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  1. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Just remember if Saeed Abedini begins a speaking tour of churches, he is not guilty of anything. The inviting churches however should be evaluated.

  2. Michael says:


    I’m sharpening my pencils already…

  3. Em says:

    i read the Manning link yesterday – weird at best, but an ungodly adolescent male is capable of creepy things…
    at face value, he has turned into a beautiful adult male – let us hope

    long years ago, when our Senator Henry (Scoop) Jackson came back from China, suffered a heart attack and died the rumors flew… BTW, it was funny to see all the secret service men running all over the county in little beat up pick trucks thinking they looked anonymous as they ran around protecting all the “important” folk that came to town for the funeral (i wasn’t invited)

    good set of things you’re thinking again Michael… thinking thinking thinking now here also

  4. says:

    Well, day #1 for me (again) overcoming a sin. I won’t say which because of how most people rate them (non-bliblically and ex-cathedra), include some here.
    I mention that because I whole-heartedly agree with #1, even though it points at me.
    One thing I’ve never understood about sin & “the church,” is that how anyone who has truly experienced freedom from it can treat it the way they do. I’m not talking about the sinning, but the attitudes toward it.
    Just about every time I’ve sinned, I immediately feel the gentle tug of my Papa calling me to return, not to religious whipping, but absolute forgiveness, absolutely.
    How can anyone pass that up for bondage and problems that go along with it?!!!
    Also, and more to #1, how can those of us who’ve experienced the same restoration not want that for others?!!!
    When we treat sin differently than God, we’re preventing others from His restoration or worse, we’ve stopped believing in it and we’re Pharisees who shut up the kingdom.

  5. Michael says:

    Thank you, Em…

    UnCCed…that’s a good word…really good word.

  6. Pineapple Head says:

    The only thing we should want to come out of the Abedini mess is the truth. Sadly, that may prove to be too great of a challenge. But the truth is out there. And more than for us, I hope Saaed and Nagmeh can uproot it.

  7. Steve Wright says:

    Naghmeh’s five, count’em, five posts in the last week don’t help either.

    Four of which were just links to songs, (common theme – God is with the beaten down and crushed person) – all garnering thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, almost exclusively supportive, many about their marriage, many critical of Saeed, many liked by Naghmeh.

    Personally, I truly wish they would both disappear from facebook but if she is going to post daily I do think she owes it to clarify why she is not going to counseling. And Saeed pointing that fact out, to me, is hardly throwing her under the bus.

    If not, then get on with the divorce because if the only reason for not divorcing is somehow because “God hates divorce” they both ought to ask God what He thinks of this facebook spectacle that is taking place first on her end and now on his.

    And I fully agree that if either of them are asked to speak at any church, it would be a shame and that church ought to reconsider their invite (and be noted publicly)

  8. Steve Wright says:

    To be clear, I personally think Saeed made a mistake in mentioning anything about their marriage in this post (and more than a few commentators are tearing into him on that front)

    However, I also do not know how hard it would be to stay silent if he is seeking counsel, she is refusing, and yet posting her victim status on facebook every other day to the fan club.

    Hopefully, though, he edits the post to remove that last line.

  9. Nonnie says:

    Steve, well said.

    Except when I read Saeed’s post , I don’t think he should have mentioned his wife . It was passive aggressive.

    Other than that, I very much agree with your post .

  10. Michael says:

    The counselors I have spoken with tell me that it is better when there has been or is abuse that the two get counseling separately until there has been full acknowledgement and repentance of the abuse.

    If she does not believe that this is the case, then she’s doing the right thing.

    I’ve seen way too many women railroaded by the church in these situations and this smells like the same thing.

    I may be wrong…but the odds are with me.

  11. Steve Wright says:

    Michael, I agree with that philosophy and one of the huge problems with him posting is that (as is often the case) what he wrote can be interpreted different ways by people who otherwise don’t know what is going on.

    He is getting counseling – alone. So that seems clear.

