Prayer & Praise: May 2-8

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  1. Sarah says:

    We could very much use prayer here in Nashville and the area. If you’ve seen the news, the flooding is pretty serious, and the rain is coming down in waves right now…I cannot see the neighbors house behind us. I flew in last night from NM and it was a white-knuckle drive home (about 45 mins).

    We have tornados mixed in with the flooding….sirens have been going off for them since 5am.

    I’m extremely thankful for a friend at church who is covering my prayer slot so we don’t have to drive down the hill in this (I think downtown has been okay to this point, it’s mainly our outlying areas). If you watch weather channel or cnn you’ll see what we’ve got.

  2. Sister Christian says:

    praying for the flood situation in Nashville area
    for abatement and dispersion with protection for all.

  3. Sister Christian says:


    Thus it is true, how good it is to follow thee!
    This is a prayer of praise for Your guidance and leading,
    for your provision in all areas, For Your faithfulness and blessing abundant
    How good it is to trust in You!!
    You lead us in paths for Your righteousness sake,
    for Your Honor and Glory.
    Thank You Heavenly Father,
    Your word is true.
    No weapon formed against us will prosper,
    You withold no good thing to those who love You and are called according to Your purpose,
    You do not lead us, where Your grace and goodness does not sustain us,
    In You is life, and Life abundant
    all Joy , true, rich, full joy is found in You!
    The deepest of all satisfactions are in Your presence,
    are found in walking humbly with You!
    Oh that we would all enter in to the richness and fullness of life that is found in You
    <May we cast aside the fears, cares and weights of sin that so easily beset us
    and find our delight wholly in You.

    Bless each and every person who reads and participates here
    from the moderators to the regular posters,
    from those who have recently found this site, to those who have been participating for years
    from those in the laity to those who pastor and care for the souls of the saints
    bless those who have known and walked with You for years, to those who are just now beginning to inquire of You.

    Bless and keep Michael,
    His family and those whom he has been entrusted to care for
    grant him much wisdom and grace as he attends to the tasks both mundane and dramatic. Give him much peace, rest, protection
    as well as provision to accomplish all that You direct him to do.

  4. Sarah says:

    Steve’s parents just got evacuated.

  5. Em says:

    been praying – without TV coverage – i still give the news headlines a cursory check on line as i make my internet rounds – folks in their unregenerate minds will pray for the rocks to fall and hide them before they’ll turn to the Lord… all prophesy nuts and nutty prophets aside, this world is shaking in many ways …
    “Lord, I know only that I know but one thing, that it is good to follow thee and that it is evil to offend thee.”
    Amen to every word of Sister Christian’s petition this morning, Lord. Oh, Lord. strengthen us to see our need of You and to see and confess our sinful bent to look elsewhere. Work in our contrite hearts to receive instruction from God the Holy Spirit. We need to internalize what we know of You, Lord and move forward to You.

  6. Isaiah56:1 says:

    Sarah – Praying for Nashville, and you.

  7. Believe says:

    Wow Sarah, praying for Nashville…I have friends there (you included)…be safe.

  8. BrianD says:

    Flooding is not the end of the world; we went thru something similar last August.

    Still…any hard rain bothers the heck out of me. Scares me. Thoughts and prayers for those of you in Nashville and Memphis.

  9. Michael says:

    Sarah just sent me a video of the situation near her home…scary as hell.
    Praying that God have mercy on these folks.

  10. Linnea says:

    Sarah–praying and started doing so when I saw the video footage on the news last night.

    Also keeping gulf coast folks in my prayers– that region has just taken too many hits in recent years. What with the hurricanes and this economy, many businesses have failed. Now this for gulf fisherman. My heart goes out to them.

  11. jlo says:

    Sarah, Praying.

  12. Nene says:

    Sarah, Wow..I am just so sorry…praying….

  13. Michael says:

    I could use prayer for employment and alleviation of some physical issues.

    I thank God for the faith to believe that He is providentially in control of these matters and He cannot and will not forget the ones whose names are engraved on His heart.

  14. jlo says:

    Michael, Praying.

