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  1. Tim says:

    We’re starting 1 John today, covering verses 1-4 of chapter 1.

    Who is Jesus? Jesus is eternal – Jesus is physical – Jesus is the Word of Life – Jesus is God incarnate – Jesus is attested to/declared – Jesus is the basis for fellowship with God and with one another. And as a result from all of this, Jesus is the basis for our joy!

    Notes are here.

  2. Sister Christian says:

    “without murmuring obey thy will, which is only good”

    Thats one to grapple with, to obey Gods will , without murmuring!
    How often are we guilty of murmuring? Thats one of the downfalls of many who were in the wilderness, the children of Israel, who kept looking back to those things of the flesh, instead of looking forward to the blessings found in walking with God,
    and His blessings were bountiful…
    their clothing and shoes did not wear out for 40 years,,,
    he provided them with food from the windows of heaven,
    and if that had not been enough,
    He would have given them the finest,,, the very finest of wheat,
    and honey from the rock,, but they would not have it, in their murmuring and complaining, they limited ( not Gods ability) but what they would receive from the Holy one.

    What i learned this week,
    Gods abundantly creative force of provision
    the deepest sense of satisfaction in following after God with all my heart, soul and mind
    each morning was filled with Praise for His magnificent ways
    in seeing his hand at work in the most extraordinary fashion.
    Not in high profile drama,
    but in the purest and simplest forms

    Our Lord truly takes the simple to confound the wise!
    His ways are exceedingly wonderful!!!

    Blessings to each and everyone!
    So wish i could be around more to participate and converse,
    however we are close to completetion of the renovations here,
    (still have some remaining concrete work, tile work, plaster touch ups, and final painting,
    and renewal of the facade…installation of gate and grills on the new wall)
    and have for the first time an “official” deadline to meet. (Yikes!)
    while I have made many self imposed ones,
    this one involves is more intimidating :a group of city officials, mainly: the Mayor, Chief of police, Fire dept etc for preliminary inspection for permission to open the church to the Public,
    prayers for favor in this meeting in the short weeks ahead
    would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Sister Christian says:

    “And as a result from all of this, Jesus is the basis for our joy!”

    Amen Tim!
    Continued prayers for you, your family, those you minister too, and revival in T.Tx!

  4. Tim says:

    Thanks SisC!

  5. Em says:

    Pastor Tim, that’s getting doctrine down to us pure and simple and powerful. Hope you give yourself permission to pound the pulpit as you wind up quoting Spurgeon. 🙂
    with SC praying for protection and blessing on you and yours.

  6. Linnea says:

    Tim…great encouragement.

    SisC…more great encouragement and many prayers going your way for favor with the officials, neighbors, the towns and the surrounding communities. May God bless your obedience and may many come to know Him there.

  7. paigemom says:

    Wonderful service and message from Jonah on “The Call o f God”
    at Mount Olivet this morning.
    We are finally attending the Bible & Doctrine classes before services.
    Really sweet. Divinity and Uniqueness of Jesus Christ today at class.
    Sure love this church and thank God for the privilege of attending/participating.
    Worship is hands down, best I’ve ever heard. Glorious.
    Yes, the Gospel is preached every service! amen!

  8. BrianD says:

    I put this on the wrong thread 🙂
    We began a short series in Acts. Really today was about encouraging people to tithe, and give, and give very sacrificially.
    Our church continues to grow and expand…and we were basically told to start giving. Till it hurts.
    Now let me emphasize they are not the devil…and I know you need money to run a church and I believe in church staffers having a living wage.
    But this is going to be emphasized off and on for the next several years…and I can’t help but think that only when I’m sacrificing something that I like in order to give the money to the church will the church leaders truly be satisfied with me.
    And, frankly, I’m not sure if ‘giving until it hurts’ is permissible Biblically…or if it’s pragmatism.
    It was a great opportunity for me to evaluate my heart…and to ask myself if I can really pay the membership fee right now…and if this is a place where I can serve.

  9. had a tough one today. Last week I was diagnosed with kidney and bladder cancer. Told the congregation today. I am confident I can survive with just one kidney but I am still in the dark as to how invasive the cancer in my bladder is. I think it’s a fairly recent onset. I’ve had three CT scans in the last8 months; the lesions didn’t show up on the first two .

    I am hopeful at the outcome of all this but a little scared…so is my family. I told Michael that when the time was right I’d share it with you all. I would appreciate your prayers

  10. Sarah says:

    So very sorry, Steve. Wish there were words….praying with great awareness of the need for God’s mercy all around us.

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