    The question is whether she is as well…if “joining the process” means she seeks her own help or comes into the room with him now…

    In any event, if she is sitting on the sidelines not getting her own counseling but also refusing to join in the process as well…while posting her victim status through casting crown songs…then like I said, get on with the divorce. None of this is good for those children. Fish or cut bait

    Of course, once the divorce is done – no more vicitim…no more story…just another statistic with a unique backstory.

  12. Francisco Nunez says:


    It is part of our fallen DNA as humans to not only desire heroes and but to also elevate them to a pedestal . It is this very nature that makes mankind highly susceptible to Idolatry. When we elevate our heroes to a pedestal we also want to believe they are also incapable of sinning, and thus we set them and us up for an inevitable fall. The truth is that people don’t want to hear that their heroes are also fallen just like them. Total depravity simply reminds us that they are and that every part of our human mind, body and soul (including our heroes) are all corrupt. This doctrine also reminds us that all who are in Christ (including our Christian heroes) are simply………. sinners saved by Grace. This is a good thing. 🙂

    Lastly when our heroes do fall , it does not change who God is nor His Word. He remains faithful even when we don’t.

  13. Michael says:

    I’ll be blunt.
    I think a divorce is almost a given.

    Both will continue on with lucrative speaking careers, though hers will be short lived unless it changes into some sort of advocacy ministry for women… that isn’t real popular in her current circles.

    Both will write best sellers.

    The children will be collateral damage.

    They usually are.

  14. Michael says:

    “Lastly when our heroes do fall , it does not change who God is nor His Word. He remains faithful even when we don’t.”

    That is the point that often is lost…

  15. Steve Wright says:

    Her current circles are nothing compared to the Oprah/Ellen circuit.

  16. Michael says:

    I don’t think she would run that circuit…but I may be wrong.

  17. Steve Wright says:

    All depends on the book, and the publisher.

  18. Judy says:

    It is also true, Michael, that where there has been sexual addiction, there is little that a counselor can do to “fix” the marriage before the addicted person deals with that and begins to come to a sense of who they really are and the consequences of their addiction. Most sex addicts live in a fake persona with a sense of who they think they are, but are not. Until you deal with that, how are you going to repair a marriage?

  19. Michael says:


    I think that would be true for a number of related issues.
    The bottom line is that people have to want to change and find a place of reconciliation…I’m not at all sure that’s the case here.

  20. anon says:

    If Kenneth and Rick endorsed a presidential candidate…

    I would be forced to vote for the opposite.

    They’re a couple of nitwits.

  21. Dan from georgia says:

    You are on fire this week Micheal! Amen to all of these items! The whole Peyton and pastor Saeed thing is about as predictable as the time of sunrise! Also want to see you continually rail, RAIL!!!!, against the equally predictable politicizing of our faith every 4 years!

  22. Judy says:

    Michael: I think it’s deeper than wanting to change. They have to be “in” change and they have to see who they really are, not who they want to think they are. And they have to really repent of the damage they are doing to themselves and others before they can fix their marriage.

    I think that both of them are playing war with each other in social media and until that stops, they aren’t going anywhere. Neither one of them.

  23. Michael says:


    Completely concur…

  24. Michael says:


    I don’t have enough in the tank to rail much…but I do try to point it out now and again. 🙂

