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  1. Ixtlan says:

    1. The only one who clapped. Ihate being caught in those ackward moments that reinforce the notion that people are no longer listening, that they no have and sense of social ethic and courtesy. No wonder those who attend church flock to the centers and worship their narcissistic celebrity whom they call “pastor”.

    4. I said for years now that thinking out loud can get you into trouble, even wore when you decide to publish your musings…. Never thought much of what has beenidentified as the “emerging” church. They over thought, and impressed themselves into a form of nebulus utterances that would find a home in many places, just not orthodox christianity.

  2. Michael says:


    Amen and amen.

  3. 1. Haven’t seen carolers in years…sort of sad actually. 🙁
    2. Agreed!
    3. Just prayed for you Michael and will keep you in prayers.
    4. Good to actually hear that some still know truth when they hear it or don’t.
    5. I know enough to know that science does not have everything figured out like they would bluff you into thinking. I know there are a lot of theories, but I like to keep it simple and so, I stick with young earth creationism. Oops, there went any political career I might have had. 😉
    6. True, guilty of thinking I could do this at various times but actually totally a Holy Spirit thing. but I think we should be aware of how are truths or lack of can be used by Him.
    7. Trying, hard at times easier at others.
    8. Thanks, for pointing out Matt’s book, good stuff there!
    9. Lol
    10. So true!

  4. Preston says:

    Due to your #5, I went and took a peek at “Open Blogging” and… Rueben mirrored my exact thoughts/feelings at the time. Honestly, I’d love to hear more from him on that subject.

  5. Josh Hamrick says:

    YEhoo! Resuced from Open Blogging 🙂

    1.) Awesome. And the fact that YOU enjoyed it means that the purpose was served. Glad the kids are out there doing God’s work. Bringing a smile to the face of an over-burdened, but faithful man.

    2.) I’m loving Christmas this year. I have to work hard to avoid those things that would damper my mood, but man, I’ve got two little kids, and they are caught up in a magic world right now. I wouldn’t bring them down for anything.

    3.) I’m sorry you’re being treated that way. That is garbage. Companies need to recognize that fear isn’t a great motivator if you want quality employees. Treat your employees like they are highly valuable, and they will produce.

    4.) Hosea 4:1 – The three things God pointed out as reasons for His judgement were lack of Truth, lack of Love, and No knowledge of God. It occurred to me that the third, no knowledge of God, is really just an indicator of the first two. In other words, if you are big on truth, but lacking in love, you are exposed as needing knowledge of God. If you are big on love, but lacking truth, same principal applies. God is Truth, and God is Love. He is never lacking in either category. When we water down the Truth to suit the sinner, or hold back love to please the pious, we are subtly betraying the God who loves us completely, yet is 100% Truthful.

    5.) I usually avoid those as well. They are generally fruitless.

    6.) Yeah. Apologetics are usually about winning an argument. Most apologists could successfully argue either side of the given issue. It is really just an exercise.

    7.) Wooh! Yes! Just that sentence caused a stirring in me. Thank you!

    8.) Not a bad thing, though many have been helped by your contributions as well. Don’t undersell yourself. You’ve been a big player in a lot of lives. Mine included.

    9.) Add your # 7 to that list.

    10.) I will work on that today.

  6. Michael says:


    That #4 was priceless…great word!

  7. Wow, that #4 was great stuff there Josh!

  8. Josh Hamrick says:

    @ 6 & 7 – Thanks!

  9. Sarah says:

    1. Our church goes caroling every year. They go to a nursing home and to a shopping area near the church building (lots of coffee shops and folks inside and outside). We haven’t been able to go the last couple years, but really hoping to this year.

    2. I guess we could do that, but I think there is something staggering about the fact that words of prophecy and promise and hope are spoken over people throughout this season through song…words that they may not hear in this moment (like those who were oblivious to your carolers). Still, so many of the songs are filled with Scripture, and I have to believe that it does not return completely void. I have to believe that those words are stored somewhere in these hearts that are exhausted and overwhelmed and weary and fearful and frustrated and greedy….and I pray that in the quiet moments those words return in whispers and shouts in the soul. That those words are used by a gracious and generous God to draw some to Himself.

