Pray For Steve Hopkins

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  1. Nomansapologist says:


  2. London says:

    oh no

  3. Sarah says:


  4. grendal hanks says:

    steve, you are loved!

  5. Glenn says:


    Praying for you and your family. My 86 year old Uncle just treated for
    bladder cancer and they got it all. Now they are working on the prostate cancer.
    They have some amazing new techniques and we have the Great Physician.

  6. jlo says:


  7. Nonnie says:

    Amen to what others have expressed. Steve you are loved and appreciated here. Praying for God’s healing touch upon you. May you be embraced in His love and grace today.

  8. Xenia says:

    Lord, have mercy.

  9. Erunner says:

    Praying for you Steve.

  10. nancy says:

    Agreeing with what everyone has said … joining them all in prayer …

  11. Linnea says:

    Yes, in agreement with all and praying, Steve.

  12. Kevin H says:

    Lord have mercy. Praying, Steve.

  13. Goose says:

    Praying for you Steve!

  14. Tim says:

    Steve –
    You already know we’re praying for you here. But it’s a good opportunity to let you know how much I respect you. God bless you, my friend. We’re praying for healing & strength for your family.

  15. Thanks ya’ll. Glenn @ #5 . that’s encouraging. Right now I’m a little in the dark. Finding out what a baton feels like in a relay race! I’m being passed from PCP, to Urologist, to oncologist. Right now I am in the exchange lane for the oncologist at OHSU!

    Thinking about starting a blog to chronicle my journey thru this

  16. Tim
    That means a lot to me…thanks

  17. Bob Sweat says:

    Praying for you Steve.

  18. Not Alone says:

    My heart is heavy for you, praying for God’s quickly healing hand.

  19. Reuben says:


    You are in the greatest hands there are. We are praying for you at CCCVille, and will continue to do so.

  20. Lutheran says:


    Prayers are ascending.

  21. Thanks everyone

  22. odenfong says:

    Just saw this! Praying until it clears, Steve!

  23. Isaiah56:1 says:

    Steve, We are praying for you. We are praying that God heals you and comforts you and your family through the process.

  24. Believe says:

    Praying for Pastor Steve. It truly does rain on the just and the unjust…very sobering.

    I am sorry for you and your family. Praying that if it’s God’s will, He heals you physically…while He strengthens you Spiritually through this terrible trial.

  25. JimB says:


    The wife and I have been praying for you since you let me know. Nothing is impossible with God! I’m commanding by faith this mountain in your life to be taken up and cast into the sea!!! God will be glorified in everything…keep us posted.

  26. Michael Sewell says:

    Just heard. I’ll be praying constantly. Lord, comfort and heal our brother, and increase the boundaries of his ministry!

  27. Jeff Jones says:

    Brother Steve, our congregation and men will be lifting your affliction up regularly. You are loved and appreciated. There are better days ahead.

  28. Em says:

    joining hands in the prayer circle here – Lord, we so need these men who love You and serve us Your good food for souls’ prospering

  29. Jim Jacobson says:

    Steve, I will be praying for you. I have lived with one kidney since I was about 14. It’s not a problem. It made me a cheap drunk however. 🙂

  30. Please Note says:

    Hey Steve-

    Standing with everyone here in prayer before the throne. I have awaited those phone calls on results & such, and I pray for you to be able to rest in Him through all this.

    Praying for guidance, wisdom for the docs, and comfort for you, your family, and your congregation.


  31. Dave Rolph says:


    I am praying for you too. My heart is with you.

  32. Thanks for the encouraging words and prayers

    PN…As Tom Petty said “The waiting is the hardest part”

  33. paigemom says:

    Brother….you know I’ll be praying….. frankly, been there, done that…. cancer, that is.
    Steve….. please call me!!!! There is a huge world of hopeful, helpful info ‘out there’ about living well WITH cancer….. seriously. (but that information is suppressed by the conventional medical realm!!!).
    love ya lots my friend!

  34. filbertz says:

    difficult news. praying too. I’ll be in touch.


  35. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Getting to this late. Steve, you are in our prayers. Hang in there buddy.

  36. Nene says:

    Steve, You are really loved here. Please know your will prayed for….bless you.

  37. purposeman says:

    I felt a heavy burden for you brother,and prayed till it lifted.May our God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation,that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God(2Cor1:3). We’ll continue in prayer.

  38. Man! You guys are awesome…thanks…and Phil…thanks for the call….Fil and I have a lot of history

  39. Pilgrim says:

    Praying for your healing and the peace of God.

  40. Dawn says:

    Steve, I’m praying too for healing, comfort and peace for you and your family….

  41. London says:

    what bugs me the most about this (aside from the obvious that you have to deal with it at all) is that now I have to be nice to you! UGGGGH!!….that’s just too damn hard. Hurry up and get through this so things can get back to normal doofus!! :mrgreen:

  42. L
    Don’t be nice…be your same old obnoxious self 🙂 otherwise I’d think your mad at me and I’d go into a deep depression ! :mrgreen:

  43. JimB says:

    Please pray for my family right now, we have tornado sirens going off in our neighborhood because a tornado is on the ground here in Green Bay. Thank you!!!

  44. London says:

    Fil and you have a lot of history because you’re both OLD!

  45. L
    Well since we are being “transparent” you ain’t no spring chicken

  46. London says:

    HA…even if that were true, and it’s not, I’m still younger than you!

  47. Update

    As of about 10:00 this morning the pathology report says the lesions in my bladder are non-invasive so I will not have to have my bladder removed. Still in question is the lesion in my kidney. Apparently it is inside the kidney and may not even be able to be biopsied which means, they may still have to remove the kidney. Although the initial report from the radiologist indicated the cancer had effected my lymph nodes, that may not be the case. An oncologist friend of mine viewed the CT scans with another respected radiologist and didn’t see any lymph node activity.

    I have an Appt next Tuesday at OHSU with the surgeon to see what happens next.

    I wanted to give this update and say once again thanks for your prayers.

  48. Tim says:

    Thanks for the update…continuing to pray.

  49. grendal hanks says:

    Thanks for the update. We’re cheering for you, your family & your church.

  50. London says:


  51. Isaiah56:1 says:

    Continuing to pray for you.

  52. Sister Christian says:


    Just read this today. Joining everyone here in continued prayer for you.
    Gods strength, comfort, healing, and wonderful loving care for you through all of this.


    Just caught your prayer request regarding the tornado,
    How are things today?

  53. dusty says:

    Just saw this…

    Steve, I will be keeping you in prayer for this….for your health…for your healing… I am so sorry. (((big hugs))) want one of my kidneys?

  54. Captain Kevin says:

    Gosh, I can’t believe I did not see this until tonight. Haven’t been around the PP or FB much lately. My friend and brother, I will be praying fervently for you. Hoping to stop in and see you this summer. I think I owe you a lunch.

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