  25. Mr Jesperson says:

    Interesting list this week, Mike. I concur that the social media war of words between two people who are technically still married is simply sick. People who are choosing sides are not doing anyone, least of all the faith, any favors. Jesus said “Blessed are the peace makers.” It has become hip in Christian culture these days to promote outrage which is the exact opposite. #2, and #3 I agree with completely. Our current political system is a false hope. I got to a place about 5 years ago where I just could not vote for men any more because I looked in the mirror and it scared me. Then I realized that the politicians look in the mirror and then apply make up to cover up all the same kinds of things and lack the conscience that I appear to have. I look now to Jesus who is the only man who ever lived who can handle power without it corrupting him.
    That goes in to the depravity of man point of yours. I do acknowledge the sin in mankind, but I also acknowledge that when our enemy cannot keep us from seeing some important point, that he will push us the opposite direction to take that truth to an extreme. Funny enough but you mentioned the name of the man I first heard this from: Rick Joyner. I have noticed this to be true and it applies to your doctrine and many other places. If we were all totally depraved then the world would be a much worse place than it is now. We would all be like the man who Jesus cast the legion of demons out of. We would have no conscience about anything. Murder would be common place. No mother would bother trying to care for their children. To follow the logic to its inevitable conclusion it is obvious that while man is fallen, we are not all totally depraved. Many unbelievers show a sign of a conscience which contradicts the theory of this theology. To say that all are totally depraved is to take a truth and stretch it beyond its breaking point.
    And about Joyner again, I agree with you that is unwise for him to be endorsing candidates. I would not call him or any other leader a nitwit, that kind of thing has its roots in pride and Jesus told us specifically to never call anyone an “empty-headed fool.” I have been following Joyner for sometime now so much so that I could give an honest critique of things he has been doing wrong. But God has also been using some of his writings in my life with very good effect. And I must note that Rick has publicly made statements that are far more humble than any other leaders I aware of. So before we pick up stones we might want to ask God if we are really doing any better in our own lives than he is. I do not believe I am so I am not going to throw stones at him or at the pastors who comment regularly on this blog. Just my thoughts to add to the conversation today.

  26. Steve Wright says:

    If we were all totally depraved then the world would be a much worse place than it is now.
    This is a common misunderstanding of the doctrine of total depravity – by way of a misunderstanding of “total” as used in this theological point.

  27. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Lutherans don’t buy into the term Total Depravity – we prefer The Bound Will.

    But I don’t think the misunderstanding is with the term Total as much as it is in the theological use of depravity.

    Whatever depravity means in the theological sense, man is totally there.

  28. Michael says:


    The Reformed doctrine of total depravity does not assert than man is completely depraved, but that all our faculties and person are tainted by sin.

  29. Mr Jesperson says:

    Steve, if what you say is true, then why does everyone still use the phrase “total depravity?” Does not the very title create the very confusion that I am attempting to address? Are we simply “totally depraved” or are we not?

  30. Xenia says:

    why does everyone still use the phrase “total depravity?” <<<<

    Not everyone.

  31. Michael says:

    Mr. Jesperson,

    As the only Calvinist on board, I just tried to explain it.

    This is a late 19th/early twentieth century theological term that has an understood meaning in the context and community it is used in.

    I prefer the term “total inability” as it reflects that we believe that outside of a sovereign act of God no one can be saved because sin has warped all our faculties to one degree or another.

    The will is bound by sin and unable to respond as a result.

  32. Dan from georgia says:

    Michael, your thoughts were strong! Sickening is how these things (Saeed) always get played out online, like those involved want to get people on their side. I frankly wish and hope they would disappear from public view!

  33. Michael says:


    Thank you, my friend…

  34. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    What Michael says is what I said. You must understand the theological use of depravity (as Michael define) and stipulate that man is “totally” that.

    If you hedge on total, then you leave that little opening for that man centered part of ability. As long as God id leading, I can do my part and grab the golden ring – and I can say “I DID IT!!!!”

  35. Steve Wright says:

    I use the expression total depravity regularly in my preaching.

    No piece of a doctrine exists in isolation – in asking why the world is not worse, one has to include such issues as the God-given conscience in all people, the teaching of common grace and so forth….

  36. Xenia says:

    An Orthodox view of Total Depravity, for anyone who might be interested:

  37. Steve Wright says:

    Plus, a lot of the “good” we see in this world is simply self-preservation and a social contract.

  38. Steve Wright says:

    As these examples demonstrate, the doctrine of total depravity, which depicts man as a worthless pile of dung or a trash heap, construes a picture of reality in which the image of God in man seems entirely snuffed out; which logically leads to the conclusion that there is no intrinsic value or worth to man because of his sin nature.
    Xenia, that is quite a leap all due to a stupid quote from Martin Luther.

