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  1. Jtk says:

    Talking to the child of a United Methodist pastor and then my own child, I’m trying to grasp how the UMC split compares to the Episcopal split.

    Can anyone help?

    Are there similarities, other than the prevailing church body being on opposite sides of the LGBT issue?

    It could be too long of an answer for someone, but if you have a link or a video or some such.

  2. Michael says:


    Having some experience in both, they’re very similar.
    Both churches are splitting over LGBTQ issues and both have most of the opposition to “inclusion” coming from Africa and other countries outside the U.S.
    Both will have long legal wranglings over church properties and endowments.
    What the UMC won’t say publicly is that it’s actually bankrupt in many areas of the country.
    Both will also be a memory in 10-15 years.
    You can be “inclusive” until you realize that those “included” aren’t interested in going to church and those old, straight, people pay the bills…

  3. Jean says:

    The UMC Bishop over Iowa sent a letter to all the UMC churches in Iowa, which included the following request:

    “Please make a diligent effort to stay current in your local church apportionments. The only way we can change the world is to be faithful in the ministry that we have committed to share together.”

    This request is for the period between now and the date of the separation, assuming the protocol for separation is approved at the next general counsel vote.

    It appears to me from her request, that she may be concerned that separating congregations may no longer want to continue contributing apportionments to a church body that they are separating from.

    I would tend to agree with Michael that theological traditionalists probably give more than the LGBT activists who have won the war and taken over the UMC. Now that they’ve put the UMC under their heel, I assume they will go off to make war on some other institution clinging to traditional sexual morality. They were clearly more motivated and confrontational than the traditionalists.

  4. Jtk says:


    I always learn something at the P P.

    FYI, Skip Heitzig has a subdural hematoma.

  5. Michael says:


    The last I heard last night was that they were going to drill a hole in his skull to relieve the pressure.
    Haven’t heard anything yet this morning.

  6. filbertz says:

    shocked and saddened by Kobe Bryant’s death along with eight others, including his thirteen-year-old daughter in a helicopter crash this morning. Not sure why the news hit me so hard. Also, my neighbor lost his house to a fire this morning. On the bright side, I just finished reading my students’ thoughts on the topic of gratitude and was heartened.

  7. Jean says:

    In light of the spread of the coronavirus, I checked the Rapture Ready Index. It currently reads 185. Above 160, advises: “fasten your seatbelts.”

  8. Em says:

    There’s a rapture ready index? Why fasten our seatbelts? Do we get to take our cars with us? I thought we returned on horses…

    Today, for some reason, i found all the RIP wishes for Kobe Bryant rather poignant…. We always hope te dead rest in oeace, but do they?

  9. Michael says:


    It hit me hard too…not sure why.
    The pics of him and his daughter working and playing together gutted me…

  10. Not a Lakers or NBA fan, but I felt sad hearing about KB. Death can take us any time been <0 and 120. It's sad for those left behind, especially those upon whom they rely. My 7 year old daughter is worried about my health…

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