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  1. Em says:

    Michael, in another time in this world, yours would have been the column in the morning newspaper that we turned to first as we slurped our first cup of coffee… some of those fellas wrote books… i have a couple because they remind me of the world that i lived my life in… praying for your writing to be published to remind the Church of the world we’re living in now … and perhaps in denial of?

    God keep

  2. Michael says:


    Thank you…very much.
    I’m shaken this morning…but I think I’m supposed to be.

  3. Surfer51 says:

    That hurts with a pain that will never go away in this lifetime!

    She was 15 and borrowed her brother’s motorized gas skateboard without asking.

    It was a hot summer evening so she wanted to just hop down to the corner store and get an ice cream cone before he noticed his skate board was gone.

    The car flew around around the corner and did not see her.

    The next car didn’t see the girl laying on the ground nor the first car because it had fled the scene quickly.

    It ran over her like the first car did and fled also.

    The third car stopped after it had run over the girl.

    All down the block from my place while her brother was flirting with the next door neighbors daughter.

    The news came to us all to quickly.

    The corner was all too dark…

    Hopefully the pain will go away.

  4. Linnea says:

    Michael…very profound. And yes, I agree 100% with Em’s comment. Keep writing….

  5. Sarah says:

    Powerful, Michael. I see the same darkness in many of the kids on FB, and some we encounter in real life.

    Praying for you, for Trey…for those in that community. For our own awareness and hearts that have the desire and strength to reach out.

  6. Anne says:

    Michael & Surfer 51- Thank you for sharing your hearts regarding these heartbreaking situations. Poignant reminders for me to -“Be kind. Everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden”… of one sort or another. Some so heavy that if we could see the burdens, we would be astonished they remain upright at all.

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