  39. Xenia says:

    There are plenty of articles online that don’t rely on Luther’s “stupid quote” but some of them might be regarded as overly hostile.

    Anyway, I am just offering a different POV. I never expect anyone to be convinced.

  40. Steve Wright says:

    Total depravity does not depict man as a worthless pile of dung. That is as much a strawman as the earlier point in these comments that if total depravity were true the world would be worse.

    It just seems that if a tradition denies a doctrinal stance of another, they ought to deny it by means of how the other defines it and not that of their own making or using poor examples of celebrities (like Luther)

    I know how frustrating it is for you to see people argue against an Orthodox position that is not an fair or proper representation of the actual position…

    But hey, at least you know I was interested and clicked the link 🙂

  41. Michael says:

    In defense of the link…

    One of the main reasons I decided that I couldn’t be part of a card carrying, creed affirming, Reformed group was because I felt they emphasized the depravity of man to such a degree that the imago dei disappeared.

    I found something terribly wrong with referring to the redeemed of God as “worms”…over and over again.

  42. everstudy says:


    “As the only Calvinist on board…”. No, you’re not the only one. I just don’t post much. 🙂

  43. Xenia says:

    1. It was my observation that football players at my high school got away with all kinds of bad behavior. Teachers would inflate their grades because if they failed, they’d be off the team. I can’t speak about college because my university (a branch of the University of California) didn’t have a football team. I don’t know anything about this Manning guy but we all have done things in our youth that we sorely regret. I hope he has made amends, if possible. He should go to confession. Maybe he has.

    2. I am reading a book about Christopher Columbus, Very interesting. His entire purpose of sailing West to find Asia was two-fold: To find and convert the Great Khan to Christianity and to amass gold. Both were for the purpose of launching a crusade to take Jerusalem back from the Turks. The gold would fund the crusade and the Great Khan would attack the Turks from the East. Once Jerusalem was in the hands of Christians, the Lord would return as it was believed that He would descend into Jerusalem. Columbus was a very pious Christian yet his whole adult life centered around getting Jerusalem back from the Muslims so the Lord could return.

    3. “Take back our country.” Take it back where, I wonder. I might be nostalgic for the morality of 50 years ago but I doubt if my elderly black friends are nostalgic for those days.

    4. I will no longer talk about the Abedini family. At our house, they are on the prayer list once a week. “Lord, have mercy on the Abedini family.”

    5. Murdered? I haven’t heard about this!

    6. Total Depravity, already said my piece on that topic.

    7. We do have a tendency, though, to point out the flaws, maybe so we can tell ourselves “See, I am not so bad, look at David.”

    8. There are plenty of Christian heroes, just get a copy of Lives of the Saints. (Or read Father Arseny.)

    9. Just today my husband commented that the apricot tree has buds. And my hens have begun laying eggs, again! (That’s when I know spring has sprung.)

    10. I think it is just about impossible for someone to get very far in politics without compromising on Christian virtues. The temptation to lie, or to sling mud, or to holler at one’s opponent in Spanish….

  44. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Some people are so stupid, you wonder how they get to write a blog. (that was for the guy in the link.)

    He totally misuses the Luther quote – who was not using it to describe man and his falleness (although it does) – but he was using it to describe the greatness of the work of Jesus (which for all we know, this guy does not understand).

    Luther spoke of the snow covered dung – when Christ covers you and all your sin, all you see is the pure whiteness of Jesus.

    I call idiocy on the guy.- besides, why would he deny the Reformed view of depravity based on a Luther quote who was not Reformed?

  45. Michael says:


    Glad I’ve got some backup! 🙂

  46. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    This is the same as those who squirm at calling Mary the Mother of God – as if it speaks of her … which it doesn’t, but speaks as to who Jesus was in the womb and coming down the birth canal.

  47. Xenia says:

    Thank, Michael. And thanks Steve for reading the article!

    I found something terribly wrong with referring to the redeemed of God as “worms”…over and over again.<<<

    This is what I encountered in a chat room dominated by some extremely Reformed folks.

