The Roys Report Exposes Ben Courson, Applegate Christian Fellowship Leaders…

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19 Responses

  1. JD says:

    These people really piss me off.

  2. Jim says:

    wait… he’s a Hope Generator!

  3. KathyBR says:

    So keep the job but change the title! Hadn’t heard that before. He’s now a hope generator! I laughed when I read that but it’s actually a disgusting, especially when no one is told of the change and why. (He’s disqualified) Young man, step down and repent. Your father should be ashamed with how he has handled this.

  4. Pineapple Head says:

    When the church is run like a family business, well, this is what often happens. Elders demoted to deacons? Well, there’s a red flag for you. The idea that changing Ben’s title was a logical, viable solution shows how off-course the leadership is. Jon has lost sight of the standards of ministry. As for Ben, it appears to me he is missing some emotional chips. He’s not spiritually or relationally right. Applegate needs an outside investigation to show them all the sin and blind spots that have piled up over the years.

  5. richard says:

    not sure what’s worse…the 30 something divorced pastor frolicking with church ladies, or the fact that dear ol’ dad covered for son.

    both disgusting

  6. Em says:

    sounds like a church that isn’t …. a church….
    Courson is not a pastor, he’s a manipulator… or so it seems from here…. ?

  7. Karen says:

    Is Ben the same guy who compared his wife to Hosea’s wife?

    And what’s a Hope generator?

  8. CM says:

    This not a church. It is a “family” business, more specifically, a crime family. The butts in the pew are merely revenue units for the grifters.

  9. bob1 says:

    And what’s a Hope generator?


  10. Duane Arnold says:

    Hopes to generate some cash… forgive my cynicism…

  11. JD says:

    Even the way Ben Courson sits on a stool looks very weird to me.

  12. UnCCed says:

    It’s ironic, but the murdering (AZ then FL pastor), molesting, embezzling, manipulation, etc, done in my former tribe, have tempered my superiority and accidentally produced SOME humility when around those of the faith who worship in different ways.
    Where I used to feel sorry for those not “blessed-enough” to be birthed in a CC, I’ve learned enough history to affirm Solomon about there being nothing new…
    Just like after returning from Iraq, this country broke my heart.
    After just a few short years of naïveté, my childlike faith was crushed by CC.
    I still believe the Apostles creed, but the continuing depravity of everyone else disallows belief in anything else.
    Ironically, I’ve accidented into a new, growing ministry. Like David, I’m reaching all the disheveled…and the fields are white unto harvest.

  13. Steve says:

    not sure what’s worse…the 30 something divorced pastor frolicking with church ladies, or the fact that dear ol’ dad covered for son.

    both disgusting


    Agreed. Actually what is more disturbing to me is the countless large CCs operating with father son spouse family businesses that currently have no scandal exposed at the moment. I almost feel those that are getting exposed like Applegate are being disciplined by God and the others with no attention might be in much worse shape. They just covering up even better and stronger.

  14. Muff Potter says:

    UnCCed, I too hold to the tenets of The Apostle’s Creed as non-negotiable parameters up front and on the table. The rest of he stuff? I pick and choose, reject and toss out as I see fit.

  15. Karen says:

    Has Jon ever been accused of the same things?

  16. Patch r says:

    Shine a light on it!!!!

  17. Has anything changed? My pastor and the elders preach many times referencing Jon ,Coursen.

  18. Michael says:

    Bonnie Lawhorne,

    Your pastors and elders need to go to seminary…

    Nothings changed…no ones repented, nor will they.

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