Stinking To High Heaven

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  1. Em says:

    i’m getting error messages, so i don’t really know if anything from here is posting – but these words are very encouraging to me this a.m. – my nurse daughter’s specialty was sold by the hospital she works for to an international chain and she has been laid off by the hospital as a result – hard working single woman with a mortgage – we’re seeing our routine and expected security blow up in our faces – i’m with you here reminding myself that you are right, it is our Father’s show and He loves us

  2. Paul lytton says:

    I hope this is not out of context of this thread but it is about medical emergency and God being in control. I had been involved in a prison riot at a maximum security prison as a correctional officer (prison guard). I ended up getting a disability retirement although I had only been working as such for eight years. My disability was truthfully minor. However, in order to be a prison guard you must be 100% physically well. 99% just does not cut the mustard. Anyway, I was allowed to work and keep my retirement, I just could not work for the state anymore. So I started to drive a tour bus. About my second month of being a bus driver a car entered the freeway in front of me and crashed into the guardrail. The car bounced back into the fast lane and had no lights on. It was 2-14-03 at 1:30 am. It was dark, slightly raining and slightly foggy. No other vehicles were even on the freeway at that time but I knew that there will soon be some and that car was not moving, with its lights out and no one was coming out of it. I pulled my bus to the shoulder and turned on the four way flasher. There were passengers using their cell phones to call 911. I grabbed my cell phone and a flashlight. I did not know how many people were in the car and of what age, whether they were men-women-or children. I told the passengers to stay in the bus and I went to give first aid if needed. I had CPR training as previously being a prison guard, a volunteer firefighter and an Emergency Chaplin for the Red Cross. Still nobody was coming out of the car in a hazardous position. While I was standing at the driverā€™s window a pickup truck came, doing 65 mph. It hit the car and me. Throwing me 122 feet through the air and I landed on my head, on the pavement. I went immediately into a coma. Of course I remember none of this, or even going to work some 16 hours ago. I found all of this out by the Highway Patrol report. When I was taken to the E.R. there was a Chaplain there that knew me. He called my step daughter and told her that he was told I will be dead within six hours. After 10 hours passed and I was still alive, they told my daughter that if I live, I will probably not come out of the coma. Six weeks later when I started to come out of the coma they told her that I will probably be a Quadriplegic. Little did they know that God had a different idea. I have been asked if I know why God saved my live and I think that I do know why and it had nothing to do with me being a good person. While I was in a coma many good people were praying for me. God wanted them to know that He loves them, He hears them and He will answer their prayers. He also wanted to show those praying that He is in control of the medical system and those working in it. Plus, by me living longer, it gave me more time to be a living testimony to Him and to give Him more praise than I did previously. My point to all of this is that God works in multiple ways when he takes over a single incident and it is not always known how many people that are a part of it.

    God bless you,

  3. Michael says:


    Thank you for that…God bless you.

  4. Paul’s #2 is really food for faith

    no one has said it but i doubt that i’m the only one who has thot it … in our sinful condition we all smell a bit rank

  5. Nonnie says:

    Paul, your testimony means more to me today, than you can know.
    Bless you!

  6. Papias says:

    Paul, Thanks for sharing that.

    Truth be told, we are are stinkers – even the “best” of us.

    It’s like putting cologne on a dead man.

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