  48. Francisco Nunez says:

    I also prefer to use The term “total inability” because it better illustrates mankind’s Inability to initiate a relationship with or seek God period. We only seek God because He loved and sought us out first.

    This said although soteriologically most would would consider me a “Calvinist”our Prebeterian or those in the Reformed Covenant Tradition would not consider some of us “calvinists”because we don’t belong to one of the three forms of unity and because I hold to dispensational theology. Some actually throw the term “New Calvinist” out there.

    At the end of the day It doesn’t matter what term You’re labeled as long as one continues to preach like an Arminian.

  49. Mr Jesperson says:

    I see I set off quite a string of comments on that one. The wikipedia states this about “The Doctrine” “The term ‘total depravity’, as understood in colloquial English, obscures the theological issues involved.” I think that was and is my main point. The doctrine called Total Depravity is about us not being Totally Depraved in the most simple and straight forward use of the term. I got Michael to change his title of “The Doctrine” even though you are the one who brought it up in #6 above. So why would anyone title a doctrine by something exactly different then what it actually is? How about a Doctrine of Total Salvation where there in no total Salvation? It makes no sense to my logical wound mind…

  50. Michael says:

    Well said, Francisco…

  51. Michael says:

    Mr. Jesperson,

    You have unintentionally made me realize that we have become quite comfortable here discussing various theological traditions with some degree of understanding.

    That makes me very happy.

    The term is very familiar to anyone who ever discusses Reformed theology…despite it bending your logical expectations.

  52. everstudy says:

    When I was at a C.R.C., about 10 years ago, I remember that there was a move to use F.A.I.T.H. instead of the traditional T.U.L.I.P.

    F: Fallen Humanity
    A: Adopted by God
    I: Intentional Atonement
    T: Transformed by the Holy Spirit
    H: Held by God.

    Many thought that the use of TULIP often caused more problems than it solved due to the unintentional misunderstanding of the words used.

  53. Michael says:


    I think the TULIP is a problem in many ways…and I do like the FAITH acronym better.

  54. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    everstudy – even the Pelagians believe man is fallen – they just believe he can get up dust himself off and choose God without God’s intervention.

    So, a Pelagian could subscribe to Fallen Humanity. – just sayin’ 🙂

  55. Francisco Nunez says:

    The term Total Dreparity or Total inability was simply a abbreviated term used to counter the Arminian position of “Free Will” or Human ability during the 17th Century at the Sybod or Dort. The Arminian argument basically stated that the fall of man was not total and thus man could seek God apart from God doing the seeking.

    I also don’t think that TD is the greatest term to describe the first point but it was a term used to counter the Arminian view of mans ability to come to God. Many people think that it was Calvin and those who hold to his convictions who invented these 5 points terms out of thin air to start the debate. The fact of the matter was that the An Arminian movement was growing in Holland at the time who came up with 5 theological points. The synod of Dort was held to counter these theological differences. The 5 points of Calvinism were thus responses to the Arminian points.

    Many churches to this day uphold these doctrines of Grace

  56. Mr Jesperson says:

    #51 Glad I made you happy today Michael. I must have done my good deed for the day today. I did not know that your blog is about discussing Reformed Theology. I must be an outsider there. I only went to a Reformed Church briefly. It was within walking distance. They were between pastors. They found a man who gave a horrible, partisan speech about some internal controversy I had never heard about. The way he demonized the opposition, I knew he was not a good candidate. The elderly members were desperate and did not appear to care and voted him in. I left and have never been back to any like it.

  57. Francisco Nunez says:

    I had never heard of the acronym “FAITH” but I like it. This is one of the things I apprexiate about the blog. Blessed to learn something new.

  58. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    3Now I wonder – the statement quoted by the guy from Luther seems to be apocryphal. Looking on the internet, no one seems to be able to document it as Luther having said or wrote it. (I always love when someone quotes and sources it as The Internet.

    So here is what I wonder – if it is shown to the guy Luther never made the comment – would he feel better about the Reformed doctrine of Total Depravity? If not, why was it brought up in the article.

