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  1. Facebook is indispensable for almost everything. It and Phoenix Preacher are the only sites I check daily.

  2. I check out the Dodgers’ page on daily – it usually let’s me know that the rest of my day can’t be much worse. 🙂

  3. Gary says:

    I love the videos on I check Drudge for news.

  4. Josh Hamrick says:


    That’s all I do. The internet has become boring.

  5. Paigemom says:

    Well, Facebook is an addiction. I think of it as The Friendship Times….. and love that…
    I’m a Google addict and my current obsession is chickens. No surprises there.

  6. Nonnie says:

    Facebook has become a “lifeline” for me with my children and grandchildren. I have also become “friends” with some of you here and that has been a real blessing. Over the last couple of years so many of you have prayed, wept, encouraged and rejoiced with me…and I with you. I am really thankful for it. Through FB I hear about a lot of news stories that link me to sites I wouldn’t ordinarily go to , or even know about.

    I use google a lot.
    I like Drudge and some of it’s links
    But Phx Preacher gets the first nod for news
    I really like Matt Bredmond and our own Sarah’s blogs

  7. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Kayfabe Memories Pro Wrestling message Board (Old school stuff)- Username -PACKER KILLER 187

    Wrestling Classics Message Board-Username -DR. D Fan

  8. Xenia says:

    I enjoy, a gigantic MOOC! I am always enrolled in a few courses at any given time. These are free university level courses. You don’t get college credit, just a certificate, but that’s ok with me at this stage in life.

    My parish website, so I know when the next service is:

    Orthodox commentary on the day’s reading:

    The world’s largest Orthodox discussion forum, and it’s a real zoo. I have a love/hate relationship with this place: I don’t believe three quarters of the things I read there.

    I have a lot of books and I can’t always remember what I have. Fortunately, I have most of them listed on this site:

    If I have chicken issues or just want to hang out with like-minded backyard farmers, I go to

    I just got a Vitamix so I’ve been spending a lot of time on Green Smoothie sites. Here’s my favorite one:

    I am trying to learn the names of the local wildflowers and this site has been very helpful:

    And of course, Amazon, Yahoo, Gmail, Google, FB, etc.

    I think all these links today are going to give the moderators fits!

  9. Xenia says:

    How could I have left out PhxP?!?!

  10. Becky says:

    I am addicted to Facebook. I hate Facebook and would like to see it destroyed in a fiery death. I love Facebook because some of my favorite people are right there for me to see. I would be sad if it was destroyed in a fiery death. However, it would also relieve me because it is like a huge giant example of Jr/Sr. high and all the drama and hurt feelings that came with Jr/Sr. high. Maybe I just need to clean out my Facebook?

    I like Hulu+, Netflix, and Amazon streaming. 9news I have to check into 9news at least once a day. The weather channel, and PP. I like Spiritual Sounding Board, and Stuff Christian Culture Likes.

  11. Tell me something I didn’t know.

  12. Michael says:

    I got my first computer in 1996…the internet fascinated me and I was convinced that it was going to change my life.
    Boy, did it…
    I still have the perspective of a person who grew up with a daily newspaper, AM radio, and two TV stations…to change stations I had to go out in the yard and move the huge antenna by hand.
    The world is now available at a click and I find it as exciting today as I did all those years ago.
    Because this site is so busy I’m on it too much.
    I read Matt Redmond and Sarah and Wenatchee the Hatchet and Bill Kinnon.
    I’m busy on Facebook and my news comes from Twitter.
    I spend a lot of time on Mexico and have great sources of information outside the mainstream media.
    I follow the Viking and Kings online all season.
    I make myself go outside because there’s too much online…

  13. Crowned1 says:

    I enjoy researching esoteric symbolism with its relation to business, religion, society, fraternity & government both in present day & historically.

    There is a ton of conspiracy theory misinformation out there…but if you can wade through all that and get to the meat, it is quite fascinating.

