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  1. Erunner says:

    Our neighbor’s daughter has been in the hospital for 17 days with a liver infection. They did a biopsy early on and removed a tube of puss from her liver. She is at the local hospital and they don’t have what’s necessary to do the procedure/surgery she needs to clean things up. The family is being told other hospitals won’t admit her because they don’t have any empty beds.

    I’ve tied to be an encouragement to her parents during this time of uncertainty.

    Today I was sitting in their garage with them and two other neighbors when the garage phone rang. All they get are solicitation calls so as I was near the phone I picked it up. It turned out to be their sick daughter.

    This is the one who hasn’t spoken to me in over four years and pushed me into a wall in their home over a silly thing. I believe she hates me totally. She was very angry I picked up the phone and then after I handed it to her mother she gave it to her mother who told her to calm down.

    Their daughter needs prayer for her illness as well as her parents who are elderly and worried sick. I feel stupid for picking up the phone and am finding it hard to have the sympathy I should for her.

  2. Em says:

    praying with and for you, E – sometimes our prayers have to be detached from feeling, i think – just be an obedient child and lift our enemies up to God – just pray Xenia’s “Lord have mercy”

  3. Erunner says:

    Thank you Em. It’s a very strange situation.

  4. Linnea says:

    I’d appreciate continued prayer for my husband–chemotherapy has taken a tremendous toll on him. Please pray for strength, energy, and the ability to think. Thank you…

  5. Michael says:

    Linnea…still praying…for both of you.

  6. jlo says:

    E and Linnea, praying.

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