    I wonder if that guy ever read anything with a binding on it?

  59. Michael says:

    Mr. Jesperson,

    The blog is about whatever is on my mind that day…

    I’m dying to write a hockey article, but that might be taking things too far…

  60. Mr Jesperson says:

    Not if the hockey team were owned by GFA like their Myanmar FIFA team. Lol

  61. Julie Anne says:

    Personally, I truly wish they would both disappear from facebook but if she is going to post daily I do think she owes it to clarify why she is not going to counseling. And Saeed pointing that fact out, to me, is hardly throwing her under the bus.

    I communicated with Naghmeh last night (and this AM). She is receiving counseling – individual counseling. Saeed wouldn’t know because he hasn’t communicated directly with her. Everything is through Franklin Graham. I believe Saeed threw her under the bus. He (and Franklin) are wanting couples counseling for them. Experts (secular and Christian) agree that when there is abuse, couples counseling is not appropriate and could be harmful. They must start with individual counseling. Franklin needs to butt out.

  62. Michael says:

    Julie Anne…well done.

    Damn well done.

    Franklin wants to use this situation for his benefit…not either one of the Abedinis.

  63. Paige says:

    Amen. Thank you Julie Ann.

  64. SJ says:

    Should the abuser know that individual counseling is supposed to happen before couples counseling?

  65. Jim says:

    “I prefer the term “total inability” as it reflects that we believe that outside of a sovereign act of God no one can be saved because sin has warped all our faculties to one degree or another.

    The will is bound by sin and unable to respond as a result.”

    “One of the main reasons I decided that I couldn’t be part of a card carrying, creed affirming, Reformed group was because I felt they emphasized the depravity of man to such a degree that the imago dei disappeared.

    I found something terribly wrong with referring to the redeemed of God as “worms”…over and over again.”



  66. Since the Reformed guys agree “The will is bound by sin and unable to respond as a result.”

    Why don’t you just come over and be Lutheran brothers? Again, we don’t speak of Total Depravity but the Bound Will. I can also help you clear up the mess your brethren have made of the other 4 points. Actually of their whole theology 😉

  67. Nonnie says:

    I’ve been encouraged to read comments and posts on FB by MEN, many of them pastors, that are pushing back against Saeed’s post about his wife.

    Here is a good article:

  68. Francisco says:

    No need to change or become part of a denomination, Luther was and is already a brother.

    While I don’t agree with his doctrine of Annihilationism he was right on with most everything else.

  69. Pastor Al says:

    “I can fix this for Peyton. All he has to do is claim he was born again after the incident and it magically becomes “B.C.”… “before Christ”. The scandal then becomes a “testimony” and he can speak at churches all over the country”<—Hahahahahaha and the TROOF! LOL

    If it was post-Christ…then just lie your arse off, get "Affiliated" with Calvary Chapel and Lawyer up.

  70. Pastor Al says:

    Sneak peak of my appearance on Steven Crowder’s “Louder with Crowder”. The Calvary Chapel guys will love it b/c they are largely redneck conservatives. Too bad they are such doosh bags and endorse their gay child abusing pastor “Affiliate” Bob Grenier.

    I’ll be on CNBC’s “The Profit” tonight, dunno if any of my speaking time made the cut, you but you’ll probably see me in the background. It was a great experience, you’ll certainly see my best friends in action. Very proud of them.

    I’ll have a bigger and bigger platform in coming years. I’m sure I’ll use it to continue to warn folks about Calvary Chapel. Where “God” guides, he provides! Can I get an AMEN! C’mon Steve “Calvary Chapel Water Toter” Wright….can I get an amen buddy?

  71. Josh the Baptist says:

    I don’t think Peyton needs help from the church. He’s stayed above this for 20 years now.

  72. Pastor Al says:

    I bet Peyton can get Franklin Graham to help him.

    Seems to be a go-to for Heitzig, Grenier, Saeed…..

  73. Josh the Baptist says:

    Peyton has the money to go much heavier than Franklin Graham.