  14. Ricky Bobby says:

    google for search

    news (more like dueling propaganda, psy-ops, disinformation campaigns and you can filter some actual “news” through all the noise and get a mosaic): drudge, reuters, bloomberg, guardian, daily mail, xinhua, russia today, abc, bbc, nbc, c”bs”, cnn, msdnc, fox, cnbc, huffpo, daily beast, politico, slate, cns, alex jones, marketwatch, wall street journal, new york times, glenn beck, breitbart, mother jones, etc etc.

    blogs: mostly financial / macroeconomic blogs that you wouldn’t recognize, The Wartburg Watch, Spiritual Abuse Sounding Board, a ton of political blogs (from Ron Paul / Libertarian blogs to very liberal blogs and everything in between), Patheos, Infidels, and some others. I do peruse “church” blogs often as well, from a variety of different flavors, including EO, RCC, Charismatic, Lutheran, CC, Mainstream Evangelical, PhxP of course, etc.

    Not much into sports anymore, not enough time, though I will grab a box score or headline about the Dodgers, Chargers or College Football once in awhile.

  15. erunner says:

    Rush Limbaugh
    Sean Hannity
    Michael Savage
    Ann Coulter
    Glenn Beck
    Mark Levin

  16. erunner says:

    Xenia, I got a Vitamix and have been doing green smoothies since December. In my 50 plus years I’ve stayed away from all but a few veggies and all raw ones. I’ve lost 33 pounds, my diabetes has already improved dramatically and I am exercising 5-6 days a week. Right now I’m sidelined with a muscle strain.

    I have bookmarked your site and have one for you to browse. The lady who operates the site has a forum that’s slowed down but has tons of information and recipes and she posts recipes on FB almost daily. That site helped me a lot. Any favorite recipes I might try?? Hope you’re well!

  17. PP Vet says:

    My Daddy spent many days at what was the 1950s equivalent of the Internet: the Library of Congress.

    I spent much time in (what could be considered in some ways) the 1960s equivalent of the Internet: The Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature. To find publicly available information, that was about all we had.

    Honestly, the Internet is faster.

  18. Gary says:

    erunner!! #15 You are my new best friend! Dang compoter is acting up a

  19. I agree with Josh. The Internet has gotten boring.
    Here is a list of the top ten most visited sites by me.

    1. PhxP ’cause PhxP.
    2. Drudge for the news. I love the variety of news sources provided. Interesting that the British papers are scooping the American ones more and more.
    3. NOAA for weather.
    4. Netflix for shows.
    5. ESV Study Bible Online for my daily scripture reading.
    6. Amazon for Books. Sometimes for other stuff, but mainly books. Thinking about ditching Netflix and going Amazon Prime. Any thoughts on that from users?
    7. Memebase for the lols.
    8. Twitter ’cause I find a lot of interesting articles linked there.
    9. Instantwatcher to see what is trending on Netflix. Actually is better than going to Netflix to find newly added stuff.
    10. FB for keeping up with friends and relatives.

  20. Xenia says:

    Thanks for the link, eRunner!

  21. Michael says:

    Derek…I’m curious about #6 as well…

  22. Steve Wright says:

    I think you all forgot Youtube 🙂

    I know I go there a lot – often for visual compliments to snarky comments I post here. 🙂

    I bet almost all music I listen to is just off youtube anymore. Now that they removed the time restraint people load entire albums on there….

  23. Re #21. You get more for less money overall, seems to have only a slightly different selection of movies and shows and free shipping. The only thing I am actually wondering about is how the streaming compares to Netflix. If I knew that I would probably go ahead and switch.

  24. Oh, discovered this a few days back. I have watched the first episode and enjoyed it. Fan made Star Trek based on the original series. The whole episode was like watching and old ST episode. Sets and outfits are the same. Actors different of course, but pretty good.

    Steve you are right, my wife and I go on Youtube some evenings and find songs we just think of at the time.

  25. erunner says:

    Gary, I was looking to cause someone to react in such a way as to get moderated! 🙂 You let me down terribly!!

  26. Gary says:

    I guess you’ll just have to wait for the reactionaries. What time do they show up?

  27. Reuben says:

    RE: Netflix/Amazon/Hulu+

    We have a Roku box with all 3. Some stuff is the same, some different. Netflix leaves internet users without about 80% of the recent movies. You have to get the mail in Netflix for recent movies, which is another monthly charge. They have a lot of TV shows. Same with Amazon and Hulu+. Recent stuff usually comes out a season late on Netflix. Amazon is a day or week behind. Same with Hulu+.

