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  1. London says:

    I had a stray hanging around for months before finding out who it’s owner is. The kid came by to try to rescue his cat, but unfortunately wasn’t successful.
    He was in school in another town so I said I’d feed the cat till he could come back and get him.
    After about a month the cat stopped coming around so I thought that was the end of him.
    Today I walked outside to put the trash bin out and there was the cat in the front yard! 😳😀

  2. Michael says:

    Cats are good for the soul…keep feeding him 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    This is so often how I actually hear the voice of the Lord… in everyday life in natural ways just as described here.
    Yes, through scripture as well, but really being truthful, these days it is more through nature and natural events.
    My doves have brought me into the deeper things as often as being in church has.
    Thank you for this story.

  4. Em says:

    Russian blue? I had one who’d sit on my lap while I played the piano. It disappeared and I found out years later that a neighbor ( who didn’t like me) had stolen Ghillie and kept her confined in her house

  5. Linn says:

    I love the story and the illustration. Working with kids all day, some warm up more quickly than others. But I often find that the most reticent and difficult ones are the students who come to me at the end of the year, or five years later, to tell me how much they enjoyed my class. So, i keep at it and apply those lessons to other people, especially those who don’t yet know Jesus. Thanks for a good reminder.

  6. Michael says:


    I glean more from nature as well…it converts words into experience…

  7. Michael says:


    I would still have issues with that neighbor…

  8. Michael says:

    Thanks, Linn…

  9. Captain Kevin says:

    Love this, Michael! No cats here, but I still need to repent.

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