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  1. Captain Kevin says:

    First. If you’re typing in tongues, maybe I have the gift of reading interpretation. Good stuff, Michael. Continuing to pray for you.

  2. JimB says:

    I was in Law Enforcement for almost 30 years in California, in 2011 AB 109 was enacted
    As a result of realignment AB 109 in California:👇👇

    If you are convicted of one of about 500 felony crimes in California that are considered “non-serious, non-violent and non-sex-related,” you will be sentenced to county jail and/or non-custodial mandatory supervision (similar to probation), whereas before you could have been sentenced to California state prison.4
    If you are currently serving a prison sentence for a “realignment” crime, when you are released you will be supervised by county probation officers under a new scheme called Postrelease Community Supervision (PRCS) instead of by state parole agents.

    I remember a meeting with over 100 👮‍♀️‘S when we were told by a panel of experts (lawyers, judges, doctors, etc) that this will fix things… every cop in the room was shaking their head saying your going to do $&*@%ing what having the common sense that the ‘experts’ were dead wrong and would have the opposite effect.

    Also propositions 47 and 57 were bad decisions

    👆prop 47 called the safe schools and communities act on the ballot had the opposite effect taking the most often violated criminal codes by addicts and reducing them to misdemeanors thereby weakening the strength of the judicial system ..
    These policies were copied nation wide and we are seeing the result.

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks, Ck!

  4. Michael says:


    I thought legalizing marijuana would hurt the cartels and aid our economy.
    Wrong on both counts.

    We “decriminalized” a bunch of dope…now we’re swimming in addicts and crime.

    We tried…now we have to change course while we still can…

  5. Linn says:

    The mayor of my city wants to build 1,000 transitional housing units and require homeless people to live in them. The deal would include wraparound health (mental and physical) services, as well as job training.
    I wish him luck…I’ve heard too many homeless folks say that “no one will tell me what to do with my life.” if you die on the streets (100+ in my city last year), then your homelessness is killing you.

  6. Michael says:


    I think it’s past time we take back our cities…help those who want it and make life difficult for those who don’t…

  7. Linn says:

    I think the same. My church has helped several homeless people get back on their feet and get back to normal societal living. But, there needs to be a “want to.” And, I definite agree with consequences for a criminalized behavior, or perhaps an approach that says, here’s a job and a bunk, or there’s jail.

  8. DFDubz says:

    I found out through a friend that Free Masons have access to an underground network of escorts. Is that something available to jesuits as well? I am trying to narrow down my fraternal brotherhood. I know they don’t like each other, so trying to pick the group with the best perks.

  9. Michael says:

    Evidently, I’m not the only one on drugs tonight…

  10. DFDubz says:

    Would it be helpful if I provided links to ads with escorts that have the all seeing eye tatoo-ed on their bodies? They also really like tattoos of the mystical Phoenix, which is why I thought this would be a good place to ask.

    Mainly I’m trying to figure out if jesuits offer the same

  11. Michael says:

    After careful consideration, I have determined that you are an ass. Goodbye.

  12. The New Victor says:

    DF, go away. You aren’t funny as satire or entertaining as even a troll.

    San Jose city council opened their last recent meetings with a Drag Queen performance while I drove by a closed street on the way to work and back home to the partially closed street over an early AM shooting murder crime scene. At least SJPD are doing their jobs. The city council? Not so much.

    Michael, take care…

  13. Michael says:



  14. Linn says:

    TNV- I saw what happened at the San Jose council meeting and thought that they might want to spend more time on homeless issues.

  15. Alan says:

    Chaos and order … we are in that dance and we have suddenly opted for a river without banks. Many will perish in the flood. When ORDER is restored it will come with a force of power that we will both welcome and regret.

  16. Em Wegemer says:

    Good stuff? AMEN! ! !

  17. Steve says:

    @Alan – well, if by Order you mean the religion uniting Catholics (, gonna pass on that grass.

  18. Michael says:


    Why would you draw that (ignorant) conclusion from Alan’s comment?