  15. Believe says:

    Michael…ever considered teaching Theology / Divinity?

    With references like Packer and others…you may have an opportunity there…dunno.

    A lot of seminaries offer online courses…so they may need online instructors.

    Some schools use Adjunct professors…some Community Colleges, State Universities etc…as well as Christian Schools.

    You are so gifted in this area.

    Any schools in the greater Medford area? Even the secular schools have “religion” courses…

  16. Believe says:

    Praying also.

  17. Nene says:

    Michael, Praying now…

  18. Believe says:

    Pacific Bible College in Medford has a couple of Reformed guys on staff…they offer a lot of Bible and Theology courses…might be worth looking into…dunno.

  19. Michael says:

    I’m not qualified to teach…never finished my degrees.

  20. BrianD says:

    Praying, Michael. Father, give my brother a job, a good job, that will allow him to care for Trey and the rest of his family and allow him the time and money to follow his other interests, and the ministry you provide for him. Lord, open doors on his behalf, and give him favor with employers in all kinds of ways. Father, have mercy on Michael, and give him comfort from his pains and other physical issues. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  21. nancy says:

    Adding my AMEN to BrianD’s prayer

  22. nancy says:


  23. Sarah says:

    Looks as though Steve’s parents have lost everything that was not in their attic.

    An elderly couple that was trying to leave the condos were caught in their car and died.

    Our church has set up a fb group to connect those impacted with those able to help…things are still pretty serious at this point.

  24. Em says:

    Amen, praying with you all

  25. BrianD says:


  26. Sarah says:

    Not sure if this will work, but this is video from local news. This is where Steve’s folks live. If you pause at 4:26 you will see the roof of three condos on top (one grey, two brown). There are several condos on the bottom, between the two brown ones on the bottom right you’ll see two trees close together. Steve’s folks have the condo that is on the left of those two trees.

    Thank you all so much for your prayers…we are okay, but sick for Steve’s folks and waiting to see what we do to help. They’ve lost all their clothes, all their furniture, all their pictures etc.

  27. Michael says:


    The commentators were saying that many of these people couldn’t buy flood insurance…is that so?

  28. Sarah says:

    Michael…yes, this area is not in a flood plain, so the insurance was not available. That’s my in-laws situations, so they have no help in this.

  29. Tim says:

    Praying for Sarah’s family & for Michael

  30. Glenn says:


  31. brian says:

    Michael if you are interested I am the Chief Product Development Officer of a startup, all of the senior members are Christians from diverse backgrounds. I cant promise anything, I wish I could but if you are interested. This is one of several startups I am now involved with as my employment is still under threat, I hate living this way, not knowing. Well offered for what its worth.

  32. Sarah says:

    Thought I’d share this video:

  33. Sarah says:

    Steve just called a bit ago to tell me that they had found his aunt. We had not been able to contact her through the weekend, although her home was not in danger of the flooding. His folks went by today and with the help of firefighters broke in. She was dead on the couch, curled up with a blanket and the tv was on.

    Would very much appreciate prayers, mainly for Steve’s family….just such an emotional and intense weekend with losing their home and now this.

  34. BrianD says:

    Sarah, my condolescences to you all.

  35. Erunner says:

    I’m sorry Sarah. Praying.

  36. nancy says:

    Oh Sarah … I’m so sorry. Praying ….

  37. jlo says:

    Sarah, so sad, praying.

  38. Nene says:

    Sarah, My heart just hurts for your family. Praying..

  39. Sarah says:

    Thanks all. I just got home from seeing Steve’s folks, who are staying at his brothers. Steve and his brother stayed at the aunt’s house until she was taken away. It appears she died three days ago, so things were pretty bad. Steve and his brother spent the last four hours cleaning the house and repairing the door that was kicked in.

    We’re all tired and trying to figure out the next step. Thanks so much for the prayers.

  40. Em says:

    praying with

  41. Sarah says:

    Sorry to be bombarding with requests, but one more today. Steve’s father is meeting with an insurance adjuster at the condo (they are hoping they can get in today) to see if insurance will cover things. Since they do not have flood insurance, there is no reason the insurance is bound to cover things, but it seems like a positive sign that the adjuster is willing to meet with him. I would think if they were just going to deny all flood claims they would do so without taking the time to go look.

