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  1. Paige says:

    Amen. “Teach us by thy Holy Spirit, what to believe, what to do, and where to take our rest.”
    Amen….. I need that prayer answered each moment….

    Praising God for my friend David Sprunger, who is dealing with a brain tumor…is recovering so well from brain surgery 2 weeks ago, that he is playing at a fund raising concert tomorrow, Nov 2, in Medford…. a fund raiser for his own medical expenses. Amazing.
    Praying for God’s healing touch in his body, and for wisdom, guidance and provision for on going medical needs…. amen.

    The Lord is good; a stronghold in times of trouble. He knows those that are His. Nah 1:7

  2. London says:

    My nephew could use some prayer for a work situation over the next two weeks if you would please.

  3. Scott H says:

    I’m blessed. Many know I went into the office to work on the management team. I did that for 1 year and decided it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I learned so much about the industry from the inside.

    I went back into a truck in September as an owner operator contracting with the same company. I love the independence and being back in business for myself!

    In addition, I decided a year ago to get into better physical shape and lost 120 lbs. I feel like a million dollars these days.


  4. Nonnie says:

    Please pray for my friend Robin and her husband, Larry. He may have cancer and they are awaiting the results. Both are having panic attacks, can’t sleep…fear has cornered them and they just seem to be engulfed in hopelessness. My heart breaks to see them like this. I’m in communication with her through messaging, as we are 5000 miles from one another. Please pray for that peace that passes understanding. Praying that what I share with her is from the heart of God.

  5. Em says:

    Nonnie, i have known that peace that passes understanding – people were praying – i will pray for your friends to be blessed in their trial also

  6. Nonnie says:

    Thank you Em.

  7. London says:

    Wow Scott!
    Good job in the weight loss!
    And congratulations on the new job opportunities.

  8. Nonnie says:

    London, praying for your nephew. God knows and He cares.

  9. Scott H says:

    Thanks, London. This past year plus has been impacting on my life in many ways. The weight loss hasn’t happened through osmosis or wishful thinking

  10. Scott H says:

    Part of my post was truncated. Oh well, you get my drift 😉

  11. London says:

    Thanks Nonnie.

  12. erunner says:

    I am seeing a counselor for the first time in a long while. What she will be doing in a few months is to begin driving with me which no one does these days. I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

    While talking with her I think I said out loud for maybe the first time that I am afraid to die. I’ve described before how I feel like I might die when my panic attacks are severe.

    Why I’m so afraid to die I don’t know but it predates my panic attacks.

    I don’t know if any of you struggle with this or have in the past but I would like to be free from this fear.

    I would appreciate prayer for me and also for Belinda. Since her elbow replacement in May she hadn’t worked in five months. Right now it appears she will be going on Social Security as she is having so many issues. Thank you.

  13. Nonnie says:

    Update on my number 4: He does not have cancer! The doctor said he was shocked and fully expected the tests to come back positive. They are so relieved and praising God for His tender mercies. Thank you for praying.

    Erunner, praying for you. May the Lord meet your every need.

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