    3. No philosophizing about that…that sucks. Praying for great favor for you and your staff.

    4. Hadn’t heard that and haven’t read the book, but completely agree with your statement.

    5. I am pretty ignorant when it comes to science. This is one of my fears in home schooling…and one of the reasons I am seeking out people a whole lot smarter than myself to be able to speak into my kids’ life. Working on an application right now for a tutorial I am really praying Zachary gets into for next year…

    6.Amen. Still…we should know our faith and why we believe well to be ready to give an answer. For those who are seeking and asking questions, it is good to be able to verbalize more than just warm fuzzies.

    7. I love this season. There is an ache to the grey skies and the beauty of the music. It is almost as though the creative souls around us are trying so hard to help us…to paint pictures or to tell stories or to sing songs…to breathe life into us as they point the wonder that God became man. The amazement is made fresh every season for me with the songs we sing and with the traditions. There is bittersweet as well….with parents who no longer know what this season is, who no longer decorate the house and welcome people in to festive meals. The bittersweet is offset by the wonder and excitement of my kids….who at the moment are just as excited about reading the Gospel narrative through the advent calendar we have as they are with making wish lists.

    8. There are some amazing people around us to point to!!!

    9. I’ll refrain from listing my favorite things….but I do hope you find some unexpected joys!!!

    10. Amen again.

  10. Alex says:

    1. Scathing social commentary on our Consumeristic Culture. We suck.

    2. LOL, true dat.

    3. You’re just a number in the Corporate algorithm. Sad, but true.

    4. Josh’s #4 illustrates the importance of some sort of balance. Only a “real’ Skeptic assents to “nothing”. We all have a Belief System. We all believe stuff. Even the Skeptic is religious, but doesn’t realize it.

    5. LOL.

    6. Agreed.

    7. OK. I’ll look into the eyes of my kiddos and I’ll gaze at the stars.

    8. I think equally important is the work you did exposing CC’s garbage and validating CC cast-offs who were told they were “evil!” and of the devil etc for not succumbing to Spiritual Abuse.

    9. LOL.

  11. Michael says:

    Sarah…thank you.

  12. Michael says:


    I think we will hear more from Reuben…

  13. Michael says:


    I think Matt’s book is going to be one of those classics that people spread to their friends and lasts for years…he is taking an old doctrine and breathing life into it for contemporary readers.

  14. Michael says:


    I think it was important to validate people who were hurt in the church.
    What we have done a poor job of is helping those people recover a vital and healthy faith…and that bothers me tremendously.

  15. Alex says:

    Michael said, “What we have done a poor job of is helping those people recover a vital and healthy faith…and that bothers me tremendously.”

    That is more a function of the lying and non-repentance of the church and church leadership.

    Once folks have experienced the curtain being pulled back and the rank hypocrisy and unbelief in the actual “practicing” scripture like Reconciliation, Copping to Sin, Repentance by Pastors who sell the stuff…only God can win them back.

    I think all we can really do is validate what is true and knock Man Idols off pedestals and expose the garbage for what it is.

  16. Sarah says:

    Something that struck me s I was praying this morning is that if we lose the wonder and the joy and hope of this season, is there any surprise that the world is exhausted and angry during this season? I mean…they are simply caught up in the ‘celebration’ of something they don’t really understand, so they are doing it in the best ability of the world. Which is rather lacking…and when we try to find the joy that is meant to be there as part of Advent, part of the amazing story of God coming as man, in filling up stockings and completing wish-lists….well…no wonder we’re exhausted.

    The thing that I always come back to, and where I always fall short…is that the peace and the wonder and the hope come from being in the presence of God. There is no short cut, there is no easier way…we have to spend time in prayer and in reading and in worship and in fellowship….we can’t just check it off our list. We have to actually encounter the Living God. Then we have something to offer as witness in the midst of the world.

  17. Bob Middleton says:

    I think there is too much angst during Christmas. Just because people don’t turn or acknowledge carolers or something similar doesn’t mean they are hard hearted or uncaring.
    We live in a culture of constant information and input….it’s just the way it is. With all the noise, whether it’s worthwhile or not we train ourselves to focus and that necessarily means we ignore things that could be worthy at times. There are many times we DON’t Ignore great moments, because our attention isn’t fixed on other things. If our attention is fixed on acquiring a gift to bless someone in the name of Jesus we have acknowledged the birth of Jesus just as surely.

  18. Babylon's Dread says:

    I have only two real interests in Christmas… make that three…
    1. A wonderful time with family and some quality time off work
    2. I so enjoy the special Christmas Eve services with my church family
    3. Seeing business bustle so that people like YOU (Michael) can keep their job.

