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  1. Babylon's Dread says:


    In China they are codifying everyone’s behavior and ascribing numerical values to the citizens based on conformity to the norm. They use facial recognition and every electronically registered activity as basis to judge their citizens and control their access to goods, services, jobs, freedoms, and whatever else they whim.

    In America the PC crowd is going to do the same thing. Make no mistake about it this is totalitarianism in embryo. My liberal friends tell me that PC is just politeness. What you described about Kate Smith is certainly other than social polite behavior.

    No one will escape the wrath of the politically correct.

    What We Feared Dread

  2. Michael says:


    I believe you are right and the last generation that would fight this will pass from the scene just as it flowers here…

  3. Josh says:

    #9 – We’re coming in at zero 🙂

  4. Michael says:


    You’re safe… 🙂

  5. Kevin H says:

    Hey Michael, I don’t remember giving you permission to write about Philadelphia sports without my pre-approval. 🙂

  6. Michael says:

    I was really writing about Kate Smith because I thought you’d be too young to remember her…but I will watch myself going forward… 🙂

  7. Kevin H says:

    Oh, they still used Smith recordings at Flyers games at times up to current day. I’ll give you more in my next comment. Be careful of that hatred for the Bullies, though. 🙂

  8. Michael says:

    I HATED them…Dave Schultz, Bobby Clarke…my enemies!

  9. Kevin H says:

    I had walked past that statue quite a few times in my lifetime.

    To this day, when the Flyers would play Kate Smith before a game it would bring about a huge roar from the crowd. They generally would save her for big games (which the Flyers haven’t had many the last few years) and what the Flyers would always do in these cases, as they have since the beginning, is have Smith sing God Bless America in lieu of the National Anthem before the start of the game. And what they have done for quite a while now, is the song is started live by professional recording artist Lauren Hart (daughter of the late, great Flyers play-by-play man, Gene Hart) and then joined in on video by Smith in a duet. Whenever Smith’s part first comes on, the crowd explodes in excitement.

    It was disappointing, but not surprising given her time period, to find out about Smith’s racist ideas. Unless the Flyers were willing to endure all kinds of pressure, attacks, and defamation, they had no choice but to take down the statue and cut off all future ties with Smith. It will upset a good many of their loyal fans, but those fans will keep supporting the team and will eventually get over it. However, the damage done to their national standing and reputation would have suffered much more had they decided to stick with Smith.

    And it is a shame, for many of the reasons you articulate in your article. At this rate, it won’t be long before there is intense pressure to tear down the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial and eradicate many of the great contributors from our history.

  10. Kevin H says:

    Bob Kelly
    Reggie Leach
    Bill Barber
    Bernie Parent
    Andre DuPont
    Fred Shero

    Just a few more for you there, Michael. 🙂

  11. Michael says:

    Well said, Kevin.

    I almost wrote this as a demand to tear down the Lincoln Memorial but it was getting too cynical.
    These PC clowns no nothing about the history of popular music in the twentieth century, but they would all affirm the “artistic” value of rap and hip hop…Lord have mercy…

  12. Michael says:

    Fred Shero was the strangest man to ever coach professional sports.
    I hated Parent…but that was a reflection of his greatness.

  13. Nina Cooley says:

    Oh boy, Michael. I was learning from you until I read the comment about the the “PC clowns” and “hip hop”. I don’t know… that one was a bit too close to the edge for me. And by the way, not all of these folks (mainly Black folks?) support late- term abortion, nor are they liberals. Not all like or listen to hip-hop. I am one such person. And no, I’m not calling you a supremacist or a racist, but I do think your cynicism here points to a certain group of people whom you’re painting with a broad brush. I have always loved your thought- provoking articles though.

  14. Em says:

    “A mind is a terrible thing to waste…” There used to be a public service spot promoting Black education with that line. …
    Oddly now it seems that minds are being wasted across the color spectrum irregardless of education…. even within our Christian communities
    Amen to #8 and to BD’s 9:20 observations

  15. Michael says:

    Thanks for the kind words.
    I do get ruffled on this topic…I believe rap is one of the most destructive cultural influences of this generation.
    I actually consider myself a liberal, but at this point I’m pleading for sanity on both sides…

  16. Reuben says:

    5. Religion. Yeah. It does that stuff. Regularly. But my saying so starts Christian into defense mode, and they say stupid things like Stalin. Fact. Every single time.

    10. James Jude told me he could not see End Game without seeing Captain Marvel. So we watched it during church time in a churchy town so we could have the best seats. He was right. You have to see that first. Like it’s pretty much a requirement.

  17. Michael says:


    Trey and I saw it already and I loved it…I’m ready for “Endgame”…

  18. Josh says:

    Just so that the prophecy may be fulfilled…

    But Reuben, what about Stalin?

  19. Nina says:

    Michael, thank you for your thoughtful response. I, too, feel that hip-hop is a destructive influence on our culture. I also believe, as you do, that both sides need to be more rational.

  20. pstrmike says:

    ” If you want to know if your pastor is a narcissist, count how many selfies he did for Easter services…”

    I ended my Lenten facebook fast and saw a few of my pastor “friends” who posted their selfies that the took either at the beginning, middle of end of their Easter service. I have considered each of them a narcissist for other reasons in the past, now they gave me one more reason to support my belief in their personality disorder.

  21. London says:

    #2. I’ve disagreed with plenty of people on twitter and never once been called a “white supremacist”.

  22. Josh says:

    London, you white supremacist, you.

  23. Jerod says:

    Jeez, your #1 needs to be repeated in the ears of everyone ad nauseum

  24. Jerod says:

    Notre Dame is a physical manifestation of a spiritual reality – Christendom could burn down today and it wouldn’t make much difference. Something ecumenical will come along to take its place.

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