    I like the Roku. My 5 year old uses it quite a bit to watch cartoons on demand. There is a ton of old Dr. Who available between Amazon and Netflix.

    So, IMHO, Netflix web is just about useless if you are into movies. There is not much there unless it is a few years old, or not a box office smasher.

    Since we got Roku, I don’t use the computer for watching any web based TV. Roku is a one time cost of the box. Plug it into the TV, connect it to the internet wirelessly, off you go. Pretty much any web based TV is on there.

  28. Xenia’s #8. I am letting my wife have the link to the chickens. She wants to get some chickens. Both of us were raised around them, but you can always learn more.

  29. Reuben says:

    Rush Limbaugh
    Sean Hannity
    Michael Savage
    Ann Coulter
    Glenn Beck
    Mark Levin

    I do not listen to, or read any of those shock jocks anymore. Rush, Glenn, and Mark are stark raving mad entertainers who pride themselves on presenting the most shocking spin they can.

    I do own “Arguing With Idiots”

    Anyone want it? I won’t pay for shipping.

  30. Gary says:

    Got Cloud Atlas today. neener neener neener

  31. #27. Good info. Once I have a steady income, I was planning on getting the Roku box. Probably convinced on the AmazonPrime now.

  32. Gary says:

    This is a new spin on shock jock if I ever heard one. Howard is smiling.

  33. No one can present a more shocking spin than the truth that has been leaking out for months now. It shocks all on it’s own. No presenter required.

  34. I actually rarely use Netflix for movies though. Right now, my wife and I are watching “Foyle’s War” and “Fringe”

  35. Glen says:

    Using the KSFO app to listen to Dr. Michael Savage right now………..

  36. This is a strikingly beautiful Tumblr blog, for architecture & art. What is so cool is the way the blogger subtly varies color of the posts.

    Another favorite site is this Tumblr.

  37. Rob Murphy says:

    the picture quality on Amazon Prime / Amazon movies is not quite up to snuff in my opinion. We experience artifacts that we don’t experience via Netflix, particularly on HD, and we’re hooked up to Verizon. I don’t think the player is as good on Amazon, sometimes if we pause or ffwd/rwd on Amazon, the feed will freeze up. Not a big deal unless you gotta use the potty, which is a big convenience of watching at home.

    I’ve like reading Jon Acuff’s stuff online – stuff christians like.

    I like Drudge and Twitter for news. I don’t mind the backtracking on news via Twitter, at least they’re honest about it and not stealth editing like NYT, WashPost, etc.

  38. Michael says:

    I’m just starting to get into Tumblr…some cool stuff there.

  39. Michael,
    The way to find things on Tumblr:

  40. Mandatory participation fail… I was hoping to get a few more ideas…. get more stuff on one BD the younger post… lol

  41. London says:

    PhxP (when did that switch from PP?)
    Hulu plus
    Online banking
    Southwest (all the time)

    To name a few…..
    I love the Internet.

  42. London says:

    To me anything I can’t do on my ipad while on a plane counts as “the Internet” so apps count too

  43. I’m laying claim to branding us as “PhxP”.
    Can’t say when, but I remember I started using it as shorthand a few years ago.

  44. Michael says:


    I’ll make that official.
    The first time you did it I jumped on it. 🙂

  45. London says:

    Too many letters to type. 🙂

  46. I

    its my personal Milton Glaser moment

  47. I recall an evening where TheNightCrew was talking about t-shirts & mugs and someone mentioned a PP mug…

  48. brian says:

    I frequent many sights, for work purposes they are government, grants, and training sites. I spent a fair amount of time on evolutionary biology sites, cosmology, and geology as well as medical sites. When seeking to donate most of my time is spent on sites that help build wells for water usually if not mostly linked to Christian ministries, we have the market on helping people. Youtube and other video sites to listen to lectures, because I like a kick in the pants by a consistent person that actually believes what he says, facebook for family and friends. Many history sites, triablogue and team pyro to remind me not to hate people (because I “hate” them at times) to my shame, trust me its personal even though I do not know them. talkorigins, Answers in Genesis and other such sites to remind me a brain is a terrible thing to waist .