    Oh and … I do not believe in Santa Claus, in elves, in flying reindeer AND I do not believe in the Grinch even when you try to convince us that it is you.

    P. S. I don’t really believe in Rob Bell either … so I left with his 3k in the Pentecost Reversal

  19. Rob Murphy says:

    When I listen and sing our songs and hymns today to my kids at night, at bedtime, I imagine Joseph and Mary did the same thing over their little one. They sang the songs they knew, songs they grew up with, and as people of faith, they likely had a catalog of songs that were heavily influenced by the Scriptures. This year I’ve thought quite a bit about what a challenge that must have been for those parents – singing a lullaby about deliverance to your very own deliverer. Singing songs of hope to the source of hope. A tiny hand in your own hand as you sing the songs of faith you grew up with, and all that faith was and is pointing to the one you’re holding hands with.
    Sometimes thinking about The Incarnation spills way out the framework I’ve allowed it to occupy. I hope it spills over for everyone like that and that we could just see Jesus in a way that wakes up our hope.

  20. Em says:

    Sarah observed – “3. No philosophizing about that…that sucks. Praying for great favor for you and your staff” yes, Lord, amen

  21. Em says:

    ” taking an old doctrine and breathing life into it for contemporary readers.” that sounds so much better than creating new hollow doctrines that pander to the already manipulated and confused, righteously doubting

  22. Alex says:

    Amening Em’s amen.

    This was great: “3. No philosophizing about that…that sucks. Praying for great favor for you and your staff.”

    blunt and to the point 🙂

  23. Papias says:

    Wonderful that you got to hear and applaud the carolers. That made me think – of all of His blessings that He’s given us and for me – how many times I have not applauded Him.

    My son told me last night that he wants a basketball hoop for Christmas. Made me smile to hear that and to know that we bought one Saturday. Looking forward to seeing his face that morning.

    On the subject of the Incarnation,its probably a good time to reread this
    Hope that link works! 🙂 I don’t have the tilde character on my phone.

    Pentecost Reversal ….. 🙂

  24. @ Papias. I think this was what you were aiming for.

  25. Em says:

    “We talk glibly of the “Christmas spirit” rarely meaning more by this than sentimental jollity on a family basis …
    “The Christmas spirit does not shine out in the Christian snob. For the Christmas spirit is the spirit of those who, like their Master, live their whole lives on the principle of making themselves poor–spending and being spent–to enrich their fellow humans, giving time, trouble, care and concern to do good to others–not just their own friends–in whatever way there seems need.” J.I. Packer, ‘Knowing God,’ pages 63 & 64

    from where i picked up reading this a.m. – at the risk of sounding like the crazy old lady here, this is happening spookily often … lots of folk here have the spirit, i think 🙂

    link from Papias and Derek T = “contra mundum” indeed!

  26. Nonnie says:

    Rob’s 19…Beautiful!

  27. Lutheran says:

    We have a son who’s going to a Lutheran college in Minnesota. He’s in the choir. Yesterday they did a beautiful 2-hour concert of Christmas hymns. My wife watched it via the Internet and was majorly blessed.

  28. I have never understood the anguish over Christmas being too commercialized. I can, and do separate the Birth of Christ and the Santa Claus stuff and still participate in both.

    I remember and honor the incarnation, I teach classes during this season – we have extra services at church for Advent. I have no problem going to church on Christmas eve or Christmas day and then turn around, spoil my kids and grandkids and eat like a barbarian.

    It’s not Christ vs Santa to me.

  29. Em says:

    MLD, #28 … i wonder if there is a parallel in the Ramadan observance, not in content, but in how it looks from the “outside” … as a child, i never saw the conflict between Jesus and Santa – all gifting and joyous …
    i look at the Muslim’s fasting and wonder, what’s the point? as soon as the sun goes down you gorge? everyday? … are we different as we enter into the season of the Nativity? … of course the substance is very, very different; but are we different? human nature? dunno

  30. Em, feasts are huge throughout the Bible – meals, parties you name it. I think we sin if we neglect what God has given us for good.

  31. Michael,
    Here’s the thing, when you discover that you are the only one clapping, keep clapping, look around, say, “yeahhh!” really loud, make eye contact, connect with someone who has that “Ohhhh yeah!” realization, then while you clap gesture toward the person, get them to clap, then scan your horizon, keep clapping, make another eye-contact-connection… don’t stop until you start a small riot of appreciation.

