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  1. Jean says:

    On the basis of the link reviewing The Chosen, I am going to check it out free on Peacock.

    Does anyone have any feedback or concerns regarding this series?

  2. Michael says:

    I’ve only seen one episode…thought it was really good…

  3. Jean says:


  4. Bob Sweat says:

    IMO, I believe the depiction of Jesus in The Chosen to be the most outstanding ever presented via the screen. I have seen the first 6 episodes.

  5. Muff Potter says:

    American Kingdom?
    Theirs would be as brutal a dictatorship as any that’s ever been in the past.

  6. BrideofChrist says:

    Muff, I agree with your observation whole heartedly. I read the article ‘ An American Kingdom’. They want to bring about an American culture with no abortion, no gay marriage, and the Bible taught in our multicultural public schools to children if different faiths, including bandwidth children. Funny, I noticed they don’t want to go back to the fifties practise of a divorce being nearly impossible to get, or the recent past when a divorced man couldn’t hold a public office. They want to keep no-fault divorce ( who cares what the bible says), and yet they want to outlaw contraceptives and abortion( which the Bible doesn’t even mention)/ This is so confusing. The Bible says clearly that ‘God hates divorce’ and the only time God condones a Christian divorcing is in cases of sexual infidelity ( adultery). Could it be that men LIKE divorcing the wife of their youth for a newer, younger model, even though God clearly condemns the practise? Of course, my question is rhetorical! Sadly, these “churches” are using and weaponizing the Gospel as a means to their own ends; a way to maintain white, male supremity in the United States. Perhaps it’s time the tax exempt status of these churches is revoked because they are most certainly more of a conservative Republican organization than they are a Christ- led church.

  7. BrideofChrist says:

    “They want to teach the Bible in public schools to a multicultural group of children, including Jewish children” is what I meant before being hijacked by spell check!

  8. Em says:

    A big mistake:
    Legislating Christ’s norms and standards for the unredeemed!
    That said, as one who finds Jesus reigning for a thousand years ( millennium) believable, there yet well may be some interesting times ahead…. Even IF we begin with Believers, as i understand those folk will reproduce and…… ? Hmmm…..

  9. Pineapple Head says:

    I’ve really enjoyed The Chosen. It’s not perfect, but it’s strengths far outweigh its weaknesses. There are some truly powerful moments. We started watching as my Down syndrome son was in the throes of chemotherapy. He was drawn to the depictions of Jesus healing people. It caused to cry out to Jesus for his own healing.

  10. Nathan Priddis says:

    Porn explosion…
    It’s about time we get some good news concerning the American Church.

    The top three porn sites..have pushed all the way down to 39th place! Praise Jesus!

    Every minute spent watching porn by millions of Christian men, is one less minute being influenced by Foxnews.

    Fighting trash..with trash..for the sake of the Kingdom!

  11. Xenia says:

    Nathan, good morning.

    I read all your posts and I confess I don’t really understand most of them.

    I think I am too shallow to understand your writings, although I believe your last post was sarcasm, so I think I understood that one.

    In perplexity,

  12. Xenia says:

    While we follow the link over to the Christianity Today website to look in on the Methodists,, CT’s Mars Hills expose is fascinating and touches on the things we talk about here all the time.

    It’s got everything you’d want in a podcast: drama, edgy music, sermon clips, interviews with famous Christians, vocal fry….

    Seriously though, it is worth listening to if you are interested in the abusive practices of celeb pastors, which is a theme here on the PhxP. Not just what they do but how they got to be that way and why they have such loyal followings. There’s lots of insight.

  13. Xenia says:

    The theme is this: Some charismatic pastors reached celebrity status before their characters reached maturity.

  14. Michael says:


    It is a very good podcast.
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to move the needle for those still supporting Driscoll…

  15. Xenia says:

    Hi Michael,

    I don’t know if bringing Driscoll’s fans to their senses is the goal of the podcast, or bringing Driscoll himself down. I think it’s more of a look at how these men get where they get and why people adore them. I think it’s a cautionary tale.

  16. Xenia says:

    One of Driscoll’s core messages was that men should take responsibility. They should get married, have a family, and work hard at their jobs. They should quit stringing along their girlfriends, should quit watching p0rn, and grow up. This is a very attractive teaching and in fact, appeals to me. But it all went very wrong because Driscoll lacked the strength of character to know when he’d gone too far. Way too far.

    Another issue is hinted at, too. In big churches like that, people want to get to know the pastor and the only way to do that is to volunteer for everything so they can begin movement towards the inner circle where the Great Man resides. The trouble is, the closer they get to the center, the more uncomfortable things they discover but by now they are so invested in belonging to the church’s Big Guys Club that their own “success” has outstripped their characters. Any objections and they will lose their jobs/status/ position. It’s hard to escape and usually only when their own egos are crushed by Mr. Big himself that they suddenly are filled with righteous indignation. It was ok when others were getting crushed but when the rage is directed at them…

    Humility is the mother of all virtues. Find a church that teaches that.

  17. Em says:

    Xenia’s ego v humility observations = good ponders today….. IMHO

  18. Xenia says:

    Hi Em,

    I fell for this trap myself. In my last years at Calvary Chapel I wanted to get into the inner circle, it was all pride-driven on my part, and after I saw things that were upsetting (some of them done by me myself) I didn’t want to raise the issue because I feared being expelled from the position of (self) importance that I had obtained. I wasn’t crushed by my pastor; he was always gracious to me and my family. I just came to realize what a jerk I was and realized I needed a different type of church if I was going to ever recover. But I don’t blame the folks at my old church. We were all in the same boat. I just came to believe that it was not a very good boat, although it contained some very good people. But I was not one of them.

  19. Xenia says:

    I did learn that one lesson. In the various Orthodox parishes I’ve been part of, I was offered “important” jobs (before they knew me very well, to be honest) and I refused them all because I learned from my experience at CC that this is a sin that tempts me.

    Just that one lesson was learned; plenty of others yet to learn.

  20. Em says:

    Xenia, sometimes we find ourselves in situations that cultivate personal weakness – good recovery…. Congratulations! ! !

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