    So, please pray that they might have favor with the insurance company and find some relief.

  42. jlo says:


  43. Em says:

    reading the list here and praying
    praying that the adjuster will declare Sarah’s in-laws covered for ‘water damage…’

  44. Sarah says:

    Thanks Em, and Jlo. The adjuster said that there actually was a problem with a storm sewage drain that did not work properly (not sure it really could have), and that is an ‘out’ of sorts….they will receive some money. We’re not sure how much, but they will receive something.

    They are working tonight to get as much out of the condo as possible. Putting their life on the side of the street to be picked up and taken to the dump. It’s pretty brutal.

    Please pray for my husband…his work is extremely stressful at the moment, and he has now dealt with cleaning the house of his aunt from the impact of her remains and now driving an hour down immediately after work to help his parents. This will be our life for awhile…and yet, there are so many in our town who have even more difficult circumstances.

    Today has been beautiful, and yet there is such a deep sobriety around us.

  45. jlo says:

    Sarah, just checking in to see your update, will continue to pray for you, your husband, and family. How are your boys holding up?

  46. Em says:

    prayer has to continue – so many are being tested to the edge of faith and endurance – to paraphrase sister Xenia, Oh Lord, yes! have mercy on us.

  47. Sarah says:

    Jlo…thanks. They are doing pretty well. They actually were really great last night when we went to see Steve’s folks, although I think when they see the condo they will be more impacted.

    They knew this aunt and loved her, so the funeral will be tough. There will not be a viewing because of her condition, and that might be hard for them to understand. Steve said when they were going through things in the house they found three crisp $2 bills and three chocolate easter bunnies. We simply had been too busy to get by there…and that has weighed very heavily on us this last day. We realized that we did not minister where we could have more faithfully.

  48. jlo says:

    Sarah, you have had alot on your plate, don’t be too hard on yourself. God knows your heart, rest easy dear sister.

  49. nancy says:

    Oh Sarah … Agreeing with Jlo … you can only be in one place at a time. I am struggling with that myself at this point … so I’m preaching to myself as well.

    Praying for you & your family …

  50. nancy says:

    Please continue to pray for my mom. She is still in the hospital … & will soon be released to a rehab/care facility. She has been down for too long & has lost a great deal of strength … also has some health issues that would be hard to deal with at home. Seems best for her to spend a little time getting PT & help from nurses & then hopefully home in a couple weeks or so. Please pray she is released from the hospital soon … & all things go smoothly. It really has dragged on & mom is fading & I’m exhausted. Thanks.

  51. nancy says:

    In the midst of dealing with my mom in the hospital I do have a praise to report … my brother-in-law Keith is home from the rehab center & doing amazingly well. He is able to walk with the help of just a small leg brace & a cane. His heart is healing … his memory is in tact … speech is totally fine … amazing!!! Also … with the very generous help of family & friends he has a one floor living space set up that is working out very well. He truly has been given a second chance! Thanks so much for praying for him.

  52. Sarah says:

    Nancy…praying for you and your mom and your family.

  53. jlo says:

    nancy, praying

  54. Nene says:

    Nancy, Awesome about your brother in law! Continuing to pray for your mom, and for you as well!

    Sarah, praying for your husband. and the entire situation there..

    JimB, I just saw you had a tornado in your area yesterday? Are you guys ok?

    Em, thank you for the beautiful prayer for my dad, and encouragement the other day. Your prayers (and everyones here) mean the world to me. Thank you so, so much… really.

  55. Believe says:

    Much love to the PP family….and praying for those on the prayer thread…

  56. nancy says:

    Got my mom all settled into the rehab center last night … & they just called & said she had to be sent to the ER … her heart rate was too high & irregular … very common for her … but anyway … she’s back in the hospital. I’m off now to try & calm her down!

  57. Sister Christian says:

    praying for you, for your Mom

    praying for you, your husband and parents.

