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  1. sarah says:

    I would truly value your prayers as I am working out our plans for the rest of the school year. With 15 weeks under our belt, I just now feel like I am getting an idea of how I want this to look .

    One thing…I’m going to write our own Bible curriculum. A few years back I taught an adult Sunday School class where we basically walked through the Bible looking at the ‘Sunday School’ stories in their context. I was amazed that this group of intelligent believers who had grown up in the church did not have a good overview of scripture….so we didn’t go in great depth, we looked more at the over-arching story. I had a great response.

    My goal is to replicate that for the kids. I’ve discussed it with a few friends and they have all asked if their kids could take the class…I’m not quite up for that, but excited about the possibilities. The main issue is time. I’m going to take a weekend right after Christmas and plant at a hotel to try to get some focused work done. Prayers for clarity and direction are greatly appreciated.

    Other than that, I am learning more of what I want to take advantage of in the homeschool setting. One of the main things is teaching the kids to have some rhythm to their day, and to be able to focus without constant distractions. Implementing more conversation and silence as balances…

    I’m more excited about the spring than I was even about the fall! So far we have skyped with friends in Mongolia, been to the home of a couple who were missionaries in Russia (they spent the whole day with out little group of kiddos) and skyped with my brother about his travels to Cambodia and Vietnam and Thailand. Such great conversations!!

  2. jlo says:

    Sarah, will be praying.

  3. Em says:

    Sarah, i’m very excited at what you’ve described in your schooling plans – praying up here, too

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