    But if you want to know the truth, and I know stick your finger down your throat, I spend alot of time on the prayer threads and suffering Christian / people threads. I am sure that is a personal failing on my part but there it is. With all my bluster, all my posturing I still believe, how pathetic is that, it makes me sick at times as I am sure it makes others want to wretch. Blank or get off the pot as one person put it to me. I just refuse to believe there is no God, I would rather die right here and right now.

  49. brian says:

    I think I might be one of the night crew, I have always been a night person from when I was a kid, it was the only way to protect oneself in the late night hours. I dont know why I am like that but I guess stuff happens. I could stay up for days but as I get older it is harder to function if I do that. After the third or fourth day I get a bit off. The last few weeks when I decided to go to this new spiritual center I am sleeping better, I am not as angry, and I even have a few moments of being happy / joy. I am finding I no longer even hate people. The campus of this spiritual community has a relaxing garden, a place to pray, and people who will actually pray with you. I wont broach that offer, maybe in a few months, but I found a type of peace. But in the back of my mind does come the they are satanic and servants of the father of lies because they are not perfect in doctrine, practice, and the apologetic. If you are not you hate God and He hates you. I cant seem to achieve this spiritual insight with these folks they actually tell me to keep believing what I think, strengthen your faith, dont join us, just find peace. I friend that will just allow you to be you.

    I was overwhelmed because I was accepted, I still do not accept that one should not need, any acceptance ever no matter what. I get that, well I dont but I get it. Its the best I can do Lord, I reached out to the only life preserver I could find. I understand if I was a true Christian I would have went down with the ship, no I would have sunk the ship with all hands lost while singing songs on your providence. This may sound stupid, and it is but having almost drown and burned to death as a kid, and I lost a brother to drowning I struggle with that. I remember the burning part far more clearly, as one person in a bible study online said, his aim was a bit off because I am still here on this planet. I dont deny that I often wonder why God has not wiped my heathen soul out only to resurrect it to eternal perdition for His holy glory. A question, why does an eternal creator of the universe need glory at the expense of those He created? I dont get it, truly I dont, I get that I should go to hell, being a human being that has failed to be perfect and had thoughts that should ensure I am cast into the eternal abyss. I have looked at nice women and pondered having a relationship, I have been angry, I have lusted (for group homes for those I work with and finances to help fund them) but it is still lust. I have grieved, and this should ensure my soul in eternal torment.

    I cling to this hope, and hate myself at the same time because I show emotionalism, God hates that trust me He does from my experience and study online. God wants warriors, true believers, who will take no prisoners and not offer even a single tear for the damned. Though I loath Catholic theology the idea of praying for the dead often gives me comfort, as a true evangelical I should rejoice in the slaughter of the damned, it is God’s righteous judgement. As I have come to understand it, we are the condemned in the concentration camp and the guards at the same time and we deserve even worse then that, we have an eternal holocaust coming. of course that type of thinking is crap, on its face and any deity that needs that needs to be snuffed out with all our might, I will never worship such a creature. There is a middle ground that I seek, and it is hard and it hurts, and it leads to many hours late at night on my face. I seek the Jesus of my youth, the one that made me fall in love with Him, He is not in His church, He is on a few blogs and He is in the pockets of hope in this world.He is not in the modern apologetic, never has been. Offered for what little it might be worth.

  50. Sarah says:

    I was offline most of yesterday…but thought I would add a few:

    PhP of course.
    FaceBook is a blessing as I am able to keep up with so many friends and share silly things like what I’m making for dinner. On days when I have limited interaction with adults…it is wonderful. Is a great place for articles dealing with life, art, worship etc. It is run by Charlie Peacock’s wife Andi Ashworth who is a friend of mine. She has this amazing presence in real life of just bringing calm and depth…and the blog is similar in tone. Love it. They usually post new articles on Thursdays. Is a new one to me…a friend, Gideon Strauss, referred to it. His sister is the editor and I may get the chance to submit some things there. Again, mostly just articles on life. Again, mostly articles dealing with books or music or just life. Great place to go with a cup of coffee.

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