    Where did this cache of stupidity spring forth from to torment me?

    Alan is correct…we have lost normal civic order and the restoration of it will be painful and fraught with danger…

  19. Steve says:


    What is stupid? The Catholics (jesuit pope) uniting world religions or talking about the publicly facing website?

  20. Michael says:


    This is not going to be a happy place for you…move along to some site where such nonsense is applauded.
    I do not have the gift of patience today.

  21. Steve says:


    Do not worry friend. The Great Architect of the Universe Favors your undertakings. Novus Ordo Seclorum.

  22. Michael says:

    I managed to sit up long enough to read the document on the website.
    It calls for dialogue and co-operation with all people to bring forth peace and human flourishing.
    Strong pro life -anti extremism message.

    It “unites ” only tolerance and co-operation, not diverse theologies.

    These kind of statements have been attempted for decades and never amount to anything, but one can always hope.

    Small minds and withered spirits will always find issues with anything less than sectarian dominance.

  23. Michael says:


    Quit avoiding moderation and leave before I taunt you a third time…

  24. Steve says:


    I will move on. I shall leave the jesuits to their child buggery, especially young boys, which is the greatest of all magik.

  25. Michael says:


    You are a troll…if you had any real courage or convictions you would fight the sexual and spiritual abuse rife in evangelicalism…but you won’t.

    You do an excellent job switching ip’s…pretty pathetic life to have to hide who you are and where you are…one of us has never hidden a day of our lives.

    One of us feels they have to…

  26. Michael says:

    In case you missed the implication…you are nothing but an ill informed, mouthy coward.

    Get out.

  27. Alan says:

    Thanks for troll bash Michael.

    He WIFFED mightily.

  28. Muff Potter says:

    @ Nr. 9 :
    Revivals are like lawn mushrooms, they pop-up overnight, and are gone the next day.

  29. Reuben says:


    No doubt, closing a store because of crime is in and of itself a crime.

    Here is the thing. Most, by a vast majority, of crimes are committed not of malice, but of necessity, or desperation.

    It makes no sense to me to ruin the lives of people acting out in desperation by lashing out in rage, but it’s what people do. Especially the police, which a poster emphasized here, a former cop.

    Here is where the ACAB mentality agrees with me. The fact that most “crime” is an act of desperation or necessity. The criminal Justice system processes these perpetrators as less than human. By default, they wind up in the trash. This is life altering for an entire family for generations. It perpetuates the desperation.

    Christians don’t respond to desperation well. Nor do cops. Nor does the criminal justice system. You see the malice driven perpetuator on TV, but you don’t see the starving. You don’t see the poor. But you react to the TV. And you post statements like what you did.

    I’m drunk. We’re equal right now.

    What ACAB espouses is this, that the criminal justice system begs there be a criminal, and that “criminal” is more often than not in a state of desperation that represents an ability to maintain life itself.

    No store should have to close because of this, but no system should punish those trying desperately to survive. If you think this is lunacy, consider hard the state of affairs this god forsaken nation is in. The poor are poorer, the rich are richer.

    I’m a damned godless Heathen revolutionary Commie. I hate the police state, because it by default approaches everyone with a hatred for the striving of life itself.

    Soak it for a bit. This nation hates what your religion claims to protect and serve.

  30. Michael says:


    I appreciate your heart…but facts are messy things.

    Statistically, about 60% of the crime in my county is committed by transients and they are only desperate to fuel their drug addictions.

    They are stealing not only from major corporations, but from those of us who live on the edge of desperation.

    In my county, due to the lack of jail space, even some accused felons are booked and released in the same day.

    I will agree that there are systemic and economic injustices everywhere you look…but I also note that we have a growing subculture of people who think they are owed whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want.

    My kid busts his ass every day to make his way in the world…he tries not only to work hard, but to work hard with a good attitude.

    He has overcome much…,and some low life who feels entitled to steal the fruit of his labor…the labor that they refuse to engage in…deserves whatever the system gives him.

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