    Trust me, It’s infectious and you, for that moment, are a worship leader, as the gratitude pours from your soul.

  32. erunner says:

    Here’s my clapping story. Years ago we had a company wide meeting to fire up the troops. As most of us had made long drives to get there and it was Friday there wee more than a few of us with eyes on the clock.

    The final speaker was obviously fired up and ready to go. He was introducing a product that he was hoping we would incorporate into our arsenal. This would mean $$$ for him.

    So he went on and on and on. Finally I had enough. I took the opportunity to start clapping when he paused to inhale. The whole auditorium quickly followed my lead. We then were dismissed and you never saw a group of people get to their cars faster in your life. I hope he remembered the rousing applause! 🙂

  33. Alex says:

    MLD said, “Em, feasts are huge throughout the Bible – meals, parties you name it. I think we sin if we neglect what God has given us for good.”

    I agree.

    Maybe the Mayans were right…. 🙂

  34. Love that Rob Bell is exploring outside of the camp. This will be an amazing adventure!

  35. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Maybe some hearing the caroling wanted to give the Saturday Night Live Clap

  36. “when a child singing great news about great joy no longer moves us as much as a coupon deal, we’re done as a culture and society.” Sadly true.

    Reminds me of how as a teacher I’ve had to remind my classes that when someone finishes a performance at an assembly, that doesn’t mean “it’s over, we are now free to talk.”

  37. 1. Sounds angelic.

    2. I think we just need to keep pushing anti-consumerism and the sinfulness of jealousy.

    3. Praying for sales and your attitude.

    4. I’ve had to deal with this particular issue a lot recently. If you don’t stand for anything, you stand for nothing. I’ve ticked off a lot of people in the last few weeks. This is because of issues of practice on how to help people in need,to stop giving handouts and start working to resolve the real issues.

    5. I love these discussions, but only because they don’t matter to salvation.

    6. I think apologetics has a role with unbelievers, but not necessarily salvation. I think apologetics helps open doors to make Christianity an option. I recently had a conversation where someone presented me the problem of suffering as why they couldn’t accept Christianity. She presented a very specific problem in her life that causes a lot of suffering. I didn’t respond with the argument against suffering first thing. I related my own experiences and the experiences of others that were considerably worse. Then I moved into an argument about why God would allow suffering. Her tone dramatically changed in that she wasn’t antagonistic against Christianity.

    7. Agree with reading On the Incarnation by Athanasius (whom I named my first child after).

    8. Sometimes it’s better to point to other’s work any way.

    9. Opportunities to drink are always helpful.

    10. Grace is the best gift to all.

  38. “Up to now, America has not been a good milieu for the rise of a mass movement. What starts out here as a mass movement ends up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation.”
    Eric Hoffer

    Frequently misquoted as “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”

    Just sharing, thinking of the many ways this can be applied… 😉

  39. I for one am glad that Rob Bell is out of the system. I don’t care what Bell personally believes, but I strongly objected to what he taught others and what he allowed others to believe.
    I would watch some of his videos and people would say outrageous things under the guise of Christianity, and he would not perform his main functions as a pastor / shepherd and correct hem, but would leave them with the impression, all ideas are christian.

    The fact that he is now looking for a more forgiving religion is hilarious. Is he going to find something better than God himself dying in order to forgive Rob? This shows that Bell does not know anything about Christianity.

  40. Who left the italics on?

  41. I think I broke something. The italics were only supposed to be in for the upper Eric Hoffer quote.

    Robb’s NOOMA videos are absolutely awesome, life changing, excellent for those who know they don’t know it all

  42. “The System”… That totally sums up the problem.
    The Kingdom of God isn’t a system, and when the faith journey became TheSystem it failed at capturing people’s imaginations, that God is Present, that He isn’t in a piece of bread or mystically in wine, that all are welcomed at the feast, that the beggers and misfits can come because the religious are too wrapped up in the rules and caught up in declaring people sheep and goats

    …yeah, TheSystem

  43. brian says:

    1. I use to take my students caroling, and I use to lead a Christmas group at a convalescent hospital. We never sang on key, many forgot the words and there was a lot of “la la la” fill ins. There were some how cute responses but usually there was comment concerning how I was trying to manipulate people’s emotion or some other such response. I no longer do either activity, it is just way to tiring trying to defend every breath I take. I still am moved by Christmas songs but I take extra caution not to show that I am moved.

    An addendum to this, it is good people are buying as it keeps our economy going and it also increases economic strength, this is holy ground this holiday season.

