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  1. Dan from Georgia says:


    (Because everything doesn’t have to be so d*** serious)…

    1. A few days ago I got out my acrylic/oil paint brushes, and realized I still had an old, favorite brush of mine.

    From the 1980s!

    2. The aptly-named Furnace Creek in Death Valley, CA recorded a temperate of 128 degrees F this past Sunday. The hottest temperature recorded on earth since 2017, and, argued by some meteorologists, perhaps only one degree shy of what may have been the hottest temperature ever reliably recorded on earth. Ever. The old record of 136 (in Libya) has been discredited and stripped of the title a few years ago, and the current record of 134 (also in Death Valley) is in dispute. The 129 degree F reading that may be the all-time record? Also in Death Valley.

    But you know, as they say….its a dry heat.

  2. Dan from Georgia says:

    Btw, I do have a life outside useless bar trivia…hehe

  3. Em says:

    Update or downdraft… 🎢 πŸŽ‘

    Michael asked me to let the pray-ers know how my granddaughter did on her MCAT exam “significantly above national average” – we are grateful to the prayers here

    I am typing this with most of my nose missing…. Was supposed to have reconstruction surgery today, but the covid testing site neglected to tell us that mine came back “inconclusive” and that isn’t good enough for the hospital to admit me.. Inconclusive? What does that mean? Have to go ten more days with a hole, an extra one, in my face (it’s bandaged). I have become a mouth breather…

    Probably last post for a while, but wanted to give test results just in case someone wondered
    Lots to praise and thank God for including that i don’t live in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York……. 🐌 πŸ› 🐌 πŸ›

  4. parker says:

    Three California churches, including 2 Calvary Chapels sue Governor Newsom for not allowing them to sing . . . .

  5. bob1 says:

    What a stellar witness.

  6. Catherine says:

    Praying for you Em!!

  7. Jean says:

    One of the many advantages of doctrinally orthodox hymnody (and liturgy) is that it can be spoken publicly and provide the same communal benefits, as if sung. Many good hymns are a self contained Christocentric, Gospel-centric sermon. Hymns adapt to many circumstances and venues.

  8. Em says:

    Thank you so much Catherine….

    Jean’s comment on the use of hymns reminded me of 2 summers back as the wind picked up in the middle of the night it threatened to jump the road and destroy an area of homes i stood in my daughter’s front yard singing ” the winds and the waves shall obey My will, peace be still….. “. The wind stopped dead. Uhh, Lord did Ypu do that? Little Faith? Well.. Uh thank You, Lord.. .. just in case…. πŸ˜‰

  9. Em says:

    That was the big fire up here, not just wind – to much to track right now…. Blush

  10. “Despite the ongoing and even increasing restrictions on the protected First Amendment rights to freely assemble and engage in religious exercise as it relates to places of worship, Newsom has been unwavering in his support of massive protests in California,” the lawsuit said. ”

    A hard crackdown on the protests would likely have resulted in much bloodshed.

  11. jtk says:

    Bizarro World 2020

    I witnessed to an antifa guy this week.

    200 yards away I talked to a guy without a mask on (who started a church out of his tattoo shop) whose method of witnessing was to walk into stores that have a mandatory mask sign WITHOUT A MASK, and when they confront him, to tell them how he’s not afraid because he trusts Jesus.

    In a state where mask wearing is mandatory.

    I have no words…

  12. Owen says:


    Not that this is news or anything…. but these are some of the ones giving Christianity a really bad name…..

  13. CM says:


    I certainly hope said stores eject this guy’s sorry rear out of the store, and inform him that if enters again without a mask he will be trespassed from the store property.

  14. Jean says:

    I would appreciate some help processing a question that has been stirring in my mind in recent days:

    Typical conservative Christianity (e.g., confessional Lutherans (so I include my synod), SBC and many non-denominational evangelicals) confess such doctrines as the inerrancy of Scripture, and justification by faith in an unseen, risen, crucified Lord Jesus.

    Yet, when it comes to the coronavirus, many of these same conservative Christians, perhaps a majority of our citizens who object to masks, shut downs, social distancing, etc., don’t believe the coronavirus is either real or dangerous or something they should take precautions against, either for their own sake or for the sake of their neighbors, which the Bible they believe in says they should be concerned about.

    I concede the coronavirus is invisible (just like the Holy Spirit), but, unlike the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus, the coronavirus can certainly be seen. Just look at the hospitalizations, the overflowing ICUs, and the deaths. There are hospitals in Florida this evening that are operating at over 100% of normal capacity in ICUs. Both Texas and Arizona I understand have ordered refrigerator trailers to accommodate an overflow in Covid deaths. Thousands of medical workers have been afflicted with this disease serving us. The Federal government is reinforcing medical workers in several states because of not enough medical professionals. In this way the virus is visible.

    So the question I have is: How can one claim to believe in an inerrant Bible and a crucified and risen Lord Jesus, if he or she cannot even believe in an invisible virus which leaves visible signs?

    Another question:

    If a Christian thinks God will protect him/her or their church from Covid, is he or she saying that all the people who have contracted Covid and either died or were made ill were non-Christians?

    Is the state of Christian theology as bad as i suspect, or am I missing something?

  15. Em says:

    Nothing “wrong” with Christian theology, just a lot of human rationale distorting it….
    Next thing we’ll be hearing, if you give to us, you, too, will find a big house, a Mercedes and ten virgin cooks and maids awaiting you in Eternity… Prosperity in God’s kingdom doesn’t match human viewpoint of same

  16. In an unrelated FB group, people were mad at gov Newsom closing churches again. I posted the link to the Texas CC having an outbreak when members started hugging, and a lady responded that at her CC they were hugging and no one was getting sick.

    We’re down to a level of discourse that is basically “well my dad can beat up your dad!”

  17. Owen says:

    Jean, my friend, I’m with you on those questions….

    I have to agree – the current state of their theology seems to be a wreck. As if those who got sick or died maybe just didn’t have enough of the right kind of faith…..
    Another part of the “inerrant Bible” states we should submit to the authority of our leaders, but it seems that the Christians you’re questioning don’t feel the need to submit to things like mandatory masks or distancing, either. (I’m thinking of Titus 3: 1-2).

  18. directambiguity says:

    Did anyone attend a riot err.. ‘protest’ this weekend?

  19. Michael says:


    Why would that be of interest to you?

  20. directambiguity says:


    Curious on how many readers still support the stuff going on in places like Portland.

  21. Michael says:


    If you’re talking about violence and the defacement of property. no one here supported that.
    If you’re talking about continuing protests, it doesn’t matter, that’s a constitutional right.

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