  74. Pastor Al says:

    “Peyton has the money to go much heavier than Franklin Graham”

    True, but F Graham will probably try to get a piece of that pie as well. His specialty seems to be helping rehab and cover for abusers.

  75. Pastor Al says:

    There’s not a Stage or Platform too big for me. I ain’t skeered. I’ll use every chance I get to speak to what I am passionate about.

    BTW, there is an opening for my Fan Club: Vice President. I’m already President….but need a Veep if any of you are interested 🙂

  76. Josh the Baptist says:

    Yeah, I don’t doubt that. But Franklin and all these guys are amateurs at coverup compared to the poster boys of the NFL.

  77. Pastor Al says:

    Ya, the NFL is the NFL of Cover-ups and rehabbing Brands LOL.

  78. Pastor Al says:

    I don’t answer my phone, can’t talk and watch customers, answer questions and answer emails and PM’s and tweet and FB and blog and read articles at the same time as on the phone.

    I’ll take off, that’s probably why you’re calling.

  79. Pastor Al says:

    Your best best is email, FB PM or text me.

  80. Josh the Baptist says:

    VP of the Pastor A fan club? Man, that’s a high honor, there 🙂

  81. Pastor Al says:

    JTB, LOL

    Glad you see that it’s humor.

    These are the jokes folks….

    Make sure to tip your waitress 😉

  82. Pastor Al says:

    I’m a reverse hypocrite now post-Calvary Chapel days. Not as big a jerk or heathen as I let on publicly.

    Now, the smug Pharisee Calvary Chapel Pastor hides his Pride and his lying and his greed and his avarice and puts on the fake facade veneer and looks down his nose at all the “outsiders” and heathens….”If only they were more like me! If only they listened to ME!”

    Such jerks.

    Jesus was right about Matthew 23. He had it right when he beat the a-holes making money in the Temple as well. Dead on.

  83. Pastor Al says:

    I preach a much truer Gospel….and I do it free of charge.

    …but I’m the jerk and the bad guy and the heathen….

    Make your own ap……nevermind that’s Mike’s line 🙂

  84. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I tried to give you a compliment – but I rest my case

  85. Pastor Al says:

    “but I rest my case”

    Haha, no you won’t 🙂

    …and neither will I LOL

  86. Pastor Al says:

    MLD, you never shut up LOL.

    You’ve been saying the same stuff for the 7 years I’ve been on here, you ain’t resting no case anytime soon haha.

    That’s alright, keep being you “You….be you!” (in best Ed Young voice).

    “God” probably won’t torture you in a fiery hell forever with no end ISIS style…but who knows, maybe he will 🙂

  87. Josh the Baptist says:

    Well, sports fans, we have stumbled onto an epic battle of the trolls, here!

  88. Pastor Al says:

    “You” out there in cyber-land are who “God” intended you to be.

    A hard Truth to accept for some. I’m just glad he decided I was to be so awesome!!!!


    #Determinism #onlythingthatmakesanysenseifyoureallystudyit

  89. Pastor Al says:

    “Well, sports fans, we have stumbled onto an epic battle of the trolls, here!”


    C’mon man, MLD is like Little League.

    I’m the Yankees 🙂

  90. Josh the Baptist says:

    You are both pretty heavy hitters when it comes to trolling. Barry Bonds and Hank Greenburg.

  91. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Josh – don’t troll me bro

  92. Jim says:

    Awesome spot on Crowder Alex.

  93. Pastor Al says:

    Josh, LOL, but I’m all natural, no ‘roids! 🙂

    MLD, I do love you, but hate and love are can be close cousins LOL

    Thank you Jim.

  94. Josh the Baptist says:

    Al, I feel like the internet turned it’s head while you were using the cream and the clear to inflate your trolling numbers. I don’t even blame you.

  95. Pastor Al says:


  96. Em says:

    watched the PhxP’s personality cross between Muhammed Ali and Donald Trump give his gun talk… good job

  97. Pastor Al says:

    Em, LOL

    Great comparison haha

    and thanks!

    BTW, I am pretty 🙂 😉

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