    2. That would require the church change its apologetic, which cant happen, and it would also lower street cred of many franchise operators as they market their wears this holiday season denouncing the excess of consumerism this holiday season. Also many worthy ministries raise much of their support this holiday season as people are move to give, but since true Christians should never be moved by anything I get confused concerning this but that is a different post.

    3. Though I have not done this myself, Michael, just goes to show what a turd I am, I have helped several people start their own business, just a thought.

    4. I read “Love Wins” and my first response was “no it doesn’t, never and I mean not ever”. After I got over my initial response of needing to repudiate any good news from anywhere because we are all cannon fodder for hell, I thought on what he was trying to do. Maybe he just does not buy the party line any more. One thing in his favor, he saw the hand writing on the wall and left the church he founded, no real fuss, did not bad mouth them, did not drive their church into massive debt to but on an elephant room or other such nonsense. Wow he took personal responsibility, how conservative of him. I still have this desire to light my eye brows of fire when ever I hear him speak but I am sure that is a personal issue.

    5. I will refrain, I personally think it is a fact, but would chuck that fact, the entire science for one day, no second of peace in the faith. That is an unreasonable expectation and I get that, in spades. So I leave that there.

    6. I would have to disagree, the apologetic is the pinnacle of Christian expression, having a defence, going in for the big win, overcoming, dealing with it, moving on, winning the day. To be able to do a big “gotcha” moment in a blog post, book, debate, argument with an atheist and other eternal events are what we should live for. All that serve the poor, heal the sick, sit with the grieving, and other such liberal “social gospel” stuff is irrelevant. It seems to me Christ never saw it that way but what does He know?

    7. We should not need awe, we have the Word, the Creeds, the Text, the Hermeneutics, and the Apologetic, Awe is an emotion, we should not need emotion. Of course I think what I just said is stupid, but it is what is spewed out of the creed denying, emotionless automatons that have plagued my soul, including the worst one. Me!

    8. This will peek the pathetic meter, but I actually patterned a great deal of my adult life after that idea. Sow into other people’s work. Now I lacked the main, no only real treasure one can sow, money. But I sowed time thousands upon thousands of hours into ministry of other people. At the end I quote the professional that booted me out on the phone, “that’s irrelevant.” and it is and truer words have never been spoken. Wont go down that rabbit hole again, ever. But I still help others, but I just only expect punishment for it from God. Makes it much easier to deal with.

    10. I will give grace, abundantly, but never and I do mean never would I expect it. That to is unreasonable for a mature Christian.

  44. brian says:

    I found this compelling

    An Earth mass planet orbiting Alpha Centauri B

    It is rather dry and “technical” but I love cameras, pictures, video, and optics in general. It is a PDF file of about 1.5 megs

    A video that has always “moved me”, none of the astronauts that have returned from space have not been moved, changed and found a hope of transcendence. Of course we should not need any of this but that is another post.

  45. brian says:

    Another aside I will admit to how pathetic this is and that everyone taken in by this guy had it coming. Well actually I dont feel that way but we all know what I am, I could list it but wont. I knew some of these folks from online paltalk and other forums. Back in the early 80’s Camping set off my nut-dar when he blabbered on about how a women should stay with a husband that was smacking her around. I may not be remembering it correctly but it was what I heard on the “Open Forum”. I do remember throwing a shoe at the radio and trying to phone him, I think I got dead aired when I got through but I could be wrong about that.

    I remember how sure his people were. They had all their ducks in a row, they just knew it was true. Then when the day rolled round I remember hearing the voices online and the hollow feeling that came over them, and me. Now granted they fell for it so they have it coming and as a true follower of Christ compassion is the very last thing I should show. I should stand on the bleachers and yell Ha Ha like the bully on South Park. But lacking spiritual maturity I felt bad for them. I mean they drove around the US in mobile homes delivering the “Word”. Many of them gave up everything to do this. I remember at a Joel Olsteen meeting I went to one of their RV’s went by. I met some of them in the street, they were convinced, I mentioned, now here is pathetic drivel number one, I will be here for you brother when it does not happen. I agree open mouth insert finger.

    Now Mr. Camping had a stroke after his last failed prophecy and there was some glee online as God struck down the heathen. Any god note little “g” that does that, is not worthy of worship and needs to grow up. OK we have that rant out of the way. Having dealt with many stroke survivors there is no divine plan in this, it is arbitrary and random. I do not discount a divine plan but divine retribution nope, God could not be that cruel. I mean God gets to send the immortal soul to hell to torment as He pleases, why would he double down to make more suffering?

