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  1. Muff Potter says:

    I’m glad that Biden finally showed some balls and air-dropped critical supplies to the people of Gaza and didn’t give a flyin’ eff’ if Netanyahu got pissed.
    Netanyahu is a war criminal and is trying to exterminate the Gazans, just like the Nazis tried to exterminate his own people.
    The irony is grand, yes?

  2. Terry says:

    The ads took on a whole level of annoying today. When I click them off, I get an “Ads by Google” window. Maybe it’s because I use Chrome as my browser.

  3. Michael says:

    My apologies…they don’t usually hack me until Tuesday…I found the code and removed it.

  4. Reuben says:

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  5. Reuben says:

    That was to Muffs statement btw.

    Yeah the adds had my response field covered which made for fun typing. Sorry you keep getting hit with that, Michael.

  6. Reuben says:

    I interview for a working live in type thing Monday afternoon. If things time out right, I go directly from the live in treatment program I am at now to the live in work program. That would be nice.

    You all prayed I could get off the street. That was answered in spades. Now I can start saving money to get a place to live, maybe a cheap car.

    Thanks folks!

  7. Michael says:


    Always praying…you can do this!

  8. Captain Kevin says:

    Reuben, that’s wonderful!!!

  9. pstrmike says:

    Reuben, I’ll be praying……

  10. Nonnie says:

    Praying for you, Reuben. May this be a new beginning for you and yours.

  11. Jean says:

    Your update today is the best news and most encouraging thing I’ve read today. Thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless you.

  12. Linn says:

    So proud of you!

  13. bob1 says:


    That’s wonderful! Continuing to pray.

  14. Reuben says:

    Thanks folks!

    Believe it or not, my wife’s death, losing my son to drink, and winding up homeless has a silver lining. A God I never knew in a lifetime of growing up in church and 12 years of ministry, is now becoming known. I guess it took rock bottom? I don’t know, but I have never seen the “hand of God” in my own life until now.

  15. Josh says:

    Reuben, my tragedies aren’t as bad, but man, ThTs a familiar story.

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