Odd Couple, but i can’t decide which one is Jack Lemon and which is Walter Matthau 😆

  4. Nonnie says:

    Em, I was thinking more like this: 😉 (starting at about 45 seconds)

  5. Erunner says:

    em, I had the pleasure of meeting dusty and she’s a peach! There are so many good and authentic people that occupy and have occupied this site for many years. I hope you have a nice and quiet weekend.

  6. Paige says:

    Howdy folks. Hope you have a great weekend….hopefully less stress, less work and a bit more rest….and joy!

    God bless you!

    Michael’s TGIF yesterday was The Bomb. Awesome.

  7. em says:

    Nonnie, yes 😆

  8. em says:

    Paige i am in agreement on that… strange how the comments wander, even after a post like that one…

    reminds me… since it’s open blog…
    when the children were young we moved into an area right on Puget Sound called Talbot Park – it had been out in the country – lots of woods -a place where Seattle-ites had primitive summer cabins… right after we got there the sewers came in and so did people with money building upscale residences… on the road leading out of the area to a grocery store etc you’d often see an skinny older woman trying to thumb a ride as she hiked out to get her supplies…she was living out her days in her family’s old summer camp – why i don’t know – before the solid citizens-so-called moved in, she could count on a local to pick her up… but she looked odd and she smelled and no one stopped to give her a ride anymore

  9. dusry says:

    Hi ebrother

    Hope you all have a great weekend

  10. Nonnie says:

    Love you , Dusty.!

  11. Erunner says:

    Dusty!!! Hope your weekend is better!! 🙂

  12. Is anyone else watching the Alice Cooper concert on TV? The man is a genius. 🙂

  13. Great afternoon – I am half way through the Queen concert. Magic moments 🙂

  14. em says:

    yesterday was exquisite, today wasn’t… there’s balance in my life… 🙂

    i should add, God’s grace prevailed over both my old sin nature and the devil…

    i have snatches of a benediction in my head… ‘the Lord be gracious, be gracious unto you… and give you peace…’ the one that passes understanding – thank You, Lord

  15. Alex says:

    Personally, I think I we’re more like this…but I’m the “smart” one:

  16. Nonnie says:

    Alex,….. LOL!!!

  17. Alex says:

    I am right sometimes though. I guess if you post enough you’re bound to be right sometimes 🙂

    Civil Rights Lawsuits regarding the cozy relationships between Sects like CC and FRC etc are coming…one is already filed. I will be helping give information and helping point attorneys in the right directions regarding these cozy relationships and Agendas to recruit Govt. Officials and Agencies. Calvary Chapel does an awful lot of it, by far more than any Sect I’ve seen…it is systematic, intentional and pervasive…and it corrupts those government relationships and tilts the scales…I’ve personally experienced that.

    “God” is at work! Can I get an amen?!

  18. Alex says:

    Steve Wright, can I get an amen brother? 😉

    Hey, “God” doesn’t like what you guys are doing and doesn’t like your inaction and the fact you don’t care about the abused and the wronged and the injustice in your Sect…so “God” will deal with you and yours.

    Praise the Lord!

  19. Alex says:

    It’s wrong how you guys cozy up to the local governments and it’s wrong how you make Gay Marriage such a big issue when you ignore injustice and abuse and corruption in your own Sect and especially among your fellow Pastors/Leaders.

    You’re prideful, you don’t listen, you’re unconcerned…pretty much all of you (general you to the reading audience in some circles, not present thread company, not even MLD).

    “God’s judgment!” will not be b/c of gays wanting to get married, it will be b/c of Sects like yours and Pastors like yours. It is high time that “God” reigned you guys in…and if it is through this direction as one of several directions going on, then great.

    Churches shouldn’t be tax exempt either…and that’s coming as well.

  20. Alex, I don’t get what or whose Civil Rights have be affected because a Visalia Sheriff gets invited to a church prayer breakfast? Even the President of the united states shows up to prayer breakfasts a couple of times a year.

    So, in the case you are speaking of – who has been the damaged party – which is the main purpose of lawsuits.

    Also, can you point to any statute that limits or prohibits a church from lobbying local governments for needed services?

  21. Alex says:

    MLD, it won’t do any good to take you through the reasons it’s a violation and not constitutional…you’ve got your mind made up with regards to the issue.

    The civil rights attorneys will handle it. I’ll just provide the info I have and the knowledge I have of where those cozy relationships are throughout Calvary Chapel and insight into how those programs get started and cultivated and what the Agenda is (recruiting mostly as well as influencing policy decisions).

    I was there when Bob Grenier decided he wanted to target the Local Law Enforcement Agencies for recruitment. I helped him do it. I helped develop the City Prayer Events. I gave BG advice on how to interact better with cops since he was such a socially awkward stiff prick most of the time. I have insight like few others…and there are a TON of examples of this same thing throughout California and elsewhere.

  22. Alex says:

    Whether you like it or not, Calvary Chapel and similar Sects are rabidly Anti-Gay. They’ve made it a huge political hill to die on. Well, they picked the hill to die on…they Sowed, they will Reap.

    The civil rights attorneys have a lot of clients who are not happy with the Anti-Gay connections that their Government officials and employers have with Calvary Chapels, FRC’s and similar Anti-Gay religious Sects.

    Doesn’t matter what you think or say, it’s happening and it will continue to happen…lawsuits that is.

  23. Xenia says:

    I am not going to read another day’s worth of this stuff.

    Going for a hike in the woods, and I think you all should do likewise.

  24. So how does POTUS go to prayer breakfasts? Will he be named in these Civil Rights lawsuits?

    I have served on many church boards over numbers of years – I have lobbied local politicians and government agencies in the name of our church body to gain attention and services for our needs.

    Look, I know you come from a group that will bring lawsuits at the drop of the hat, but they never go anywhere because either there is no damaged party or there is not a party in the suit that has damages.

  25. because either there is no damaged party or there is not a party in the suit that has damages.

    Should read “because either there is no damaged party or there is not a party in the suit that has STANDING.

  26. Alex says:

    Oh, OK MLD, I’ll make sure the civil rights attorneys and their clients know you said they don’t have a case LOL.

    That settles the matter, I’m sure ROFLMAO! 🙂

  27. People can sue anyone at anytime… even for a spilled cup of coffee. It’s the nature of our system. The attorneys are probably just bilking their clients

    But you have not answered since you are an “adviser” (per your #17) – who has been damaged and how does POTUS go to breakfast?

    But I know that you have no information so I think I will go watch Xenia walk in the woods.

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