    Trust me these people suffered and maybe they had it coming but they are no different then us, we are them. Trust me I wish I could write these people off, it would be the “Christian” thing to do but I cant, and in some small way that disgusts me about myself. Another gift of the modern evangelical religion.

  46. G,
    My use of the term “system” was intentional – to counter your term “outside the camp”

    The problem is, you and Bell look at this as an “adventure” and play loosey goosey with truth for the sake of not offending.

    I’ll bet me restricting Christianity to truth rankles the heck out of you.

    But, I guess we will wait for the next book or video to see what his new forgiving religion is, because he just couldn’t live with Jesus.

  47. brian says:

    My use of the term “system” was intentional – to counter your term “outside the camp”

    From my perspective we are all outside the camp, that is the carrot and the stick, all of us, and I do mean all of us our outside some camp thus damned. From the very cheap seats it is not good news, never has been.

  48. Nonnie says:

    “5. I love discussions about things like evolution and the age of the earth like we had on “Open Blogging”. I love to avoid them like the plague, that is, because I simply don’t have the interest or education to engage in them.”

    I agree! I believe God created the heavens and the earth, and all that is in them. How or when He did it, bothers me not. I will take Him at His Word.

  49. n o m a n s says:

    Got it =)

  50. Alex says:

    brian, interesting points…and in a way only you can make them 🙂

  51. Ixtlan says:

    I’ll I can say is that many of those millenial prophecies in the Old Testament that a-mils can’t understand sound rather systematic to me. And those prophecies are the Kingdom not yet.

    As for Rob Bell, I don’t think he is too worried about offended people, else he wouldn’t have written Love Wins.

  52. Ixtlan,
    We understand them clearly and fully as fulfilled in Jesus. We believe that Jesus is the sum and substance of not only the prophecies, but the entire OT.

    Others, don’t quite see it that way.

  53. Ixtlan says:

    in other words, you misinterpret the timing of their complete fulfillment. It is not an issue of Jesus being the fulfillment of all things, the issue is when.

  54. Prophecies I will admit are difficult. However, if I recall, there is not a single passage in the NT that states there will be an EARTHLY reign of Christ.

    Jesus never said anything about returning and having a 1,000 yr layover. The writers of the epistles do not mention a return to earth by Jesus to set up a 1,000 yrs rule.

  55. Em says:

    with respect due to MLD … his assertion in #54 relies on the old, outdated 🙂 early speculative interpretations of prophesies for the Church and the book of Revelation in particular … IMHO

  56. I have no idea why it posted that, except that I linked to Josh’s #4.

  57. MLD,
    I love ya, even more than chocolate.

    “Let us, then, go to him outside the camp, bearing the disgrace he bore. For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come.”

    I think Bell is is good company. I know 2 individuals, read the works of many who are breathing the fresh air of adventure.

    No one is playing loosey goosey, hoping to “not offend”, obviously, dealing with those who are offended is part of the price to pay for being outside the camp.

    Nothing rankles me, especially men who try in vain to restrict the wind blowing so strong outside the camp, where the air is fresher, the view is broader, and the perspective fresher.

    I’m merely amused. 😉

  58. j2theperson says:

    I don’t understand how having the store manager work every single hour the store is open is going to help the store meet its sales goals. People either come in and buy stuff or they don’t. Prices are set by higher ups, ads are made by higher ups, sales are set by higher ups, the location of the store is set by higher ups. Color me confused. This makes no sense to me. Do they have any sort of reasoning for this harsh rule?

  59. Em says:

    “….Nothing rankles me, especially men who try in vain to restrict the wind blowing so strong outside the camp, where the air is fresher, the view is broader, and the perspective fresher.”

    speaking, not as a man, it messes with my hair – i prefer balmy breezes … 😎

  60. Em says:

    j2 … corporate, American or otherwise, business practices have become mindlessly evil IMHO


    i’m trying not to think about the beautiful young special forces team member just killed in rescuing an American humanitarian, the nurse in G.B. who committed suicide (i suspect that it was the reactions of her superiors to the hoax, not the the fake phone call that broke her) and the Afghani(?) doctor who is being tortured now for his part in giving up bin Laden
    … so i think i’ll just think about Uriah the Hittite – the dead soldier, and David … fair is not the operative word on this planet – yet

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