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  1. erunner says:

    Belinda is doing well although pain is an issue if her arm isn’t elevated. Put a bird feeder outside the bedroom window and there’s a lot of beautiful birds that drop by which she enjoys. Sees the doctor Wednesday and then physical therapy at some point.

    Our former pastor passed away this morning. His name is Bill Ketts and he was one of three pastors along with Oden Fong and Pedro Buford. Bill was the real deal and I have never met someone quite like him in my life.

    I haven’t seen him since he moved to Washington but he left a huge impact on my life. Please keep his family in prayer as they navigate forward. They are strong in their faith but losing a husband/father is never something one just moves on from. Thank you.

  2. Dysty says:

    Still praying for continued recovery for belinda. J2tjepersons husband. Capt keven
    Michael. Neo. Nonnies nephew.dereks friend

  3. Dusty says:

    Praying for continued recovery for london

  4. Dusty says:

    Im not home today and am posting requests from memory today…will post the list tomorrow when we get home.

  5. Dusty says:

    Michael praying for your interview

  6. Nonnie says:

    Thank you Dusty. He’s my grandson., 22 months old. He will have his 3rd open heart surgery sometime in the coming year. Please pray he will begin walking soon. He’s come so far in the past few months and we are so thankful for the quality of life he has right now!! Thank you for praying for Bennet.

  7. Michael says:

    Thank you, Dusty!

  8. sarahkwolfe says:

    Just popping in for a moment…Nonnie praying for baby Bennet this morning. What an almost-2 years he has had! Praying that he will begin walking soon and that this 3rd heart surgery will bring even more health and strength to his little body. I don’t know if you remember the little baby here in our community who is just a little older than Bennet…he had a heart transplant that came just when they thought they were out of time. He is thriving and doing so well. This past weekend was the 2nd annual motorcycle ride for him and he was there wearing his red heart survivors cap. I still remember standing by the side of the road with the boys waving to them as they drove home with him from the hospital after almost a year.

    Sooo…praying for Bennet to flourish just like Andrew!! Miracle babies.

    Praying for Michael and Trey this morning as well, along with Belinda and J2’s community and husband. Saw John Duncan posted something about Kidney stones on FB…praying for him this morning as well.

    Came by as well to give praise…Steve and Zach were in a terrible car accident last week (31st), that should have been fatal. They walked away with a few scratches. Added praise that the insurance gave us a very fair settlement for the truck when we had heard we were going to get a pretty low settlement…very thankful that we will be able to replace the truck with something durable.

  9. dusty says:

    Prayer Requests: June 9-16

    Dusty – has broken her foot .

    Michael and Trey Needing prayer covering

    J2 and her husband facing nonsense from the local government which may result in $6000 in fees. Prayers for wisdom and the community voicing their frustration, and that they would be heard.

    Michael Liles “Smurf” A man Derek served with in Bosnia and Iraq, he has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS. The lifespan for those diagnosed with this is very short. Prayer for Michael and his family. You can find out more, also about his speaking before Congress for more attention to ALS, on his FB page:

    Scott Pastor friend’s 18 month old Granddaughter was killed when a dresser and television fell on her.

    Neo – rapid recovery from surgery .

    Nonnie- her Grandson Bennet’s recovery from his surgery!

    Paigemom’s Daughter and Son-in-law Eric and Sarah S. “My son in law out of work for months. , is also struggling with depression and severe self doubt. My daughter works part time. Both are ‘hanging in there’ by faith, but both are weary and wonder if they have been ‘cut off’ from God’s care.

    Gary – for a solid job opportunity and something to come quickly for housing. Also, just for some encouragement during this frustrating time.

    Scott Praise for all that God has done and prayer during this time of transition.

    Michael Needs a job and income. Now
    J2thePerson – disability application processed quickly.

    Chile -family member who was given just two years to live.

    Ryan – dealing with loneliness and a desire for true friendship.

    Derek – friend Dennis , served two tours with Derek and is possibly PTSD

    London – for her eyes.

    Sarah’s Nephew-in-Law Blake Serving 9 months in Afghanistan. Pray for safety.

    Pastor Saeed FREEDOM

    Gomergirl – coworker/ friend, Kathy. niece was one of the victims in Santa Barbara

    Captain Kevin – ever- diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis (narrowing of the upper spinal column), which causes pain in my neck and shoulders as well as down into my hands. , bone spurs in my hands, and what appears to be a separating of my left wrist and hand. I should be going in for an MRI on that hand sometime in the next week. I’m wearing braces and taking some pretty strong meds, but the relief is minimal. My pain specialist says that pain sensations I feel are probably heightened by the fibromyalgia.

  10. Michael says:

    Thank you, Dusty…this is a big job and I’m glad you’re here.

  11. sisterchristian says:

    Joining in prayer through the prayer list..,
    Praying Gods favor and blessing for the Skype interview that Michael had today

    Joining in praise for Bennett’s progress
    And praise for Gods protection of Steve and Zach

    Also praying for ” Concerned” this night…
    May God bless you in all your ways
    may He bring you peace and comfort
    Great strength and wisdom
    may He show you the enormous love He has for you…
    And how precious and dear you are to me…

  12. j2theperson says:

    Keeping everyone in my prayers.

    My father-in-law came down with C Diff. He ended up having to go to the hospital so that he could get fluids intravenously. They don’t foresee complications, but he is in poor health and on a lot of different medications for various things. So hopefully he will recover in the next few days and be able to go home.

  13. j2theperson says:

    We have another city meeting tonight. If anyone sees this before then, please pray for a really good turnout.

  14. Dusty says:

    agreeing with you in prayer j2theperson

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