    May God impart much grace, strength, during this time for both of you and your families.


    joining BrianD in his prayer for you for gainful and fulfilling employment

  58. nancy says:

    Looks like my mom is back in ICU because of a mistake … they stopped giving her the meds that regulate her heart rate … I have no idea why … & the hospital is not giving me any reason. Now she is having trouble breathing … her heart rate is high & totally irregular … all heart symptoms are acting up! I’m totally frustrated & angry & frightened all at the same time. This should not be happening. Please pray …..

  59. Michael says:


  60. London says:

    Nancy- praying.

  61. Sarah says:

    Nancy….praying right now.

  62. jlo says:

    Praying for Nancys’ mom

  63. Nene says:

    Nancy, I am saddened to hear about the situation with your mom. Lord be with Nancy’s mom right now. May your hand Lord be upon this situation. Give all those involved the much needed wisdom, and discernment. Be with Nancy now, and give her peace Lord.

  64. Nene says:

    I have to come back and ask for some prayer. I recently got some sub jobs, and am extremely thankful…

    I reluctantly took a sub job the other day with an idea of how bad it would be. I need to work, so I took it. I wish I had turned it down now…it blew up in my face, and I thought I had crossed my i’s and dotted my t’s. Sigh. I could use some prayer…thanks light of others needs I feel bad asking, but I need the Lord’s touch.

  65. Em says:


    God keep all close and strengthened in sure knowledge of You, Lord

  66. Em says:

    still working thru the list here…Nene, Nancy, Sarah, Michael, London, and many not posted, but God knows…
    thanks all for the privilege – what a privilege to carry things to The Throne of God knowing that He’s a living (breathing?) omnipotent Being and moves heaven and earth to take care of us without compromising His own character while He has us out here in enemy territory for the time being…
    just struck me tonight that i’m indebted to you all for the times you make me stop and consider our Lord and all He has revealed to us little ole mud babies… 😉

  67. jlo says:

    nene praying

  68. Sarah says:

    Em…love your words.

    Nene…never feel bad asking for prayer, for anything. Praying for you this morning.

  69. jlo says:

    Thinking about and praying for Dusty.

  70. Nene says:

    Hi all, thank you again for all your prayers….thank you….

    Continuing this evening in prayer for this family. For jobs, for health, grieving losses, hearts that are broken. Lord we ask you to ease the pain of those here. Ease the physical pain in hurting bodies. Use through others Lord to come along side, and encourage us. As we go into our weekend, we ask you Lord to be with us, and guide us. You are our King and Savior, we worship you, we praise you. Thank you Lord for this day, this evening. As we move into the weekend, we cling to you only. amen.

  71. Nene says:

    Lord be with Nonnie this evening/tomorrow as she travels from far to see her mom. Be with her as she travels to and from the airport, and in flight. May your hand be upon Nonnie as she spends the next few weeks with her mom. Lord, hold this family in your arms, bless them deeply, and continue to pour out your spirit upon them.

    Looking forward to seeing you Nonnie!! Yay!

  72. Sarah says:

    Hey all…quick update from here. Steve’s folks received a small amount from homeowner’s association (very small) and were pretty depressed. Yesterday, a man from their church who owns a restoration company that deals with flood damage is coming to finish the clean-up and disinfecting. For free. A contractor friend of Steve’s brother is coming to give an estimate, and is going to do the work at a very reduced price. One of those two, I can’t remember who, has a condo that is open and is offering for Fred & Bev to live there for free as long as needed.

    That was encouraging! We’ve made really good progress in the house.

    I could use some prayer though! I’ve brought all the dishes, slides and pictures home and am cleaning them and trying to salvage the pictures and letters. It’s a job. I’m doing bleach washes of the dishes in the bathtub, boiling silverware and my freezer is filled with pictures until I can get to them. I’m a little overwhelmed with keeping the little men happy, although some friends are taking them all day today.

    So….pray I can be efficient and effective.

    Thanks all!

  73. jlo says:

    Sarah, praying the Lord multiplies your time.

  74. Sarah says:

    I don’t think Nancy will mind….please pray for her…she posted this on FB:

    “mom is being sent home to be comfortable … please pray for traveling mercies … no bumps.”

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